Suspension of the teacher allowed 6 students to influence their classmates

Bút BiMay 17, 2024 at 17:07

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Recently, a parent of class 12A1 at Nguyen Thi Dieu High School (12 Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) said the incident happened during a class activity on May 13.

This is also the day to check registration information for the 2024 National High School Graduation Exam. Despite the teacher's previous instructions, Student K. was late for period 2, causing the class to be unable to check the exam records. Graduate from high school in 2024. Ms. D., the homeroom teacher of the class, asked the students in the group to influence K.

Suspension of the teacher allowed 6 students to influence their classmates - Photo 1

When learning about the incident, K.'s parents went to the school board to complain. Parents were very upset by Ms. D.'s actions, especially when they received information that Ms. D. asked those who impacted K. slightly to do it again. Parents also expressed their dissatisfaction because this is the end of the year, students need to be mentally stable to prepare for the upcoming National High School Graduation Exam.

"Even though it's not my c.hild, I'm very upset. This form of education is so wrong and offensive. What will happen to a student's psychology when they are influenced by their own friend in front of the class like that?", this parent said. know.

Suspension of the teacher allowed 6 students to influence their classmates - Photo 2

On the same afternoon, Ms. Le Thi Minh Ha - Vice Principal of Nguyen Thi Dieu High School - confirmed to the press the above incident. Ms. Ha said that the school Board of Directors is asking Teacher D to write a report about the incident, and on that basis, they will consider and apply handling measures.

According to Ms. Ha, on May 14, the school received feedback from parents regarding the incident. However, because teacher D's relative was suddenly hospitalized, the school could not call teacher D in to work.

Suspension of the teacher allowed 6 students to influence their classmates - Photo 3

On the morning of May 15, K.'s parents and relatives went to school and worked with school leaders. Parents asked the school to work with the homeroom teacher to ensure the psychological well-being of all students in the same class during the preparation period for graduation exams.

Because Ms. D.'s family had an unexpected incident, on the morning of May 16, the school worked with Ms. D. At the meeting, Ms. D. admitted that her behavior was wrong. The school asked Ms. D. to make a report. On that basis, we will consider and apply handling measures against Ms. D. in accordance with the provisions of law. "Ms. D admitted her mistake and understood that such measures for handling students were not correct. Ms. D would like to take responsibility and accept all forms of handling by the school" - Ms. Ha informed the press.

Suspension of the teacher allowed 6 students to influence their classmates - Photo 4

On the morning of May 17, the Board of Directors of Nguyen Thi Dieu High School just announced that it had decided to temporarily suspend Ms. D. to review and clarify responsibilities. The school will adjust the schedule and assign a teacher to replace Ms. D. This will be done from Monday, May 20.

Representative of Nguyen Thi Dieu High School also informed that immediately after the incident, the school board of directors along with Ms. D. had a working session and apologized to K's family. However, K's parents . still frustrated, not satisfied.

Suspension of the teacher allowed 6 students to influence their classmates - Photo 5

On the morning of May 17, representatives of the board of directors of Nguyen Thi Dieu High School, Ms. D. and members of the school's parent representative board will have a meeting and work with K.'s parents. Purpose of the meeting was to apologize and hope for parents' understanding. The school pledges that there will not be a situation like what happened in class 12A1 again.

In addition, Nguyen Thi Dieu High School also said it will take measures to mentally stabilize individual K students and all students in class 12A1 so they can continue to review and prepare well for the exam. upcoming National High School Graduation Ceremony.

Suspension of the teacher allowed 6 students to influence their classmates - Photo 6

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