Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lan's rumored gay lover, 7 years of "only holding hands"?

Đình NhưApr 04, 2024 at 15:23

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Hoang Thanh was called "Wonbin Vietnam" by some entertainment magazines at that time. Possessing a handsome face and charisma of the Autumn Heart star, Xuan Lan's old love was a feverish name among young people at that time.

Who is Huang Qing?

Born in Rach Gia, Kien Giang, his father worked as an electrician but Hoang Thanh did not follow his father's profession but decided to follow the path of singing. Graduating from Nguyen Trung Truc High School, he joined the Kien Giang Provincial Literary Union, going to remote areas to serve border guards. For more than a year, Thanh has been working at Kien Giang Cultural House and participated in most of the cultural movements in the Mekong Delta provinces.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 1

However, the young singer's path to professional singing only really began in 1997. At the invitation of a friend in Saigon, he went to the city with the dream of developing his voice. First, Thanh applied to join the August Light Music Troupe. In 1998, he collaborated with Rang Dong Band Center on a number of albums, videos... Thanh has an advantage in appearance and is dubbed the "Wonbin of Vietnam" by his friends (the name of the actor who played Tae Suk in the movie Autumn Heart).

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 2

After leaving Aurora, Hoang Thanh joined the company of supermodel Xuan Lan, whom Hoang Thanh admitted was his former love.

"Good looks easily attract the audience, however, a good voice is the decisive factor that makes a singer's name. Thanh's weakness today is the lack of suitable and dedicated songs", that was the confession of singer Hoang Thanh more than 15 years ago, when he was still struggling to develop his career.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 3

After struggling to develop his career in Vietnam, Thanh moved to the US in 2008 and now occasionally returns home to visit family and meet friends. His closest home trip was 2017.

At that time, he chose an old apartment in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM as the backdrop for an extremely impressive fashion photoshoot. At the age of 40, Xuan Lan's ex still retains a standard physique, his face has not changed much compared to when he was at the peak of his form.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 4

Xuan Lan's former love was questioned

In 1 talk show, former supermodel Xuan Lan once surprised the audience by talking about her first love of 7 years with a male singer.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 5

It is worth mentioning that, despite recognizing that her lover is gay, Xuan Lan is still determined to pursue, using all means to hold on to this man. She even ignored the advice of many colleagues such as Vu Ha, Dam Vinh Hung ... to protect this man. The former supermodel also believed homosexuality was a "disease" and scoured for rhino horn, making her lover drink it because she believed that "rhino horn can cure all dykes".

In the end, it was her first love of 7 years that shocked Xuan Lan because this man thought that she had "played wormwood" to let his career decline. In the story, Xuan Lan revealed that currently, the gay singer has come to the US to marry another man.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 6

After this story, the character in question has attracted the attention of netizens, even thinking that the gay singer is Huang Thanh. More than 15 years ago, Xuan Lan himself was not afraid to brag to the media about his love affair with Huang Qing.

Xuan Lan once confided that she spent 7 years in love with Huang Qing, but during that time, she only received once the words "I love you". In those same 7 years of dating, she always had to tilt her shoulders for her lover to lean on.

In a 2006 article, Xuan Lan said, "When I met Huang Qing, I was an ignorant g.irl. Two years of modeling at Babi Company, but 3 months after having a show, after acting, I went home, I did not have m.oney to go out, nor did I know how to dress beautifully. When I separated from Babi back to school flowers, I had the opportunity to meet my modeling friends, and started h.anging out together. Ran into Huang Qing.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 7

My first impression was that Thanh was too handsome, white, blonde, looked very stylish, and I was the first acquaintance. H.anging out together for a while, Thanh said he loved me, and that's been the only "I love you" for 7 years now. We're both artists, but we've only been romantically involved for the first month. Now, every time I'm angry with Qing, I remember that one month and ignore it all." And at that time, she said that despite many people's talk, she still felt happy when she was with Huang Qing.

As for Hoang Thanh, more than 15 years ago, when Hoang Thanh released the album Love Like No, many people thought that the album was to commemorate his love affair with Xuan Lan. At that time, Hoang Thanh shared: "Some people can understand that way and others understand differently. I still think it's a good memory of ours. It's like nothing."

Speaking of gender rumors, Huang Qing neither admitted nor denied it at the time. "I have nothing to fear, no matter how I am, I am still me, Huang Qing. Whether people believe it or not, or doubt it is everyone's business," the singer once shared.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 8

At that time, the singer was also under pressure from his family to get married. But the singer said his preference at the time was to be alone. "I feel free to be alone, to be immersed in my space, my time. There were also people who asked me to live together, but I didn't agree because of me.", Hoang Thanh once expressed.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 9

At the end of 2016, Hoang Thanh and Xuan Lan and b.aby Rabbit (daughter of the former supermodel) had the opportunity to reunite after the emotional noise in the past.

Hoang Thanh: Who is Xuan Lans rumored gay lover, 7 years of only holding hands? - Photo 10

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