Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable

KengMay 18, 2024 at 17:43

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The incident of the unfortunate gamer Fat Cat made the community feel sad. Looking at the extremely stressful "plowing" indicators but the health is not cared for or paid attention to, it makes people feel sad.

Also wanting to have an act of remembrance, related to the incident but bringing meaning to the community, commentator Hai Phong was determined to do something. Accordingly, he imitated Fat Cat and performed a livestream playing 59 consecutive games. He used all of the m.oney donated by fans for charity. This action was enthusiastically supported by viewers because it is more realistic and meaningful than many TikTokers sending food to Fat Cat.

Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable - Photo 1

After 22 hours and 47 minutes, playing 59 consecutive games without stopping, this male commentator earned nearly 4,700,000 VND. With a small scale and number of followers, this is a surprising achievement for the guy himself. Hai Phong said he would make up the odd amount of 5 million VND and donate it to a fund for disadvantaged children. He affirmed that he would make public the charity journey of this m.oney.

Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable - Photo 2

Previously, to commemorate Fat Cat, a Chinese professional player (nickname Pang) used Mong Ky in the 2024 KPL Spring Playoffs (domestic championship of the Honorable Men's sport). This guy Pang is the jungler of the Wolves team.

Although Mong Ky is a champion that has been out of the meta for a long time, Pang played extremely well and won the MVP title (best player) of the game. Pang's actions were highly appreciated by the Chinese gaming community.

Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable - Photo 3

Returning to Fat Cat's story, this young man met an older g.irl online named Dam Trac. During the two years of their relationship, Fat Cat focused on "earning money" to support his girlfriend's expenses and open a flower shop, up to 510,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion VND). He planned to propose to his girlfriend in May, but Dam Trac decided to break up, causing the young man to be unable to bear the pressure.

After he left, many conversations between him and his lover were widely shared on social networks, including the message "In my next life I don't want to eat vegetables anymore, I want to eat McDonald's".

Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable - Photo 4

Taking pity on the love-stricken b.oy, many Chinese netizens made his wish come true, ordering a lot of fast food and milk tea, then sending it to the Yangtze River bridge area, as a gesture of sincerity. Memorial.

From here, many Vietnamese TikTokers also "imitated", dropping hamburgers and soft drinks into West Lake, Nha Trang beach... to "pray for Fat Cat"?! Many netizens expressed their "give up" on the work of these young men, not hesitating to call it "crap"?! Some people even hope that "the hospital will get involved soon" to correct the strange minds of TikTokers who only like to get views and likes regardless.

A TikToker in the "trend" line, after receiving too much criticism from netizens, redeemed himself by lighting incense for the graves of fallen heroes. The video was later shared online, causing public opinion to question again: "Is it just because of views?".

Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable - Photo 5

Not only that, the brand mentioned by Fat Cat in the viral message also has a way of "entering the game"... going underground, also causing a stir in the media. McDonald's Vietnam "followed the flow of events" by launching an advertisement on the online food ordering application: "If you don't like vegetables, eat chicken with BBQ cheese." Immediately, the incident sparked anger from public opinion, everyone criticized the extremely offensive "following" action, some were so harsh that they demanded to "boycott" the famous fast food brand. This.

Amid the wave of fierce criticism, McDonald's Vietnam had to post an apology on its official Facebook page, after seriously considering the issue.

Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable - Photo 6

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