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NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS?

Thảo Mai07:43:59 18/05/2024
During the hearing of the legal dispute between HYBE Labels group and CEO Min Hee Jin of its subsidiary ADOR, the mother of NewJeans revealed that BTS's sister was asked to use tricks to win against aespa.

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2NE1 reunites to celebrate 15 years, CL meets privately with YG president to discuss comeback plans?

Bảo Nam17:24:25 17/05/2024
Recently, four female singers Park Bom - Dara - CL - Minzy officially celebrated 2NE1's 15th debut anniversary. However, unlike every year, the members reunited to do a photo shoot with a professional crew.

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Jimin dates an unpopular female celebrity, the other person drops a hint, dragging Jennie into it?

Thảo Mai16:58:38 17/05/2024
On the morning of May 17, Koreaboo newspaper reported that Jimin (BTS) and actress Song Da Eun had just taken over Asian social networks with suspicions of a secret date. In particular, this incident is also related to Jennie.

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ILLIT is sarcastically criticized as the group that plagiarizes the most in Kpop, but fans still defend it

Thảo Mai17:33:24 16/05/2024
ILLIT is a trending g.irl group that is sweeping many domestic and foreign music charts. However, even before their debut, the group was entangled in many plagiarism controversies.

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ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism?

Keng16:51:34 15/05/2024
In recent days, the Kpop fan community has been stirred up by choreographers Kim Eunju and Black Q accusing ILLIT of copying NewJeans' dance. The above accusation appeared amid a noisy internal dispute between HYBE and ADOR's CEO.

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NewJeans was accused of plagiarizing Vietnamese music before their comeback, should ILLIT "take the blame" instead?

Minh Lợi07:30:14 15/05/2024
While the conflict between ADOR company and parent group HYBE tends to become increasingly tense, NewJeans' reputation and appeal remain undiminished. Before the comeback, the group was discussed because of suspicions of plagiarism.

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HYBE and Min Hee Jin continued to f.ight, NewJeans' parents came out, upset about one thing

JLO17:09:50 13/05/2024
The noise between ADOR and HYBE Group has not come to an end as new details continuously appear. Recently, Korean media published an email ADOR sent to HYBE summarizing the proposals of NewJeans parents, causing public opinion to once again stir.

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Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild

Keng17:03:02 13/05/2024
Fans have repeatedly voiced requests for SM to explain Winwin's situation clearly, but the management unit r.emains silent. The audience has even begun to get used to NCT 127's 9-member lineup but gradually forgot they still have 1 more member.

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Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour

Mi Lan10:29:42 13/05/2024
Immediately after opening ticket sales, Tempest made Vietnamese fans go c.razy when many ticket classes were sold out in less than 1 hour. The intense charisma of this talented young group promises an explosive and emotional music night.

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Jang Won Young (IVE) responds to plastic surgery rumors with a series of photos of her 'pretty g.irl' from her childhood

Chitshere07:25:16 13/05/2024
From adorable childhood photos with a radiant smile and possessing beautiful beauty, Jang Won Young soon showed her potential to become a bright star in today's Korean entertainment industry.

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SEVENTEEN was treated unfairly by HYBE during their comeback, angry fans demanded justice

Mi Lan14:22:58 11/05/2024
Seventeen fans (Carat) are raising a wave of anger over suspicions that HYBE and Pledis Entertainment, the group's management company, acted to inhibit Seventeen's development during their recent comeback.

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Cha Eun Woo often dreams about Moonbin, bursting into tears talking about guilt

Bảo Nam16:34:19 10/05/2024
Recently, when appearing as a special guest on You Quiz on the Block, male idol Cha Eun Woo candidly opened up about how he felt when he lost his friend Moonbin.

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Mark Lee (NCT): The journey from SM Rookies to NCT "ace"

Chitshere20:06:19 09/05/2024
Mark Lee (August 2, 1999), also known as Lee Min Hyung in Toronto, Canada. He is a member of South Korean b.oy band NCT and permanent sub-units NCT 127 and NCT Dream, as well as South Korean supergroup SuperM.

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Winter (aespa) shares dad's message on Bubble, reveals subtext about "BTS father"

Phương Thảo16:39:14 09/05/2024
According to some sources, Winter made a hidden move when she shared the content of her biological father's messages on the Bubble platform. The content shared is said to be a response from the Winter family to President HYBE.

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Jennie reveals 91 billion mansion, stun interior like art museum

Bút Mực15:58:10 09/05/2024
With the revelations about the villa where Jennie lives, the online community expressed their overwhelm at the luxurious living space of the 28-year-old idol. Besides, fans all unanimously called Jennie a true lady.

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Fromis_9 was neglected by HYBE since their debut, not allowing a comeback, just for 1 reason

Quỳnh Như10:55:00 09/05/2024
In the midst of the storm, New Jeans and HYBE have caused a stir recently. Although Fromis_ 9 was less affected in the middle of the war of rights between the two sides, they still did not have a comeback like other groups despite debuting for 7 years, but the age gradually faded...

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Lisa revealed evidence of dating 1-star Cbiz goddess before meeting billionaire son

Thảo Mai07:15:14 09/05/2024
Recently, social media suddenly buzzed about a post on the Weibo platform that raised the question of 1 member of the BLACKPINK group who fell in love with a Chinese male idol before her dating her current boyfriend.

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Did K-pop idols become highlights or "black spots" when appearing at the MET Gala?

Mẫn Nhi20:12:56 08/05/2024
Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Stray Kids are the two representatives of K-pop at the 2024 MET Gala. The appearance of two big names made fans extremely excited and paid special attention.

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Hanbin filmed a clip to Vietnamese fans before the tour, 1 Tempest member was crossed out?

Đình Như17:48:02 08/05/2024
It is known that on June 15, the first concert in the career of Korean group TEMPEST will be held in Vietnam, specifically at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City.

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NewJeans is reeling from Hyein's absence from new comeback, fans are outraged

Diệu Anh15:21:26 08/05/2024
Amid Min Hee Jin and HYBE's intense denunciation, ADOR's agency announced that Hyein would not be promoting her comeback. At the same time, it called on the company to respect and keep New Jeans away from the battle for power between the parties.

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Joshua: The Jewel of SEVENTEEN and the E.rotic Visions

Quỳnh Như13:39:29 08/05/2024
A handsome member of b.oy band SEVENTEEN, once loved by fans because of his male appearance, Joshua's image suddenly collapsed after becoming entangled in dating rumors with model Cho Mi Young in August 2023.

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Tempest practiced reading Vietnamese to communicate with fans, super "absent-minded" voice

Phương Thảo07:20:12 08/05/2024
After announcing that he will be opening his tour in Vietnam, K-pop group member Tempest continues to stir up the online community with cute super Vietnamese babbling.

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Stray Kids disparaged by reporter at 2024 Met Gala, fans outraged

Mi Lan16:39:00 07/05/2024
Stray Kids made history by becoming the first K-pop group to attend the Met Gala with a full lineup of 8 members. However, this memorable event was racist by Western reporters and photographers on the red carpet.

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Jennie increased the price of glasses 2 times, fans were "angry" because it was difficult to buy

Phương Thảo09:43:21 07/05/2024
New York City became the focus of fashion fans when Jennie (Blackpink) – brand ambassador of Gentle Monster appeared at the launch event of the pop-up store and Jentle Salon collection designed by herself.

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