Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it"

Nam PhươngNov 16, 2021 at 13:44

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Both journalists Duc Hien and Han Ni refused to meet directly with Ms. Phuong Hang at the agency they were working for.

Regarding the drama "finding the truth" of Ms. Phuong Hang (CEO of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company) for the past 7 months. While the authorities have yet to have official results, the businesswoman persisted in livestreaming, lashing out at the characters who opposed her on social networks. In which, journalists Duc Hien and Han Ni are two names appearing with dense frequency. Not only that, the giants of Binh Duong also asked a lawyer to establish a license to prosecute for slander.

Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it" - Photo 1

On November 11, Ms. Phuong Hang said that she would officially go to the editorial office of the Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper and the Saigon Giai Phong newspaper, where the two journalists are working, to meet face-to-face on November 16. However, sharing with Tien Phong newspaper, both journalists refused to confront because they did not know each other, if they wanted to meet, they would have to book a schedule in advance rather than arrange the time on their own.

According to Han Ni, she is in charge of the free legal advice section of the SGGP newspaper, so she still receives regular readers. If Mrs. Hang wants to meet her as a newspaper reader and needs legal advice, she will continue. But Ms. Hang must submit the request, set a specific date and time and be agreed by the Editorial Board as well as Han Ni to be able to meet. "As for her, she phoned the newsroom herself, and set up a schedule to meet me, I didn't accept it," said Han Ni.

Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it" - Photo 2

"I don't know or be friends with Ms. Hang, so I have no need to continue talking. If Ms. Hang wants to work with the newspaper, she can register with the editorial office. And I do not agree to meet with Ms. Hang. "- Journalist Duc Hien said.

Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it" - Photo 3

After being ignored the offer, Phuong Hang recently showed a grumpy expression. CEO Dai Nam bluntly scolded journalist Duc Hien as "cowardly", admitting that he did not know her, but previously slandered her to knock down the online newspaper VOV. As for journalist Han Ni, the director also said that her ability is not enough to give her legal advice. The purpose of the meeting was to denounce the moral d.epravity of the "steel rose" to the editor-in-chief of Saigon Giai Phong newspaper.

Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it" - Photo 4

Nguyen shared by Ms. Phuong Hang:


Duc Hien said, "I don't know or be friends with Ms. Hang, so I don't need to talk to her". So your "need" is to hide, stalk, chase me for 7 months, Duc Hien? You should remember that I am the one who is qualified, worthy enough to say I DON'T KNOW YOU. Here you say you don't know me. Who then? Who is the person who "gets acquainted" with me by slandering me for knocking down VOV? His argument is so crooked that even a c.hild would find it ridiculous!!! Is there anyone who is not used to slandering and attacking enthusiastically like him? When I gave you the opportunity to KNOW me, you didn't continue? Cowards can't stand it! Is it worthy to be the Deputy Editor-in-Chief? Dare to write bad words but dare not show your face to confront? Is it cowardly?

Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it" - Photo 5

As for Han Ni, wake up and stop making excuses! I have no need for Han Ni to give any legal advice at the SGGP newspaper. Han Ni's qualifications are just a reporter disguised as a journalist, a lawyer. I want to consult I also need qualified people. I want to meet directly with the Editor-in-Chief of the SGGP Newspaper to discuss the level of moral filth, the level of lies of Han Ni. It's a reader's right! Do not misguide legal advice! I don't have time and Han Ni is also NEVER ENOUGH to do it! I want to meet the editorial office to talk about the WORST Ethics of double-faced journalist Han Ni!!! That's the essence of the encounter!!!

Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it" - Photo 6

The livestream was held by Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang in this area on the afternoon of November 14, attracting many participants.

Notably, at this livestream, a guest of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang made a statement insulting the press to defend Ms. Hang. Specifically, this guest said: "Communist press joins with reactionaries to f.ight a Nguyen Phuong Hang".

This statement then made the public angry, asking the authorities to take serious action.

On the afternoon of the same day, after receiving information that there was a large gathering of people at Dai Nam tourist area, the Inspector of Binh Duong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism coordinated with local authorities to come to this area to record.

According to the authorities, the locality has allowed tourism activities in Dai Nam to resume operations, however, activities with large crowds must comply with regulations on disease prevention and control.

Regarding the fact that the guests spoke up, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is also coordinating with the Binh Duong Department of Information and Communications to verify, clarify and handle according to regulations.

The livestream at Dai Nam tourist area took place on November 14. In addition to Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang and Mr. Huynh Uy Dung, there were also many participants, which were shared by many people on social networking platforms.

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