ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut

KengJun 14, 2024 at 15:39

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Amid the lawsuit scandal with Min Hee Jin, NewJeans was caught up in a lot of noise, and 6 members of BTS even joined the army, HYBE suddenly launched a new group called KATSEYE.

Born from the audition program "The Debut: Dream Academy", KATSEYE is a global g.irl group consisting of members Daniela, Lara, Manon, Megan, Sophia and Yoonchae.

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 1

The group's debut single will be released on June 28, beginning the group's journey towards global pop stardom.

The second single will be released next July, followed by the release of KATSEYE's first EP in August.

KATSEYE will soon appear in Netflix's music documentary series later this summer, titled "Pop Star Academy: KATSEYE."

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 2

HYBE launched the new group KATSEYE amid the noise of the NewJeans group. Accordingly, the CEO who contributed to creating NewJeans had a conflict with the parent company HYBE.

As for BTS, only one member, Jin, was discharged from the military. The remaining 6 members are still performing military service.

The lack of a music group to revive the company's revenue is also the reason why HYBE is trying to promote KATSEYE to be introduced to a global audience.

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 3

KATSEYE is expected to conquer many audiences around the world because the multinational group includes members selected from different countries.

It can be seen that in recent times, the HYBE family's noise has made people extremely bored. Most recently, the HYBE label's "going underground" crisis management has made domestic chickens struggle more than ever.

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 4

Specifically, BELIFT LAB - a label under HYBE, currently managing two popular music groups ENHYPEN and ILLIT - has a series of notable moves related to recent noise. The most prominent is the 27-minute video, titled "Viewpoint on the plagiarism accusation", in response to Min Hee Jin. BELIFT LAB synthesizes arguments and images proving that there is no copying between the two music groups ILLIT and NewJeans.

However, what people see most in BELIFT LAB's 27-minute clarification video is the dense appearance of a series of other artists and arguments to redirect the suspicion of plagiarism towards NewJeans. Instead of demonstrating the concept creation process for ILLIT, BELIFT LAB continuously "attacked" the ADOR g.irl group.

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 5

This company collages a series of visual details - NewJeans' choreography compared to other artists. "If we say it's plagiarism, then aren't NewJeans also inspired or learned from the groups BLACKPINK, BTS, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, GFRIEND, IZ*ONE, Sunmi, IVE, NMIXX, Oh My G.irl, Triple S, VIVIZ, LABOUM, DIA, PRISTIN... this?" , BELIFT LAB asked.

The more BELIFT LAB says, the more false it becomes because the evidence accusing NewJeans of plagiarism is unconvincing. A typical example is accusing NewJeans of learning NMIXX's Love Me Like This choreography for Ditto. But in reality, Love Me Like This came out 3 months after Ditto. The most disastrous failure was when BELIFT LAB used BLACKPINK's debut photo to compare with NewJeans, which was refuted by the former YG creative director, "It's not the same".

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 6

It's not hard to see that the look NewJeans pursues has a unique inheritance in Min Hee Jin's creativity that has been gathered over nearly 2 decades as a visual director. One of the evidences that BELIFT LAB accused NewJeans of referring to was actually the result of Min Hee Jin's work in previous years, such as the trend of wearing tennis skirts like BLACKPINK during her rookie days. This outfit has been popular with SM g.irl groups like SNSD or f(x) since Min Hee Jin was the creative director. BELIFT LAB made a video denouncing plagiarism but doesn't really have professional knowledge.

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 7

BELIFT LAB "calls out" Kpop to prove that NewJeans also plagiarize. But no one agrees. As an entertainment company, the public sees what BELIFT LAB says as a joke. The team who made this video was laughed at for their serious lack of knowledge. What I thought would be a strong response to help ILLIT shake off all the scandals, but this was a move that "hit the ground".

Public opinion believes that BELIFT LAB is no different from "self-destructing", doing redundant things but leaving serious consequences. Your company's 27-minute video caused ILLIT to completely lose public sympathy. Your future career will be more difficult than ever.

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 8

Music industry officials also expressed concern with the management company ILLIT's unwise handling of the crisis. Sharing with Sports Kyunghyang, official A said that BELIFT LAB acted too emotionally, the logic "If we are a plagiarized product then so are you" completely made the problem unnecessarily serious.

ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut - Photo 9

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