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Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang sobbed, admitted her mistake, and apologized in court when she was sentenced to 3 years in prison

Juni Nguyễn07:32:10 22/09/2023
If with the sharp responses or the strong words accusing this person and that person, at the trial of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, the Binh Duong tycoon had belated tears.

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What is the action of tycoon Dien Quan after being sued by Phuong Hang?

An Nhi11:53:17 02/06/2022
After a series of scandals related to Phuong Hang, recently, tycoon Dien Quan Color Man revealed on his personal Facebook page about a "big plan" with his wife, surprising many people. In Vietnamese showbiz, Color Man is no stranger to Vietnamese audiences, especially those who...

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Phuong Hang's case against journalist Duc Hien, forcing him to apologize was suspended

Rosé05:13:40 01/06/2022
Thu Dau Mot City People's Court suspended the first-instance civil case settlement. Regarding the first-instance civil court costs, the court will add to the state public fund the amount of an advance of 300,000 VND that Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang has paid. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang...

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Phuong Hang was at the airport, preparing to go abroad before the news of the suspension of exit?

Rosé13:35:29 14/03/2022
The latest image of the giant Binh Duong attracts many people's attention. In the past few days, the public has been tensely watching the progress of the immigration suspension case with trillion-dollar businessman Nguyen Phuong Hang. As a very famous character, the "postponed"...

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Nguyen Sin "kicked" Mrs. Phuong Hang when asking to renounce her nationality and hire an international lawyer

Nam Phương19:34:51 12/03/2022
Facebooker Nguyen Sin has a mockery of CEO Phuong Hang after she announced to hire an international lawyer to protect her rights. Regarding the drama between Ms. Phuong Hang and some individuals such as singers Vy Oanh, Dam Vinh Hung, Thuy Tien, Journalist Duc Hien, Han Ni and...

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H.OT: Ms. Phuong Hang was temporarily suspended from leaving the country for investigation

Rosé13:03:07 11/03/2022
This news is causing no small shock! Certainly at the present time, no one is unaware of the name "Nguyen Phuong Hang" - the owner of Dai Nam company cum a cult internet phenomenon for the past 1 year. Phuong Hang appeared "bombarded" here and there, shouting the names of many...

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After journalist Duc Hien, Phuong Hang continued to be prosecuted by many others

Rosé08:50:03 10/03/2022
There are 6 names that want Ms. Phuong Hang to come before the law. After the Ministry of Public Security announced that it would not prosecute artists who stood out to raise m.oney for charity and relief during the storm and flood in the Central region in 2020, the name Phuong...

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Ms. Phuong Hang was urgently recommended by journalist Duc Hien to prosecute: Delay made her mistaken, confidently insulted and slandered others.

Rosé10:35:37 09/03/2022
Female CEO Dai Nam is facing a lawsuit from journalist Duc Hien. Last year, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien - Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper sent an application to the Binh Duong Provincial Police Department and the People's Procuracy of Binh Duong Province to...

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Ms. Phuong Hang was urgently investigated by Binh Duong Police for 6 denunciations

Rosé08:38:38 27/01/2022
After the artist, it's the female giant's turn to face a series of lawsuits. On January 26, Binh Duong Provincial Police held a press conference to inform about the situation of order, security and order in the area in 2021. Here, the discussion around the story of livestreams...

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Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang

Nam Phương11:02:47 20/12/2021
Journalist Han Ni said that, in addition to pressure from work, every day she had to deal with many legal documents in the lawsuit with Ms. Phuong Hang. In the list of lawsuits in 2021, Journalist Han Ni is the character that Phuong Hang "sacrifices" the most on the livestream...

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Journalist Duc Hien voiced the case that BH Media copyrighted the national anthem at the AFF Cup: "The irresponsibility of the stadium organizers"

Nam Phương10:53:15 07/12/2021
From a legal perspective, journalist Duc Hien pointed out the reason why the singing of the National Anthem in the Vietnam - Laos match at the AFF Cup was not broadcast on the Youtube platform. On the evening of December 6, the home country's fans were proud when Vietnam...

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Ms. Phuong Hang "slaps" Duc Hien: "Just a Deputy Editor-in-Chief who can also run the police and the court"

Rosé17:36:18 26/11/2021
Hang has continuously posted statuses about 2 journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien in recent days. On October 26, the People's Court of Thu Dau Mot City (Binh Duong) accepted the lawsuit filed by Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, forcing Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien to request the Voice of Vietnam...

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H.OT: Journalist Duc Hien sent a petition to prosecute Ms. Phuong Hang, demanding compensation for mental loss

Rosé14:31:36 17/11/2021
After being sent an application by the artist, Ms. Hang continued to "receive blows" from journalists. A few days ago, CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang caused a stir when he announced on the personal page of his assistant that he would go to the editorial office of the Ho Chi Minh City...

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Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it"

Nam Phương13:44:23 16/11/2021
Both journalists Duc Hien and Han Ni refused to meet directly with Ms. Phuong Hang at the agency they were working for. Regarding the drama "finding the truth" of Ms. Phuong Hang (CEO of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company) for the past 7 months. While the authorities have yet to have...

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