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NewJeans' "mother" turned around, supported ILLIT, and danced to the pirated band's hits?

Korean stars

21:36:58 28/05/2024
While the mother of NewJeans, Min Hee Jin, and the father of BTS, Bang Si Hyuk, were fighting fiercely and had not come to an end, the online community suddenly spread a clip of the mother of NewJeans performing ILLIT's dance moves.

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Huynh Hieu Minh confessed his feelings for Chi Pu, Cbiz's beautiful ladies absolutely supported him

Chinese stars

08:45:14 28/05/2024
After its release, the MV Finding you received a lot of attention from the audience. In particular, Chi Pu also received support from a series of famous Cbiz stars such as Thai Thieu Phan and Luu Nha Sat.

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Mrs. Nhan Vlog hugged her c.hild and cried in the middle of the night because she lost her channel with only 5 million followers

H.ot KOLs

20:02:35 27/05/2024
After a period of limited video making due to the birth of her first daughter, Ms. Nhan Vlog has returned to her job as a youtuber. However, recently, she suddenly hugged her c.hild and cried in the middle of the night, announcing the sad news.

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Hearing that the mother of an 8th grade student received billions of m.oney from the suspect's family, the lawyer spoke up

H.ot trend

17:50:31 27/05/2024
In recent days, public opinion could not help but feel sad when receiving news that the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent who was affected by his friend passed away after a period of treatment. The m.ale s.tudent's pitiful family situation made everyone feel even more sad.

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Rumor has it that Catriona Gray will participate in Miss Cosmo 2024, will the person who misread MU's name be the MC?

Showbiz 24h

17:31:10 27/05/2024
Miss Cosmo 2024 is heating up with the appearance of a series of bright candidates. And yet, besides the list of participating beauties, information about the MC, judges, etc. of the contest also makes people curious.

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Seungri's close friend revealed his lustful eyes for Blackpink and touched an SNSD member?

Korean stars

06:42:14 26/05/2024
After the documentary about Burning Sun was released, many information and documents about this scandal were rediscovered by the audience. Among them, a male idol in Seungri's chat group once showed a chilling expression when looking at BLACKPINK and touching a piece of SNSD.

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Roy Kim: The only person to escape Burning Sun, his biological father disowned him after the Seungri incident

Famous stars

22:13:12 24/05/2024
In the shocking incident in the Korean entertainment industry about Jung Joon Young's group chat, Roy Kim was also one of the people investigated. Before the scandal, he was originally a male god known as the Prince of Ballads with his gentle, considerate and obedient appearance.

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Huynh Nhu: The notorious rich lady spent 8 billion to open a kitchen for 0 VND, close to Quang Linh

Famous people

17:42:35 23/05/2024
For those who often use social networks, Huynh Nhu is probably no longer unfamiliar. She is favored with the nickname Bac Lieu tycoon when the Western businesswoman is currently the CEO of a cosmetics company, owning a huge fortune.

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Lam Vy Da's secret of being pregnant for the third time was revealed by Lan Ngoc, Truong Giang also confirmed?

Beautiful stars

12:01:28 23/05/2024
Lam Vy Da and Hua Minh Dat are an artist couple admired for having a peaceful life with their two sons, nicknamed Banh Mi - Xa Xi. Recently, there was news that the actress was pregnant for the third time, making people stir.

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Phan Tri Han appeared to "protect" Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other?

Chinese stars

11:56:03 22/05/2024
Recently, Chi Pu posted a new MV teaser video, marking her return to the music industry in 2024 called Finding You. Notably, she even made a big deal to invite Phan Tri Han to play the main male role in the MV.

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Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Ca's beauty, making shocking comments about her junior's private life

H.ot KOLs

11:55:44 19/05/2024
Owning a TikTok channel with nearly 2.5 million followers shows Xuan Ca's appeal on social networks. However, she also caused a lot of controversy because her appearances in real life were considered too different from those online.

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Fourth sister Wednesday reveals behind-the-scenes photos of season 2, male lead eliminated, new Principal?

European and American stars

16:54:19 18/05/2024
The latest information about the second season of the Wednesday series has been revealed, making fans of the Addams Family spin-off series unable to help but be excited.

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