NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up?

Hoàng PhúcJun 10, 2024 at 16:43

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Music festivals at the University are always the most anticipated events in Korea every year. The concerts gathered many popular music groups, attracting a large number of audiences.

NewJeans is one of the artists that students love and want to appear the most. In 2024, the group has performed at 7 festivals at prestigious schools such as Chosun University, Korea University, Dongguk University...

NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up? - Photo 1

Industry sources revealed that top groups such as NewJeans earn about 50 million won (equivalent to 920 million VND) from performing at student festivals. According to a university official, the salary is usually in the range of 30 million won (more than 550 million VND) to 50 million won (equivalent to 920 million VND).

It is estimated that this year's festive season, NewJeans has earned a total of 350 million Won (more than 6.4 billion VND). According to the survey, the above amount is equivalent to the average price of an apartment in Korea.

However, NewJeans as well as the management company decided to donate the entire cassette. The m.oney is used to support living expenses and housing for disadvantaged University students.

NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up? - Photo 2

In a press conference, CEO Min Hee Jin said the company sees NewJeans' performances at university festivals as an opportunity to train for next year's world tour. In addition, the donation of cassettes also aims to prove that NewJeans does not do it for m.oney.

It may be that NewJeans' success is partly thanks to the management talent and direction of CEO Min Hee Jin. Many people are concerned that if their mother leaves the company, the future of NewJeans will be very uncertain.

Recently, more than 50,000 people, most of whom are believed to be fans of the popular K-pop group BTS, sent a request for Ador CEO Min Hee Jin to leave HYBE, Ador's parent company, and BigHit Music.

NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up? - Photo 3

Titled "MIN HEE JIN leaves HYBE", the petition was initiated by an online user named "ARMY Forever" on the US petition platform on May 27. ARMY is the name of BTS's global fan community.

Previously, Min Hee Jin denied the allegations, she also argued with HYBE about various issues including plagiarism and embezzlement of public funds. This scandal has invisibly negatively impacted some HYBE artists, leading to accusations that BTS manipulated domestic charts.

NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up? - Photo 4

Later, "ARMY Forever" initiated a petition to send a message to HYBE, urging the company to "take appropriate action" to protect its idol group.

The message stated, "Min Hee Jin is suspected of paying the media/reporters and spreading false information about HYBE and HYBE's rival groups such as BTS, ILLIT, and Le Sserafim. This behavior is not only unprofessional, but also causes irreparable damage by creating a hostile environment... We urge you to thoroughly investigate and take appropriate action to prevent further harassment and the spread of misinformation."

NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up? - Photo 5

This is not the first time BTS fans have taken collective action to protect their idols. In May 2024, fans posted a full paid notice in local newspapers, asking HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk and CEO Park Ji Won to stop hiding behind BTS to protect the company amid the ongoing war between HYBE and Ador.

They also asked HYBE to take legal measures against those who indiscriminately attacked BTS on social media, emphasizing that it is ARMYs who are the true supporters of BTS, not HYBE.

NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up? - Photo 6

BTS members Jin, RM, Suga, j-hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook are currently performing mandatory military service. On June 12, Jin, the group's oldest member, will return to civilian life and participate in a fan event called 2024 FESTA, scheduled for June 13 at the Jamsil Sports Complex in southeastern Seoul.

NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up? - Photo 7

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