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Two brothers "came out" and changed gender, and their father did something emotional

Bảo Nam17:16:59 12/07/2024
Originally born as boys, but with the souls of girls, Nguyen Van Nga and Nguyen Van Chau decided to go to Thailand to change gender. The most touching thing was the old father who saw him off to the airport security gate.

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Chinh Tinh released 2 more shocking clips about Nam Thu, but suddenly announced to stop

Đình Như10:24:21 08/07/2024
In the past few days, the scandal of allegedly snatching Nam Thu's husband has caused showbiz to make waves. Currently, the actress's every move has received special attention from netizens.

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Joy Qi Duong Duong was invited by the giant to eat for 1 billion, responding when sarcastic by fans

Đình Như14:39:24 01/07/2024
Being lured to do sensitive things in one way or another is no longer a new problem for famous female streamers and TikTokers. Recently, another TikTok account became the latest victim of this alarming problem

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Hang Du Muc's husband agrees to divorce, still blames his wife, confidently declares "wife number 4"?

Thảo Mai21:35:34 29/06/2024
While Hang Du Muc was busy livestreaming sales with his two stepchildren, Nhat Duong - Dich Duong, the female tiktoker's husband was discovered going to Vietnam alone, even dating a series of beautiful girls.

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Wife has 2 husbands in Soc Trang: MTQ gave her a new house, broke up with both, became a single mother

JLO21:38:45 26/06/2024
If you often surf social networks, perhaps many people will know the story of a husband and wife family in Soc Trang. After a period of causing a stir on social networks, this family's life has now changed, shocking everyone!

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Hang Du Muc earns nearly 5 billion/livestream, husband decides not to divorce for this reason?

JLO16:13:01 25/06/2024
Hang Du Muc is one of the top fighting gods at the present time. Although she did not r.eveal the numbers, with the sold-out situation during the livestream, many people predicted that her revenue would not be average.

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Controversy over the article "The secret to making a third person happy", which looks down on women

Hoàng Phúc18:41:20 24/06/2024
Recently, an article suddenly spread on social networks titled: The secret to making a third person happy. Although the content has not been verified, many netizens have expressed surprise and indignation at what the author mentioned in this article.

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The owner of a bun cha restaurant in Hanoi who washed meat with charcoal water was fined 3.5 million VND

Thảo Mai16:35:19 21/06/2024
Regarding the case of the bun cha restaurant on Quoc Tu Giam street washing meat with black charcoal water, the People's Committee of Van Mieu ward issued a decision to sanction administrative violations against this establishment.

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The b.oy selling l.ottery tickets married a rich lady, after 3 days his father-in-law shook his head in disappointment

Minh Lợi16:15:32 21/06/2024
To be as successful and happy as they are now, Mr. Thai Phan Thanh Binh (34 years old, from Dien Ban, Quang Nam) and Ms. Huynh Nhu Lam (from Dong Nai) had to go through many ups and downs, proving that that their choice is the right one.

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Verifying that a bun cha restaurant in Hanoi washes meat with charcoal water, the owner apologizes

Minh Lợi17:30:57 20/06/2024
The video recorded the scene of a woman picking up pieces of meat, dipping them into a tray of black coal water mixed with grease and then putting them on the grill, making many people shudder. After receiving the information, the authorities got involved.

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A young g.irl falls in love with 7 old men at the same time: They all know each other, and whoever provides the most gets a reward

Đình Như12:05:56 19/06/2024
Recently, a g.irl named Lina, living in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia), became a national topic of discussion after admitting that she was dating 7 elderly men at the same time just to take advantage of m.oney. silver.

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41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered "sisters"

Bảo Nam17:45:02 12/06/2024
On the morning of June 12, social networks were abuzz with the story of a husband who transformed into a beautiful, gentle g.irl in just 6 months! What's more shocking is that the wife and children are still very supportive of this.

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A young husband pursues an older wife who is more than 70 years old, how is life after 20 years?

JLO17:39:17 10/06/2024
In the abandoned land next to the graveyard in Soc Trang province, there is a small hut, which is the place where the couple lives. The wife is over 70 but the husband is not yet 50. They have been living together for almost 20 years.

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Lunar New Year 2024: Does eating glutinous rice and wine blow up the alcohol concentration?

Mỹ Hoa17:33:21 10/06/2024
Glutinous wine is an indispensable traditional dish on the day of the Lunar New Year, but many people wonder whether it can be sanctioned related to alcohol concentration when eating.

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The U50 uncle in a wedding dress held on to the young man in the middle of the street, the truth was touching

Thảo Mai17:33:53 07/06/2024
The scene of a U50 man wearing a wedding dress, crying and holding on to a young man has been recorded by a camera in Guizhou, China, which has attracted the attention of the online community. After researching, what happened in the clip was real, not staged.

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The roommate whose "feet never touched the ground", the h.ot g.irl discovered a truth

JLO16:21:14 29/05/2024
The story of a strange roommate who walks on tiptoes and does not need to eat or drink for many days was posted by an account on the tiktok platform on May 27 and is attracting the attention of netizens.

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A 23-year-old hotgirl fell in love with an 80-year-old man who was the same age as her grandfather, only to break up after getting married

Thảo Mai18:50:20 26/05/2024
Despite being rejected by her family and rejected by society, this 23-year-old g.irl still decided to marry a man 50 years older than her. After a period of living together, more and more difficulties came to them.

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Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable

Keng17:43:55 18/05/2024
The incident of the unfortunate gamer Fat Cat made the community feel sad. Looking at the indicators of extremely stressful farming but the lack of care and attention to health makes people feel sad.

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A 67-year-old woman in China had an unwanted pregnancy and decided to give birth, what happened?

Thảo Mai16:34:29 16/05/2024
In 2019, the Chinese medical community and media were shocked by the case of a woman who became pregnant and gave birth at the age of 67. After nearly 5 years, this mother's current life has received a lot of attention from many people.

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The identity of the "jealous" university beauty queen will help you: Admitting that she is a lawyer, the school speaks up

Keng15:20:13 15/05/2024
Regarding the case of a beauty queen from a university in Ho Chi Minh City making her friend jealous at an apartment in Binh Thanh District (HCMC), which caused a stir in public opinion in 2023, the police have just prosecuted her for Disturbing Order. public .

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Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi

JLO15:54:43 10/05/2024
Nearly 2 weeks since the case of a g.irl drying on the sofa, recently, the police of Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city found an incomplete male who had dried under 1 foot of the bridge, causing a stir.

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Fat Cat exposes Dam Truc: Do not apologize or return the m.oney, but also show attitude

Keng15:26:44 06/05/2024
Recently, social networks have constantly spread the love story of a young man named Fat Cat (Hunan, China) and his girlfriend Dam Truc. Although he loves his lover to the fullest, he is still harshly pampered by her.

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Tho Nguyen reveals a hidden corner of the YouTuber profession, admits to being mixed but living kindly

Đình Như09:56:40 03/05/2024
Tho Nguyen - female YouTuber used to be loved by many young viewers. However, at the peak of her career, she suddenly announced her retirement, causing people to make a series of speculations.

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Dry g.irl on sofa: Forensic expert explains strange phenomenon, suspected drug use?

Bảo Nam14:48:03 30/04/2024
Forensic experts have made a number of comments to explain the phenomenon of why the g.irl was discovered dry on the sofa in a luxury apartment in Hanoi only 2 years after her d.eath.

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