The "stingy" guy asked for his m.oney back for 16 cups of milk tea after being denied a confession

Mi LanMay 13, 2024 at 17:23

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Recently, a story on social networks attracted a lot of public attention when a young man asked for his milk tea and food m.oney back after the g.irl rejected his confession.

According to the report, the guy spent a total of up to 7 million VND on dates with the g.irl, including 25 lunches, 16 cups of milk tea, 10 dinners and loans. After being rejected, the guy asked the g.irl to return the m.oney, leading to many heated arguments on online forums.

The stingy guy asked for his m.oney back for 16 cups of milk tea after being denied a confession - Photo 1

Specifically, the text messages exchanged between the two parties show that, after the g.irl texted: "I only consider you a friend", the b.oy angrily made a detailed list of all the expenses he had spent during the 3 months of research. each other, sent it to her and asked to refund the lunch m.oney for 25 days from January 14 to April 20, he calculated an average of 30 thousand VND per meal, a total of 750 thousand VND; The 16 cups of milk tea have different prices, but he "got it cheap" for an average of 40,000 VND per cup, which is 640,000 VND. Dinner after work for 10 meals is 500,000 VND. Even though his girlfriend always eats at luxury places, he only charges 50,000 VND per meal.

The b.oy clearly said: "The m.oney for gas to pick you up is considered as if I want you."

In addition, he added that his girlfriend had borrowed m.oney many times: 1 million VND to go to the temple, 1 million VND to go to the wedding, 400,000 VND for group parties (he clearly said "only you haven't paid yet"), borrowed 2 million VND for unknown reason. In particular, according to this guy, his girlfriend borrowed 1 million VND from him because she passed away, but only 2 days later he saw her posting photos on social networks.

The total amount of m.oney this young man asked his girlfriend was about 7 million VND.

The stingy guy asked for his m.oney back for 16 cups of milk tea after being denied a confession - Photo 2

This incident quickly became a 'h.ot' topic, hotly discussed on forums and groups, with many mixed opinions expressed. Some people condemned the b.oy's actions, saying he was cowardly, selfish and only cared about material things. They think that paying m.oney during the courtship period is normal and should not be asked for a refund when the relationship fails: "This guy is too bad, how much m.oney does he have to calculate in such detail? It's too much." "; "So drinking water and eating the food you invited me to mean you have to accept your love? If so, then cut the bill in half during the courtship process, why pretend to be gallant"; "Women also have the right to be picky and to get to know each other for a while. If they feel they don't suit them, they should speak gently to avoid getting hurt, so they use the word 'considered friends'; "If you spend m.oney to flirt with girls, do you expect to get it back? How can you remember every day going out to eat like that?"

The stingy guy asked for his m.oney back for 16 cups of milk tea after being denied a confession - Photo 3

However, there are also many opinions supporting the young man, saying that he is just reclaiming what belongs to him. They believe that the g.irl should not take advantage of the b.oy's kindness and needs to take responsibility for what she has done. This perspective promotes fairness and responsibility in relationships, arguing that using other people's property without consent is unacceptable.

The stingy guy asked for his m.oney back for 16 cups of milk tea after being denied a confession - Photo 4

Besides the controversy over the b.oy's actions, this story also raises many issues worth pondering about how to behave in love and after separation. Many fans believe that this is a lesson about being careful with spending and placing trust during the stage of getting to know the opposite s.ex. Rushing to spend a lot of m.oney on your partner can lead to emotional and financial damage when the relationship is not as expected.

The stingy guy asked for his m.oney back for 16 cups of milk tea after being denied a confession - Photo 5

Up to now, this article is being discussed very enthusiastically and has attracted the attention of the online community with thousands of comments, tens of thousands of likes and shares. This story is still causing intense controversy and many netizens are still waiting for the story, curious about the outcome, looking forward to updating the situation every hour to see if the guy can get his m.oney back from his girlfriend or not.

The stingy guy asked for his m.oney back for 16 cups of milk tea after being denied a confession - Photo 6

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