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Topic: Mrs. Phuong Always Sued

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her

Nam Phương17:08:58 26/04/2022
Journalist Han Ni advised supporters to look at Phuong Hang's example before it was too late. Among the characters who are aggressive with Phuong Hang, journalist Han Ni is the one who is "taken care of" the most by the female giant. Claiming that the "steel rose" was fabricated...

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Ms. Phuong Hang was arrested and detained, Dam Vinh Hung - Vy Oanh was happy to "crow strongly"

Nam Phương20:02:31 24/03/2022
Singers Dam Vinh Hung, Vy Oanh, and journalist Han Ni simultaneously reported that Phuong Hang was detained. On the evening of March 24, the city police. Ho Chi Minh has issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused, and hold a detention order against Ms. Nguyen...

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STRONG: "Shoot" 50 billion Tran Thanh has not been paid - Ms. Phuong Hang again demands "physical impact"

Nam Phương14:36:27 16/02/2022
Many viewers were worried about Tran Thanh when Phuong Hang constantly threatened on the livestream. Since the Ministry of Public Security officially concluded that Hoai Linh, Tran Thanh, Dam Vinh Hung and Thuy Tien have shown no signs of appropriating charity m.oney. A part of...

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Journalist Han Ni, suffering from a dangerous disease, under a lot of pressure, still claims to "play to the end" with Phuong Hang

Nam Phương11:02:47 20/12/2021
Journalist Han Ni said that, in addition to pressure from work, every day she had to deal with many legal documents in the lawsuit with Ms. Phuong Hang. In the list of lawsuits in 2021, Journalist Han Ni is the character that Phuong Hang "sacrifices" the most on the livestream...

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Ms. P. Hang "shaking" scolded journalists Han Ni and Duc Hien for refusing to meet: "Hell can't stand it"

Nam Phương13:44:23 16/11/2021
Both journalists Duc Hien and Han Ni refused to meet directly with Ms. Phuong Hang at the agency they were working for. Regarding the drama "finding the truth" of Ms. Phuong Hang (CEO of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company) for the past 7 months. While the authorities have yet to have...

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H.OT: The clip of Mrs. P. Hang telling her son to call Vo Hoang Yen "ba", the attitude of Mr. Dung's new lime kiln was unexpected?

Nam Phương16:02:40 05/11/2021
"As if there's never been a drama", the clip recorded the scene of Mrs. Phuong Hang's family and the medical god Vo Hoang Yen having fun together. Worth mentioning, the son of CEO Dai Nam also affectionately calls the medical god "ba". From March 2021, Ms. Phuong Hang officially...

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H.OT: Lawyer warned Ms. Phuong Hang to "do taboo things" when suing the CAND newspaper

Nam Phương19:58:12 23/10/2021
Lawyer GN does not support that Phuong Hang acts emotionally, suing the media at a sensitive time. After 7 months of hard work Livestream denounced god of medicine Vo Hoang Yen and a series of artists with signs of charity blocking. Starting in October, the Ministry of Public...

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Before the showbiz lawsuit, how did Phuong Hang twice e.xpose her ex-husband to prison?

Nam Phương19:45:46 20/10/2021
As a powerful woman, has a full life next to the giant Dung lime kiln. However, few people know that Phuong Hang has experienced an incomplete marriage with Mr. Tran Van Thin. In particular, CEO Dai Nam twice exposed and denounced his ex-husband, causing the press to spend a lot...

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H.OT: Ms. Phuong Hang was assaulted by lawyer Vo Hoang Yen at the police station

Nam Phương19:53:47 17/10/2021
At the meeting on October 16, Phuong Hang said that she was attacked by 4 lawyers of Mr. Vo Hoang Yen. After the drama denounced 36 names in the line to intercept charity. On the evening of October 17, Phuong Hang returned to the livestream with the topic "Who is the boss of the...

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LATEST: Mr. Dam submitted evidence to PC01, suing Ms. P. Hang for various crimes

Nam Phương15:28:20 13/10/2021
"Vietnamese music king" is happy to share new details in the case with Ms. Phuong Hang. Regarding the case of Dam Vinh Hung, Ms. Phuong Hang accused of "stealing" 96 billion VND of charity m.oney. At the end of August, the male singer officially filed a lawsuit with the court for...

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The lawyer stated the "outcome" when Ms. Phuong Hang was sued by Thuy Tien and Dam Vinh Hung

Nam Phương19:42:26 25/09/2021
According to lawyer Tuan Ngo, the lack of control by Phuong Hang on social networks is partly the fault of the legal representative. Since September 21, Ho Chi Minh City Police has received 5 denunciations against Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang (General Director of Dai Nam Company)...

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H.OT: Mrs. Phuong Hang decided to "lock up", spend m.oney to go to the US to sue Mr. Dam: "If you don't go back to cut your hair, you will be defeated"

Nam Phương02:53:10 31/08/2021
The female giant is planning to sue Dam Vinh Hung in the country of flags. According to Phuong Hang, this strong move is a "k.illing" blow to bring down the male singer. On the evening of August 30, Phuong Hang held a livestream with the topic "Another conspiracy theory". As a...

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