Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US

Hoàng PhúcMay 15, 2024 at 15:48

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While the story that Miss Mai Phuong planned to go to America to reunite with her family was being discussed on social networking forums, the queen continued to have her name mentioned in dating rumors.

Accordingly, the public discovered that Miss Mai Phuong and a guy named TA suddenly had similar moves. The two were allowed to take pictures at the same location when the Dong Nai beauty had a business trip in Hanoi. Notably, the "groom's family" quickly deleted this image when Miss Mai Phuong posted it on her personal page a few hours ago. This move makes the public more suspicious.

Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US - Photo 1

According to some side sources, TA - the character rumored to be Miss Mai Phuong's boyfriend, works as a freelance model and stylist. He impresses with his handsome beauty and trendy, street fashion style.

The dating rumors of Miss Mai Phuong and TA have been going on for a long time, but now they have suddenly been repeated.

Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US - Photo 2

Not only that, recently, the public no longer sees Miss Mai Phuong working hard in artistic activities like before. She participates with a small frequency and spends a lot of time traveling and enjoying herself. Is Miss Mai Phuong in the process of cutting down her schedule to arrange to go to the US to reunite with her family as she shared before?

"I have had a plan to reunite my family for a long time. Because I had to follow the schedule, I still couldn't return to the US to reunite with my parents. I tried to study and work well in Vietnam to become a better myself. "I should be stronger and wait until the day I see my family again," Miss Mai Phuong confided after finishing her journey to win Miss World 2023.

Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US - Photo 3

Miss Mai Phuong once said that she and her family had arguments when she decided to pursue an artistic path. Her relationship with her brother was also slightly affected because of that. The two didn't talk for a long time. Miss Mai Phuong had to spend a lot of time proving her choice was right.

Mai Phuong was born in 1999, once achieved the position of Beauty of Humanity, top 5 Miss Vietnam 2020. In December 2022, Mai Phuong became the owner of the Miss World Vietnam crown. In July 2023, Huynh Tran Y Nhi became Mai Phuong's successor.

Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US - Photo 4

Due to the impact of the epidemic, it was not until February 2024 that Mai Phuong represented Vietnam in India to conquer the prestigious Miss World crown. Possessing a pretty visual, good education and especially IELTS 8.0, Mai Phuong confidently expresses herself and interacts with international competitors. On social networking platforms, Vietnamese representatives continuously update clips and behind-the-scenes images that make Vietnamese audiences excited and proud. Despite her best efforts, Mai Phuong only stopped in the top 40.

Previously, Mai Phuong was entangled in rumors of dating a rich man. The motive was from a photo of her appearing close to this rich man's son. Afterwards, Mai Phuong affirmed that she was only a tutor for the rich man's son, and did not have any emotional relationship.

Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US - Photo 5

After being crowned Miss World Vietnam, Mai Phuong once again emphasized: "I don't mind the rumors being dug up. Because within about 2-3 days of that incident, I explained it very clearly. I do it very civilized, but people misunderstand it the wrong way. The poorest person is the c.hild I teach. I think even Mr. DH doesn't want this to happen because work is work, I just do family work. At that time, during the epidemic, it was quite difficult for me, so Ms. Pham Kim Dung suggested that I use my strength in English to receive tutoring. Everything was so simple, but everyone was thinking about it Don't worry about things that aren't real."

Mai Phuong revealed a hint of dating a stylist before leaving to settle in the US - Photo 6

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