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Trang Tran received benefits in the US and was given 1 billion by her employer to buy a car after being fired

Hoàng Phúc14:08:38 16/06/2024
Trang Tran was born in 1985. She entered the entertainment industry at the age of 21. Despite having a height of 1m75, in the early days of working in the fashion industry, Trang Tran encountered many difficulties when being criticized as ugly as a transgender man.

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Duy Uyen: Left Mat Ngoc and got married to the US to settle down, spending more than 2 billion to have a c.hild at the age of 40

Thảo Mai16:32:30 22/05/2024
In a foreign country, Duy Uyen's main job is MC and editor of a television station in addition to her part-time job in the medical industry. At the age of over 40, the former member of Mat Ngoc still maintains her youthful and beautiful appearance.

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Duc Tien passed away, the stars cried, close friends revealed unfinished regrets

Hoàng Phúc10:10:11 20/05/2024
Duc Tien's wife - Miss Binh Phuong confirmed that her husband had just passed away from a heart attack while performing in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Currently, the actor's wife and children are in California and haven't had time to be with him yet.

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Trang Tran was upset when her mother-in-law was persuaded to send her daughter-in-law back to the country, and said one thing frankly

JLO16:30:36 17/05/2024
After settling in the US with her husband and mother-in-law, Trang Tran's married life with Louis Tran received even more public attention. Recently, rumors circulated on social networks that the former model was sent back to Vietnam by her mother-in-law.

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Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US

Hoàng Phúc15:48:34 15/05/2024
While the story that Miss Mai Phuong planned to go to America to reunite with her family was being discussed on social networking forums, the queen continued to have her name mentioned in dating rumors.

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Trang Thanh Lan: Female artist bought the first car in Vietnam, now goes to America to 'practice at home'

Đình Như16:45:51 27/04/2024
Trang Thanh Lan is known as a famous singer in the 1980s. In addition, she also made her mark in comedy. On the music stage, she and her ex-husband, singer Quang Binh, are a phenomenal duo.

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Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le "Bicycle": Found her American biological father, settled abroad

Thảo Mai16:41:37 24/04/2024
The current life of Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le's family in the US is still attached to musical activities. Although they rarely participate in overseas shows, they have a studio and are active in the field of vocal training.

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Hong Loan - Bao Quoc's daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America?

Minh Lợi16:28:47 10/04/2024
As the daughter of talented artist Bao Quoc, Hong Loan said she learned her father's professional ethics and lifestyle. However, she is always independent when embarking on the path of artistic activities.

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Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lan's rumored gay lover, 7 years of "only holding hands"?

Đình Như15:23:25 04/04/2024
Hoang Thanh was once called by some entertainment magazines at that time by the name Wonbin Vietnam. Possessing a handsome face and charisma of the Autumn Heart star, Xuan Lan's old love was a feverish name among young people at that time.

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Cat Phuong went to the US to stay with her new boyfriend, disillusioned lying crying wet pillows every night?

Hoàng Phúc10:15:34 01/04/2024
In recent days, Cat Phuong suddenly regularly shares photos in the US, receiving a lot of attention from netizens. The actress said she just spent 2 weeks in Texas.

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Phuong Hong Que: "Television told me" to go to America to do all kinds of jobs, not get married a second time

Minh Lợi16:00:30 31/03/2024
Phuong Hong Que is known as a pretty cool showgirl overseas today. Even though she is in her 80s, she is still young and beautiful and works tirelessly. She confided about her life now.

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Photos of Huong Tram holding two babies surfaced, causing the online community to wonder if she had given birth to twins in the US?

Đình Như07:32:37 29/03/2024
Recently, a video appeared with Huong Tram's appearance and attracted the attention of the online community. In the video, the female singer born in 1995 appears with a fresh look and a radiant smile.

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Mai Phuong retired, went to America to settle down after finishing top, said that being a Miss "changed my life"?

Keng16:22:01 21/03/2024
Mai Phuong recently received a lot of attention from the beauty fan community in Vietnam when participating in Miss World. Although she was highly appreciated by many beauty pages and predicted to reach the deep top, in the end she had to stop at the final Top 40.

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Trang Tran works as a janitor for $ 20 a day, life in the US is difficult?

Bảo Nam16:18:01 02/03/2024
Moving to the US at the end of 2023, Trang Tran regularly updates her new life with her husband and children. Recently, she said she has started working, no longer at home waiting for her husband.

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Chao surpassed Jenny Huynh, was praised by an American university professor, and said a shocking sentence

Keng16:15:31 25/01/2024
Chao is a famous h.ot rich kid on social networks not only because of her beauty and wealth but also because of her personality and clips that bring value to everyone. Recently, she also lightly boasted about her academic achievements.

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Nhu Y: 10 years in the US, said no to scandals, broke up twice, U40 has no children

Keng15:42:58 19/01/2024
In 2002, at only 17 years old, Nhu Y won the fourth prize of Ho Chi Minh City Television Singing and entered the artistic path. When she made a name for herself, she settled in the US and is currently one of the prominent voices overseas.

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Huy MC: He became a general, married an American woman, and lived a completely different life after the noisy love affair with Ha Ho

Hoàng Phúc11:17:31 18/01/2024
Although he is no longer active in art, Huy MC still maintains relationships with friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry. Recently, he had a reunion with Miss Ha Kieu Anh, actor Le Tuan Anh and a few friends in the US.

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Trang Tran was sarcastically criticized for going to the US to live in a slum, immediately showing off her "huge" property.

Keng15:14:35 17/01/2024
At the end of 2023, Trang Tran brought her daughter, Kien Lua, to the US to settle with her husband after many years of living apart. This former model's life in a foreign country received a lot of public attention.

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Comedian Thuy Nga is rumored to have settled in the US to avoid debt, but the owner came forward to explain

Pinky06:32:24 10/01/2024
Comedian Thuy Nga has just been caught in an ironic situation, being misunderstood by the online community with a series of negative news placed on her. Specifically, the female artist was said to have settled in the US to avoid debt. As soon as the owner received it, he immediately commented.

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Trang Chen came to the US to settle down, revealed what scared her the most, sounded sour

Pinky16:24:21 04/01/2024
Former model Trang Tran has just made an attention-grabbing post on her personal page, r.evealing what scares her when she settles in the US. Anyone who reads must pity and empathize with her.

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Trang Tran settled in the US: She cooks for herself, doesn't have a job and has to "live off her husband", her mother-in-law's attitude is shocking

Keng13:46:43 21/12/2023
Recently, Trang Tran and her daughter officially settled in the US, reuniting with her overseas Vietnamese husband after many years of living apart. On her personal page, the former model still regularly livestreams, updating her daily life with the audience.

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Before Tuan Khang passed away: He went to the US to work at a nail salon, missed his job but for his children, his biological father was proud of one thing

Minh Lợi16:57:40 20/12/2023
Male singer Tuan Khang (GMC group) came to America in 2017 after ending his nearly 20-year singing journey. He lives with his wife and son in Stephens city, Virginia, USA.

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Singer Tuan Canh - Xuan Mai's biological father: Got a new wife, came to the US and had to do nails to make a living, now opens a pho shop

JLO17:17:56 22/11/2023
Singer Tuan Canh is known as the biological father of Xuan Mai. He was also a famous singer in his homeland's lyrical music genre in the 1990s. Later, Tuan Canh settled abroad, opened a pho restaurant and retired from showbiz, living a private life.

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Dien Thai Toan Group 1088 spent 2.5 billion to have children with same-sex boyfriend after 10 years of divorcing his wife

JLO14:59:43 13/09/2023
The former member of the band 1088 and his same-sex lover decided to use surrogacy to welcome their first c.hild. The estimated amount is up to 3 billion VND.

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