NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS?

Thảo MaiMay 18, 2024 at 07:43

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During the hearing of the legal dispute between HYBE Labels group and CEO Min Hee Jin of its subsidiary ADOR, the "mother" of NewJeans revealed the story of "BTS sister" being asked to use tricks to win against aespa.

Specifically, Min Hee Jin asked the court to prohibit HYBE from exercising its voting rights at the extraordinary shareholder meeting to be held later this month.

During this trial, Min Hee Jin's side, represented by Sejong Law Firm, revealed the entire content of the email that Min Hee Jin sent to HYBE CEOs in early April.

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 1

In the letter, Min Hee Jin wrote: "HYBE has proposed the strategy of "pre-buying" 100,000 albums. The company emphasized that when releasing the album Get Up, NewJeans will be able to beat aespa in first week sales with the strategy. However, this clearly violates ADOR's business philosophy, so I declined the offer."

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 2

CEO Min Hee Jin stated: "The big problem with HYBE is that they are following the evils of the current industry and continue to commit unethical practices without being criticized. The governance structure is also not transparent and therefore, direct and indirect damage to NewJeans continuously increases."

The most typical is HYBE's "kick album sales" (a trick to manipulate album sales). This is an act of deceiving shareholders, members, capital markets and fandom, and has received strong criticism from public opinion. HYBE, which is the industry leader, is in a state of volume blindness. The fact that they are using this trick to release an album is a very serious problem."

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 3

Specifically about the reason for refusing HYBE's proposal to "pre-purchase" the album, Min Hee Jin explained: "I am concerned that the pure records of first place that NewJeans achieved may be tarnished and the results are the many diverse business opportunities that arise from it that can be affected.

If the issue of "kick album sales" receives public attention as a bigger issue in the future, then even NewJeans, the group that has firmly refused to "kick sales" just because they are HYBE artists, will also It may be misunderstood that the group used that trick to achieve their achievements."

It can be said that the scandal between Min Hee Jin and HYBE has had a significant impact on NewJeans, especially right at the time when the group is preparing to return with the double single "How Sweet" to be released on May 24.

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 4

Elsewhere, NewJeans was attacked by BTS fans because they thought they were intentionally copying their seniors.

Specifically, recently, a short video of the Kpop g.irl group NewJeans performed at the "2024 Korea On Stage - New Generation" event organized by the Cultural Heritage Administration, in conjunction with the National Heritage Promotion Institute and the Television Station. Korean KBS organization attracts attention.

NewJeans has revealed part of the special performance of the song "Cool With You" on the stage of Geunjeongjeon hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a historical and cultural heritage, considered a revered "national treasure" in Korea. Among them, Geunjeongjeon was once an important ceremonial space in the Joseon Dynasty.

The Cultural Heritage Administration's decision to open Geunjeongjeon for NewJeans' performance reflects the group's status and influence in the K-pop industry.

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 5

NewJeans is the second Kpop group (after BTS) and made history when they became the first Kpop g.irl group to have an opening performance stage at Geunjeongjeon hall.

In the "Cool With You" trailer, NewJeans performed with 4 members Minji, Hanni, Danielle and Haerin. Youngest brother Hyein was absent because he was resting and treating an injury. Danielle also made her mark when taking on the role of MC of this event.

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 6

NewJeans wear outfits that emphasize a unique blend with traditional Korean Hanbok, combined with elegant, graceful accessories.

NewJeans expressed gratitude and pride: "It's an honor to perform at Geunjeongjeon of Gyeongbokgung Palace, a precious heritage of our country. I think it will be an unforgettable memory." . People will pay attention to the country's national heritage through this opportunity."

KBS also emphasized the importance of the performance performed by NewJeans: "NewJeans' special performance at Geunjeongjeon will not only be an opportunity to introduce the beauty and value of national heritage but also an opportunity to advertise promote Korean culture to the world".

NewJeans' special stage at Geunjeongjeon will be broadcast on KBS2 on May 21 and broadcast in 142 countries through KBS World.

The news that NewJeans became the first g.irl group in history to have a special opening stage at Gyeongbokgung Palace received positive feedback on social networks. The song "Cool With You" is also considered very suitable for the atmosphere and context.

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 7

However, some netizens think that NewJeans is imitating their senior group, BTS.

On the contrary, many audiences argued that NewJeans is not the one who decides where to perform, and this honor is deserved as they are the most popular 4th generation g.irl group in Kpop today.

NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS? - Photo 8

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