Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le "Bicycle": Found her American biological father, settled abroad

Thảo MaiApr 24, 2024 at 16:41

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The current life of Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le's family in the US is still attached to musical activities. Although they rarely participate in overseas shows, they have a studio and are active in the field of vocal training.

Coming together after a broken marriage

Referring to the couple Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le, in addition to the songs that have been closely associated with their names such as "Hey Bicycle", "Three flickering candles", "Far away from childhood"... the audience still remembers. A beautiful, dreamy love story of a beautiful singer and a talented musician.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 1

Phuong Thao's real name is Van Thi Kim Lang, from Sa Dec - Dong Thap, her father is American but did not know him until later. During her childhood years, Phuong Thao was busy selling goods to earn m.oney to help her family.

It wasn't until she grew up that Phuong Thao left her hometown to go to Saigon to fulfill her singing dream. That was also where she met Ngoc Le.

Phuong Thao once said that she met Ngoc Le when she reminded him that he forgot to zip... his pants. After that, I asked him to practice singing with me.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 2

Although she had previously only composed Rock music, when she met the g.irl who possessed the clear, sweet voice, Ngoc Le wrote the song "Who gives you love" for her to take to the Ho Chi Minh City Good Singing Contest. and won 3rd prize.

However, at that time, both Phuong Thao and Ngoc Le were married but their marriage was not complete.

So much later, when that marriage broke down, they met again and realized this was truly their other half. In 1993, the couple officially got together and began to weave a beautiful, fairy-tale love story.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 3

On an old and durable red trophy car, Ngoc Le took Phuong Thao to sing. The artist couple's duet songs "he plays - she sings" quickly became a craze in music venues at that time.

Since getting together, Ngoc Le has also switched to writing gentle, romantic songs that suit Phuong Thao's voice. For two reasons, he is a person who understands his wife's voice very well, secondly, it is the way he expresses his love for his wife.

Typically, the song "Three shimmering candles" was composed by Ngoc Le on a New Year's Eve, when he saw his wife diligently lighting candles to pray when she was about to give birth to her first c.hild. Ngoc Le used music to express her feelings.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 4

Then they gave birth to two daughters, Na (Phuong Nam) and Nam (Thao Nam), creating a model family that many people admire.

Simple life after many years of absence from the stage

In 2005, Phuong Thao met her American biological father through a reality show by some American journalists. To reunite her with her father, Ngoc Le and her two children moved with her to the United States, leaving behind her developing music career in Vietnam. This decision of the couple caused regret to many fans, but brought them a calm and peaceful life.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 5

In the US, Phuong Thao and Ngoc Le live in a small house in Garden Grove, California. This place has a warm space and a spacious orchard.

According to Ngoc Le, his and his wife's day usually starts by sitting together enjoying coffee, and then taking care of the cats.

Since coming to America, Phuong Thao said she has been much more diligent: "Washing dishes, vacuuming, bathing cats, sawing trees, planting crops, I can do it all. In America, everyone is skilled because hiring people is too expensive."

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 6

Ngoc Le likes to live slowly and finds a lot of inspiration for writing in her own home.

"I don't ask Thao to have responsibilities like a Vietnamese wife, pampering her husband, taking care of meals, doing laundry... The two of us share everything, "If you're tired, I'll do it". For example, Thao cooks. , I wash dishes. When repairing miscellaneous items in the house, Thao saws wood, I hammer nails, drill walls... It's fun! Ngoc Le shares about the family's normal life rhythm.

Sharing the secret to keeping the marriage alive, the couple confided: "Many people call Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le a perfect couple. I know they love us so they call us that, but it doesn't sound like it. I easily get bored of things. Perfect, likes flaws, has room for change. People often see that "the neighbor's grass is greener than our own." Many people admire my happiness, in fact, each person understands happiness Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le's grass is not greener than your grass (laughs).

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 7

We also have disagreements. For example, Thao considers sleep sacred, while I hate sleep. I wonder why I have to close my eyes for so long when life has so many things to contemplate. From this, we have many conflicts.

Every time my husband and I have a conflict, I am the one who takes the initiative to make up. I always appreciate my wife. Listening to the song You are my spring, everyone will feel my feelings for Thao."

On their personal pages, Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le often share happy and peaceful moments together, or perform and teach piano to children. Currently, because their two daughters are grown, they have more time to spend together and also compose more regularly.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 8

It is known that in the US, Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le lives by composing and teaching singing to young singers, and is a coach for musical talent competitions. The couple also has their own YouTube channel to share new music videos and songs.

Responding to the opinion that after decades, Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le is still only remembered through old songs, Ngoc Le said he still has new compositions such as I love my Vietnamese, You are my spring, Night dreaming about missing my mother, Meow... All of them are broadcast on his youtube channel, but perhaps because the fate has not yet arrived, they are not yet known to the audience.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 9

The male musician also shared that currently he and his wife do not have any great ambitions, they just continue to compose according to their passion. Even now, after many years, fans still remember Bicycle, Alone Coffee, Three flickering candles and both were very happy and satisfied.

Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le Bicycle: Found her American biological father, settled abroad - Photo 10

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