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Questioning Soanh, blaming himself, regretting losing Diep, promising to wait for the other person?

Hoàng Phúc07:39:09 23/04/2024
After more than a month of announcing that they were going their separate ways, tiktokers Soanh and Diep are no longer in hiding. The couple began to appear regularly. Recently, the young man also shared something that caused a stir on social networks.

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Quang Linh's sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued?

Hoàng Phúc17:42:16 22/04/2024
Recently, Quang Linh Vlog and emerging c.hild idol Loi Con officially landed in Vietnam. Both will have a journey to have fun, explore and learn about Vietnamese culture. In the midst of this, a Vbiz queen suddenly had her name called out.

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Tran Duy Hy: "King of plastic products" Duy Tan, about to become Midu's father-in-law?

Thảo Mai16:41:39 22/04/2024
While Duy Tan plastic products are widely known from civil to industrial, the founder's portrait is still a mystery. Recently, rumors that Midu was about to marry the plastic tycoon once again made the public curious about this businessman.

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Loi in Vietnam: Like an A-list star, singing in Vietnamese, Quang Linh was scolded for one thing!

Minh Lợi15:39:50 22/04/2024
After arriving in Vietnam, Loi Con immediately caused a stir in the online community with his performance Cutting Sorrow in Half. However, letting the b.oy perform caused the Quang Linh team to receive a lot of criticism.

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Poet Nguyen unjustly complains about the moaning in the bathtub, angry at the "righteous side" recipient.

Thảo Mai07:22:49 22/04/2024
During 8 years of being a YouTuber, Tho Nguyen was repeatedly criticized and boycotted for posting content that was considered offensive and inappropriate for the audience on social networks.

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Rumor has it that Tho Nguyen changed her career to become a teacher, correcting both fans and famous artists

Bảo Nam20:31:04 20/04/2024
Some time after announcing her retirement, Tho Nguyen recently caused a stir when she publicly announced her plastic surgery. Not only that, the female YouTuber also responded frankly when being criticized by antifans.

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Forget the trend of "going to the sea to find Truong My Lan's treasure", thousands of people went to the mountains to dig for gold

Thảo Mai18:41:13 20/04/2024
After the trial of Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group - defendant Truong My Lan and his accomplices ended, social network users raised the trend of inviting each other to go out to sea to search for the female defendant's 673 trillion treasure. .

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Hang Du Muc apple was warned by a netizen that it had maggots, Vo Ha Linh also criticized it with 1 point?

Keng09:42:01 20/04/2024
Although he mainly lives and works abroad, Hang Du Muc is still very famous in Vietnam. With her excellent closing ability and skillful way of speaking, she is fondly called the livestream saint.

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Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldn't meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl?

Keng16:50:17 19/04/2024
Those who have followed Quang Linh Vlog for a long time are no stranger to Loi Con, an African b.oy who has been with Quang Linh and his brothers in the Vietnamese team for 3 years. Loi Con's cute, understanding, and sometimes cunning personality makes many people love him.

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Ms. Nhan Vlog spoke up when she was criticized for not taking care of her c.hild cleanly, and fans immediately commented on one thing

Minh Lợi11:31:31 19/04/2024
Recently, Ms. Nhan Vlog (Duc Nhan) gave birth to her first daughter in Japan. She and her husband happily shared the journey of taking care of their children, but people criticized them for not being clean.

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Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang?

Đình Như10:21:59 19/04/2024
Tran Thanh Tam - associated with the title Fried Egg H.ot G.irl. She actively participates in showbiz but gets into a lot of noise. Recently, she even offended Huong Giang when she brought her seniors to create content to attract views.

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Sang Vlog was accused of defrauding fans of m.oney and being c.ruel to his colleagues, and immediately responded

Đình Như14:22:53 18/04/2024
Sang Vlog is known as the poorest YouTuber in Vietnam. Recently, he was accused of cheating m.oney and staging clips to attract views. Faced with false rumors, the male YouTuber recently spoke up to clarify everything.

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Tho Nguyen criticizes Jack for wrong basic knowledge, teaching him how to o.ff when rich people pursue him

Minh Lợi12:47:44 18/04/2024
Surely many people still remember Tho Nguyen (real name Nguyen Hong Tho) - a content creator with a Youtube channel with nearly 10.5 million registrations, reaching the diamond button in May 2023.

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Salim's husband joked about something delicate with his brother, and his best friend Ninh Anh Bui immediately kicked him?

Keng21:38:41 17/04/2024
Salim - Hai Long and Ninh Anh Bui - Nguyen Tung Duong are two couples who are no longer strangers to netizens. Not only is he close, Mr. Am is also the person who helped the young man of the garment group organize the marriage proposal ceremony in Da Nang at the end of 2021.

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Young man picked up a "block of gold" after Truong My Lan's trend of finding treasure?

Hoàng Phúc15:47:09 17/04/2024
Recently, social networking sites are buzzing with the hashtag "Finding Treasure" or "Going to sea to find treasure", actually this is a keyword inspired by the character Gold D. Roger in the famous series One Piece.

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Anh Vien joined the group to go to Dai Hai Trinh to find billion-dollar treasure, Tho Nguyen said 1 sentence

Bảo Nam15:16:41 17/04/2024
In recent days, social networks have been buzzing with information about a large amount of m.oney and assets lying somewhere on an island, making everyone excited about...crossing the sea to find treasure.

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Tho Nguyen commented on Chau Dang Khoa's real personality and sympathized with Sofia for one thing

Minh Lợi10:48:51 17/04/2024
In the latest livestream, Chau Dang Khoa once talked about all the issues related to the controversy with singer Sofia. The male musician angrily denounced the other person as a liar and ungrateful person, and at the same time released evidence that he did not oppress her as rumored.

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When Chu Thanh Huyen returned to visit her husband's house after the wedding, the whole Quang Hai family's attitude was shocking

Đình Như17:00:31 16/04/2024
After 3 years of dating, in April 2024, Nguyen Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen held a wedding ceremony to officially move into the same house. During the wedding, the two happily announced that they were pregnant with their first c.hild.

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Tho Nguyen tells the story of being courted by a rich man but refusing, his biological mother said it was arrogant

Thảo Mai10:06:37 16/04/2024
Tho Nguyen - a famous YouTuber with a channel of more than 10 million subscribers, has just caused a stir in the online community with a spectacular transformation after plastic surgery. In addition, she continuously made stormy statements when responding to antifans.

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Van Toan was told by his best friend that he had a girlfriend, but didn't want to get married for one reason?

Thảo Mai07:10:51 16/04/2024
Recently, director of Nam Dinh Green Steel Club Nguyen Quoc Phong accidentally revealed Van Toan's love story. Accordingly, the player from Hai Duong is said to have a lover but has not yet married.

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Poet Nguyen "lowered his voice" to plead with antifans, revealing the most regretful thing of the past 6 years

Hoàng Phúc16:13:04 15/04/2024
Tho Nguyen is the hottest name on social networks in recent days. Even though she announced her retirement, the female YouTuber's private life is still of interest, especially when she recently publicly announced her plastic surgery.

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The case of a 22-year-old nanny snatching her husband: The fans revealed their fate, their true nature was exposed

Trí Nhi16:08:29 15/04/2024
The Vietnamese online community is extremely excited about the series about a 22-year-old Canadian nanny who snatched her landlord's husband. Recently, netizens also debunked this g.irl's horoscope, revealing her true personality in terms of numerology.

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Soanh was criticized by Diep for being too young, revealed evidence of breaking up scenes, still interacting?

Keng09:59:24 15/04/2024
Tiktoker couple Soanh and Diep once captured the hearts of fans because of their cheerful and sincere personalities. It seemed that after the wedding, the couple would hold hands and build happiness together, but they unexpectedly broke up so quickly.

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Mrs. Nhan Vlog gave birth to a daughter, revealed her name, and Dr. Thinh immediately came in to congratulate her

Đình Như07:18:53 15/04/2024
After an arduous and dramatic artificial insemination journey, Nhan Vlog and her husband recently announced that they had just given birth to their first c.hild, and also revealed the name of their little angel.

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