B.aby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink?

Thảo MaiJun 04, 2024 at 11:36

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This "war" is not only between 2 groups, it is also a direct competition between two leading Korean entertainment companies - Hybe backing ILLIT and YG Entertainment behind B.aby Monster.

B.aby Monster was debuted under YG Entertainment - Korea's leading entertainment company, the cradle of popular groups such as BigBang, 2NE1, Blackpink ...

Baby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink? - Photo 1

Meanwhile, ILLIT is a group belonging to Hybe Group - the conglomerate of the most popular K-pop b.oy band of all time BTS.

The rivalry between B.aby Monster and ILLIT is even more interesting as both groups were trained by YG creators Yang Hyun Sik and Hybe Bang Si Hyuk.

The beginning of B.aby Monster and ILLIT, although received the reception of the audience, also met with many turbulences.

Baby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink? - Photo 2

B.aby Monster with the opening song "Batter up" was said to be a miserable failure and had to postpone the release date to wait for Ahyeon. At the beginning of their debut, the song "Sheeh" - the first song with a full lineup of 7 members also had a poor performance and was thought by the audience that the group was just "version 2 of Blackpink".

Meanwhile, the group ILLIT was lucky when their debut song "Magentic" went viral and reached the top of Billboard worldwide. However, soon after, the ILLIT members got into a fuss about plagiarizing New Jeans - a group belonging to the same group.

During the promotion, B.aby Monster scored clearly with his ability to sing live and master the stage well. B.aby Monster members like Ahyeon, Asa, Rami ... received countless compliments from the audience because of his strong voice, internal strength and especially no less when singing in the studio.

Baby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink? - Photo 3

In contrast, the praised word ILLIT disappointed the audience because 4/5 members had weak voices and shortness of breath, only Minju was praised for his voice.

In terms of beauty, both groups are highly appreciated. If B.aby Monster pursues a feminine but equally strong style, ILLIT pursues the style of muses, gentle and pure dreams. However, the members of B.aby Monster are expected to pursue a variety of styles compared to ILLIT.

However, in the long run, fans see more positivity from ILLIT than from B.aby Monster.

ILLIT's songs are considered newer. YG still seems to be quite conservative when continuously choosing songs for B.aby Monster with the colors of the group Blackpink. The fact that YG only released the dance music video for the song "Like that" - a song written by Charlie Puth specifically for the group received many criticisms. Many people believe that YG should choose this as the opening song instead of "Sheeh" with a new melody that is different from YG's previous songs.

Baby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink? - Photo 4

Besides, when Hybe is quite active in ILLIT's activities, B.aby Monster seems to be quieter. While receiving praise for their ability to sing live, B.aby Monster stopped promoting and held fan metting in Japan. The group's activities were also quite trickle-down.

Previously, in the latest clash, critic Kim Do-heon stated, "While ILLIT's music is superior to 'B.aby Monster,' both albums have too many side songs."

Baby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink? - Photo 5

Interest in both ILLIT and B.aby Monster in the K-pop industry is high, although opinions remain mixed. An anonymous CEO of a K-pop entertainment company said, "While B.aby Monster needs to show traction beyond Blackpink, comparing the timing of the two groups' debut, it doesn't seem to be easy. On the other hand, ILLIT shows that HYBE's manufacturing capabilities are at their peak."

Baby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink? - Photo 6

In general, at the present time, ILLIT and B.aby Monster have created a certain position in Kpop. However, the future of which group will dominate still needs time as well as depends on the plans of the management company of both groups in the future.

Baby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink? - Photo 7

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