Hong Loan - Bao Quoc's daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America?

Minh LợiApr 10, 2024 at 16:28

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As the daughter of talented artist Bao Quoc, Hong Loan said she learned her father's professional ethics and lifestyle. However, she is always independent when embarking on the path of artistic activities.

Hong Loan became famous in the 1990s, at the same time as Ly Hung, Diem Huong... She gained attention because she was the daughter of Meritorious Artist Bao Quoc and worked in many fields: cinema, reformed actress, MC... .

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 1

She acted in many plays such as The Sound of Cranes in the Moon, Duong Qui Phi, Beside the Silk Weaving Bridge, Me Linh Drums, Empress Dowager Duong Van Nga... In Bao Quoc's live show Contributing to Humanity a Laughter in 2011, she performed as Diao Chan next to Lu Bu - Meritorious Artist Kim Tu Long.

Since childhood, she has had similarities with Thanh Nga. Growing up, Thanh Nga's style gradually seeped into Hong Loan's b.lood when she watched video tapes of her aunt's opera. To self-study Cai Luong, she listened to and watched many documentary tapes and CDs by Thanh Nga. For Hong Loan, artist Thanh Nga is an irreplaceable idol because of her beautiful singing and acting style. "Being praised for being like her, even if just a little, is a great happiness for me," she confided.

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 2

In 2007, Hong Loan went to the US to study Business Administration, then got married and settled in California.

Hong Loan said that artistic activities in the US are somewhat more difficult than when she was in her home country. She also doesn't have much time to practice long plays because she rarely gets to meet her colleagues. According to the female artist, in America, many artists maintain acting and singing as a side job, going to work during the day and then coming home at night to rehearse shows. "Once we started rehearsing the play, we were all so focused that we were stressed because we didn't have much time," she said.

And after nearly 20 years abroad, Hong Loan realized that the best environment for artistic activities is still in her home country, where the audience is familiar with her style and singing style.

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 3

However, thanks to having found peace with her husband and daughter, the female artist has not yet thought about returning to Vietnam permanently to pursue singing, partly because she wants to bond more with overseas audiences. At the same time, many programs, especially about ancient music, are lacking participating artists. At the same time, because her daughter is still young, she has not yet made arrangements to return home regularly.

It is known that in her artistic activities, Hong Loan receives full support from her husband. According to her share, because her husband has experience working in the studio and recording, he often advises Hong Loan every time she makes a new product. Or every time before a performance, when she goes into the studio to sing a live audition, Bao Loc will be there to give feedback. Or when she goes on stage, he will stay behind the scenes to watch in case something goes wrong with her.

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 4

Besides being fully supported by her husband, Hong Loan also received support from her father in singing. Artist Bao Quoc always advises his daughter to try to keep her career and he seems extremely happy every time his daughter is invited to sing.

Since settling in the US, Hong Loan has maintained her passion for singing. On weekends, she often tours in the states, actively participating in programs to preserve and spread traditional music broadcast on a number of channels of the Vietnamese community. Besides, every year, she participates in a few long plays and reformed plays to keep her acting fire going. Hong Loan said she is not picky about drama, Vong Co or new music and if she can arrange the time, she will participate immediately.

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 5

Speak up about charity statements

In 2021, when the artists were involved in a charity scandal, Hong Loan once spoke up to share her opinion. She said she felt sad because besides those who profit from charity work, there are also many artists who work from the "heart".

Hong Loan confided: "I'm not saying all artists who do charity work are good, but not everyone is bad. It's true that there are artists who take advantage of charity issues to profit, but besides that, there's still art." A good, dedicated soldier who truly wants to help people.

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 6

And over the past time, surely the public has seen who is a good person, who is dedicated and dedicated to helping people.

By this point, people had started to stop. I don't know, when storms, floods, natural disasters, and epidemics continue to erupt, leading to hunger and poverty, who will be the one to call for help for the people?

I know, besides artists, there are many other sponsors, but when artists call, the support in response is huge, and the more there are, the better."

Meritorious Artist Bao Quoc's daughter added: "I hope artists who do charity work with their hearts will ignore all negative things, don't be sad, continue to do things with their hearts. Currently, people are still hungry and suffering, so the artists Just ignore criticism and continue to help people.

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 7

The Vietnamese people have a saying, people are doing, heaven is watching. No one is perfect and fully loved, for every 1000 lovers there must be a few haters. Therefore, I hope that thoughtful artists will ignore those bad words and do it with all their heart and strength, artist Hong Loan confided.

Hong Loan - Bao Quocs daughter: Like artist Thanh Nga, how is she now after 17 years of settling in America? - Photo 8

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