ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism?

KengMay 15, 2024 at 16:51

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In recent days, the Kpop fan community has been stirred up by choreographers Kim Eunju and Black Q accusing ILLIT of copying NewJeans' dance. The above accusation appeared amid a noisy internal dispute between HYBE and ADOR's CEO.

On her personal Instagram, Kim Eunju spoke up: "Why do they still copy my choreography for advertising? I've been holding back for so long, to say the choreography is a coincidence is an exaggeration. Yes, they can be." There are similarities. But clearly comparing the two, ILLIT is copying NewJeans."

ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism? - Photo 1

Similarly, Black Q also expressed disappointment with HYBE: "No way! I tried to keep these thoughts to myself. But when even the advertising choreography is copied, it's very difficult." Accept. The process of creating products and bringing them to the public is not easy. Please stop copying."

Both NewJeans choreographers said that ILLIT's "Lucky G.irl Syndrome" choreography and the dance in the McDonald's commercial performed by NewJeans have many similarities. Videos comparing the two music groups are being widely shared on social networks, receiving approval from public opinion.

ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism? - Photo 2

In fact, since its launch, ILLIT has been considered too similar to NewJeans. Both made their mark with fast-paced, vibrant electronic music songs, promoted with a dreamy school uniform concept, and many choreographies were somewhat similar. Even appearing at fashion brand events right after debut is something both groups have done. Not stopping there, even the album cover and accompanying products are images of cartoon characters and have similarities.

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A music expert commented on these similarities: "The core of an idol is their idea. Although the details may be different, the overall concept of the two groups is the same. Here may be considered a violation."

Meanwhile, a CEO from a music company also said that these two groups have similar concepts and that scheduling them to release products at the same time makes things more complicated.

Many other experts also analyzed ILLIT's image and found that this rookie group was significantly influenced by Ador's group. "The act of violating original creativity deserves criticism. Comparing the fonts and products accompanying the two groups' albums, I believe it has reached the level of violating the creators' efforts. This issue is not only causes frustration for the public but also for artistic people," a visual expert analyzed.

ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism? - Photo 4

Experts say that because NewJeans is so successful, HYBE decided to follow this formula "blindly" and this is "disregarding the conscience of creative people". Some people even criticized the corporation's actions as lacking professional ethics.

Talking about the current copying, lawyer Noh Jeong Eon analyzed: "If the parent company copies ideas from its subsidiary, this brand will have no way to protect itself as stated in the shareholder agreement. . Actual protection may be difficult due to the lack of provisions. One of the notable points in the agreement is the lack of provisions related to situations where the parent company illegally steals from the company's resources. con. Concepts and choreography are currently in a blind spot, not protected by intellectual property rights like music sources."

ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism? - Photo 5

Amid the above noise, some people went against the majority, pointing out that NewJeans' dance was also inspired by "MONEY", the solo song of Lisa (Blackpink).

ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism? - Photo 6

However, many viewers believe that some gestures and movements between the two choreographies are somewhat different and cannot be considered copied.

In response to NewJeans being compared to Lisa, ILLIT fans made counterarguments, saying that the group did not plagiarize and that these were popular dances, nothing special. In addition, ILLIT fans also requested that public opinion should target the management company rather than the teenage girls.

ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism? - Photo 7

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