Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi

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Nearly 2 weeks since the case of a g.irl drying on the sofa, recently, the police of Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city found an incomplete male who had dried under 1 foot of the bridge, causing a stir.

According to the authorities, on the morning of April 17, the police of Hoan Kiem district received a report from Mr. N.T.H. (an employee of Hai Ha Railway Management Company) about the discovery of a male at the foot of Long Bien bridge, under pillar T6 box 15.

Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi - Photo 1

Hoan Kiem district functional forces then cooperated with the Criminal Police Department, Hanoi Police Criminal Technical Department to conduct an examination of the scene, bringing the victim to the middle bank of the Red River for examination.

Preliminary results determined that the victim was a male who had been dead for more than a month, his b.ody had decomposed, dried, was not intact and is currently unknown.

After carrying out the procedures, the authorities handed over to the People's Committee of Phuc Tan ward as a post-conformist according to regulations.

The police of Hoan Kiem district issued notices to families whose loved ones have been missing, unable to contact for more than a month, to contact the Police Investigation Department of Hoan Kiem District (No. 2 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) or contact the hotline.

Earlier, on April 26, public opinion was also stirred by the incident of discovering 1 woman dried on the sofa at a luxury apartment in Tay Mo ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi. According to authorities, the victim passed away more than 1 year ago.

Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi - Photo 2

Citing the People's Police newspaper, the leader of the People's Committee of Tay Mo ward said that the reason for discovering the above incident was that a man presented to the building management board about having a 32nd floor apartment locked for a long time and wanted to rent it again. This person asked the building management board to open the door to see the apartment, then would find the owner to ask for rent.

The building management agreed to accompany the man who wanted to rent the house to the apartment to find out. When they arrived, they noticed suspicious signs and opened the apartment door and found the woman lying on the sofa in a dry condition. Soon after, the building management informed the police department.

Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi - Photo 3

According to the Building Management Board, members of the Management Board are not allowed to arbitrarily open the door for occupied apartments. In case the building management board wants to enter the apartment, it must be requested by the investigating agency, functional forces or see abnormal signs to use the secondary key to open the door to the apartment.

According to information from Dan Tri, in the afternoon of April 28, the leader of the People's Committee of Tay Mo ward (Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi city) said that the ill-fated g.irl was handed over to her family by the authorities to take care of the aftermath.

On the same day, when searching the g.irl's apartment, authorities found the phone but the sim card was removed, many belongings and clothes were emptied.

According to information in the People's Police newspaper, it is known that before discovering the g.irl, the building management tried to contact the g.irl but could not contact her. Officers also searched the victim's car in the parking lot area but found none.

Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi - Photo 4

So far, it is not possible to explain why the sim card of the victim's phone and car disappeared without a trace.

Some residents living in the building told the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper. In 2022 the house was occupied by two people, a man and a young woman. The man looked a lot like a foreigner and the two sides often exchanged words.

At its peak around September 2022, nearby people heard an argument between the two accompanied by a noise like breaking dishes. After that, nothing was heard again.

Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi - Photo 5

The identity of the mysterious man is still being clarified by authorities.

Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi - Photo 6

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