Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang

Nam PhươngDec 20, 2021 at 11:02

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Journalist Han Ni said that, in addition to pressure from work, every day she had to deal with many legal documents in the lawsuit with Ms. Phuong Hang.

In the list of lawsuits in 2021, Journalist Han Ni is the character that Phuong Hang "sacrifices" the most on the livestream. According to the giant female Binh Duong, the "steel rose" has repeatedly acted against and smeared the Hang Huu charity heart surgery fund. At the same time, he used harsh words to dig up his private life, even going to the office of Journalist Han Ni to "two sides and one word". Not to be defeated by Mr. Dung's wife, the female journalist also firmly asserted that the request for a statement of the Hang Huu charity fund was in accordance with the law and made a counter-claim against Ms. other people's products.

Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang - Photo 1

Using Fanpage with nearly 200k followers, journalist Han Ni published a series of articles and analyzed the case based on legal aspects but still suffered a huge amount of bricks and stones. At the peak, on November 5, journalist-lawyer Han Ni submitted an application to the police agency requesting urgent protection measures. According to journalist Han Ni's application, after making a denunciation and a petition to prosecute Phuong Hang, many supporters of Phuong Hang regularly called, texted, and visited Han Ni's personal fanpage to threaten her. threatening, insulting honor and dignity, even threatening health and life.

Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang - Photo 2

On the morning of December 20, the female journalist continued to update information related to the drama. She said that since she was determined to bring the case to light, she herself was under a lot of pressure from work to lawsuits. Although her opponent is a "big knife", this still does not make her falter. In particular, journalist Han Ni also publicly prescribed a prescription to show that she was suffering from an "anxiety disorder" that caused her health to go down.

Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang - Photo 3


Fighting to protect themselves is the RIGHT of each person, can f.ight or be silent. I choose the fighting method. Because the journalist's personality is to protect the people, protect the right, but can't protect himself when being attacked by others, blatantly slandered with an evil culture. Moreover, the criminal law also allows the attacked person to have the right to "legitimate defense", who has the right to "lock the muzzle" of the person who fights for the truth?!

Therefore, even if there is pressure or pain, the path I have chosen, I will not give up. Will f.ight step by step. If you see my calendar this week, you will definitely be stressed, because in addition to the daily schedule, pressure from places, there is also a working list with the authorities because Ms. Hang sent an application.

I will deal with it step by step.

- Tonight at 8 pm will talk about "7.5 million and lock the mouth"

- Continue to work with the LS Union on the legal struggle

- Find out the dirty games of the people behind, compatriots and m.oney... - Journalist Han Ni shared

Sharing with the press, journalist Han Ni said: I denounced Ms. Hang about 3 acts:

First, slander me. Ms. Hang said that I protect and defend the wrongdoing of leaders, blackmail businesses ... If Ms. Hang has no decision, any evidence belongs to the legal basis, then Ms. Hang must take full responsibility.

Second, i.nsult me. Ms. Hang used the image of my family, my husband and I to say that I had an illicit relationship, and used many disparaging words about me.

Third, if denouncing, Ms. Hang only reports to a competent authority or the state. Here she used a livestream on social networks that she said "millions of views" to spread, which is a sign of "abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the rights and interests of others".

Those 3 acts I mentioned in the denunciation are all regulated in the Penal Code. In addition, recently, Ms. Hang has used more harsh words, even twice publicly b.eating me, threatening to go to the office or meet me anywhere, she will beat me there.

According to VietNamnet, on November 18, a source from the People's Court of Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong province confirmed that it was still accepting a civil case "dispute over compensation for non-contractual damage" between Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang (General Director) Director of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company - Plaintiff) and journalist Nguyen Duc Hien (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper - Respondent).

Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang - Photo 4

Previously, in a notice sent to related parties on October 26, Thu Dau Mot City People's Court said that in the lawsuit, Ms. Hang asked the court to force Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien to apologize and post an apology to Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang. on the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper in accordance with the Law on Press.

At the same time, the court asked the court to force Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien to request the Voice of Vietnam to withdraw the article "Can't let Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang give herself the right to offend anyone online".

Hang's lawsuit stems from journalist Nguyen Duc Hien's interview on an article by Voice of Vietnam about the insulting and lashing out of some individuals on social networks.

In this article, Mr. Hien mentioned that Ms. Hang livestream with content disrespecting authorities, disrespecting public opinion... she also has no right to condemn on behalf of anyone. this person, that person with disparaging and insulting words on social networks.

Immediately after that, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang reacted harshly to Mr. Hien's statements and wrote a petition to the People's Court of Thu Dau Mot City.

In related developments, today (November 18), Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien sent an application to the People's Court of Thu Dau Mot City requesting to temporarily suspend the settlement of the civil case.

Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang - Photo 5

Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang - Photo 6

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