Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her

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Recently, the episode featuring NewJeans in the show 2 Days & 1 Night broadcast on June 9 became a controversial topic because... famous actor Na In Woo.

Not only did this episode have a record low rating, this episode also sparked great controversy on social networks after a clip recorded actor Na In Woo's allegedly flirtatious attitude towards mixed-race goddess Danielle. (NewJeans) caused a storm on TikTok and even reached 1.1 views.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 1

In this video, the actor Miss Go Marry My Husband clearly expressed his love and playful attitude towards the female idol who is 11 years younger than him, and even deliberately let Danielle choose the food for him in the show's game. While many netizens enjoyed it because they thought the two stars' interaction was really adorable and like two brothers in the same family, others argued fiercely because they thought Na In Woo's actions were inappropriate. , shuddered because he expressed too much love for a 19-year-old g.irl.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 2

In addition, the attitude of NewJeans members also made this section of netizens react even more violently. After seeing Na In Woo's attitude, the NewJeans members all had timid expressions on their faces and turned around to shield Danielle for fear that she would be infected. But many netizens thought that this was just a playful gesture from NewJeans, following the atmosphere of the show at that time because Na In Woo was teasing Danielle without any intention of flirting.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 3

Many more alert viewers suggested that netizens watch the entire program carefully to better understand the situation happening in the video instead of jumping to hasty conclusions after watching a few cut-and-paste excerpts without beginning or end.

It is known that both the female idol born in 2005 and the male senior who is 11 years older were rated as the worst players in each team of the show. The reason why Na In Woo teased Danielle was because he was secretly happy that he was not the only one playing the game poorly. NewJeans members gathered to protect Danielle because they did not want the female idol to be affected by Na In Woo's "spirit" and did not reject this male actor at all.

It can be seen that this time is a sensitive time for NewJeans because the group's mother is at risk of having to leave the company.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 4

If Ador's CEO is forced to resign, the five girls remaining at the group will need to find a new leader. Previously, Min Hee Jin was the one who created the idea for the group and was mainly responsible for directing the group since their internship and debut. With Min Hee Jin leaving, the group's color will definitely change. This can be a double-edged sword for a group that is having great success in the K-Pop industry like NewJeans.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 5

According to an industry representative, members and their parents are supporting CEO Ador and intend to leave with her. If they want to do so, the group will have to sue the parent company and this will definitely become a legal battle. "HYBE received notice that CEO Min sought investors and talked privately with NewJeans since the end of last year but they were not interested. Until members and parents supported CEO Min, HYBE was forced to act ", this source shared.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 6

This case is said to be very similar to FIFTY FIFTY and its management company ATTRAKT. Many viewers are even calling NewJeans "Newty Newty" to refer to them as "traitors" like what FIFTY FIFTY once did.

At the present time, HYBE and Min Hee Jin have not been able to resolve the issue. Therefore, the fate of the girls of the 4th generation group has not yet been decided.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 7

NewJeans is a Korean g.irl group consisting of 5 members: Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein. On July 2, 2022, 5 pieces of NewJeans were revealed through MV Attention. The group's official debut date is August 1, 2022.

Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her - Photo 8

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