The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung

Nam PhươngSep 25, 2021 at 19:42

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According to lawyer Tuan Ngo, the lack of control by Phuong Hang on social networks is partly the fault of the legal representative.

Since September 21, Ho Chi Minh City Police has received 5 denunciations against Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang (General Director of Dai Nam Company) about acts of slander, taking advantage of social networks to transmit false information. deviated. Including singers Dam Vinh Hung, Vy Oanh, Thuy Tien and comedian Hoai Linh. All of these characters were directly mentioned by Mr. Dung's wife, calling for charity for the Central region in 2020.

The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 1

On the side of the CEO of Dai Nam Tourist Area, at noon of September 25, Ms. Phuong Hang officially announced to stop the f.ight on social media to widen the legal path to handle.

Recently, on the personal page of lawyer Tuan Ngo - Head of the Office at ATN LAW FIRM, if Mrs. Phuong Hang appeared in court with the artists. It is known that he is also handling the case for many victims who were scammed by giant Ngan Gom in the form of charity.

Lawyer Tuan Ngo said that I do not support the way Ms. Hang live-streamed insults on MXH. However, it is undeniable that thanks to this impact, the keyword "statement" first came into play. Deterring elements "borrowing flowers to worship Buddha". The lawyer added, legally, U50 businesswomen can receive administrative "penalties", mental or material compensation. But to constitute a crime of slander under the 2015 penal code is impossible.

The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 2

"If it weren't for Mrs. Hang...

- There is no statement!

- It is unknown when Hoai Linh will carefully bring m.oney to charity for people in flood areas on h.ot summer days;

- Thuy Tien is still a fairy, not many people doubt the transparency;

- Stumped jackfruit and many others are still Saints...

Therefore, although I strongly do not support the somewhat rude and grumpy way of speaking of Mrs. Hang whenever she livestreams to curse at someone, when I see Ms. Hang in the middle of the enemy's life, the enemy is when the woman went to denounce, I felt more pity than angry with her. Her words, worthy of administrative "penalty votes" or may be subject to a civil lawsuit for spiritual and material compensation, but to constitute a slander crime according to the provisions of the 2015 Penal Code are: not easy to prove at all. What I am more concerned about here is that the collective resistance of many people will drag Ms. Hang deep into cases that take a lot of time and effort, and it seems that here is the line between "suspects". and "victims" are being erased and it is difficult for ordinary people to recognize Mrs. Hang and the rest, who are the victims, or are the victims ourselves?"

The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 3

It is possible that Mrs. Hang will be subject to administrative fines, which experts, understand that everyone can recognize, but the hidden things that Ms. Hang has spoken out, contribute to uncovering the truth. Are they really being investigated to the end or are they overshadowed by other noise? People's confidence does not lie in how much m.oney Ms. Hang was fined, or how much m.oney must be compensated for by someone for her unqualified statements, but it lies in whether what she doubts is clarified or not. no, that's for sure!

The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 4

A person who once stood up to denounce individuals who took advantage of charity for profit. Lawyer Tuan Ngo affirmed that the legal representative for Ms. Hang has not maximized her role.

"I don't know how "hard" Ms. Hang's lawyers are, but letting her speak uncontrollably is partly their fault because they did not interfere or could not interfere with her. Therefore, more at any time, this is the time when they have to play their full role to make up for what I consider to be a defect in order to both best protect the interests of the client and to be able to counter the opponents. are quite large in force.

The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 5

The results of the battle between Mrs. Hang and the artists will also more or less affect the morale and spirit of those who are diligently denouncing the sophisticated tricks in Giang Thi Kim Cuc's charity calling activities. , including me. I don't equate the artists being denounced by Ms. Hang with Giang Thi Kim Cuc, but honestly, if I bring my inner beliefs to the balance, I'm leaning towards Ms. Hang ..." - Lawyer Tuan Ngo emphasized strong.

The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung - Photo 6

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