NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment?

Bảo NamJun 06, 2024 at 14:37

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During the conflict with CEO Min Hee Jin, HYBE filed a lawsuit accusing Min Hee Jin of violating trust, revealing ADOR's trade secrets to the outside. However, the truth was exposed after the court's ruling.

Accordingly, in the process of negotiating a new contract for LE SSERAFIM with an international luxury brand (Louis Vuitton) that already had a contract with NewJeans (Hyein), a conflict of interest arose. HYBE's Brand Sales Department lied to both ADOR and the brand to get the contract.

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 1

When ADOR discovered and contacted the brand to try to check the authenticity of the contract, HYBE accused it of "leaking important internal documents" and made them keep silent.

Later, when ADOR complained to HYBE, the corporation finally had to admit its mistake and compensate ADOR with 3 months of commission.

Hyein (NewJeans) was appointed as a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador in December 2022, just 4 months after her debut. Hyein was Louis Vuitton's youngest ambassador at the time.

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 2

In October 2023, the LE SSERAFIM group (consisting of 5 members Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha and Hong Eun Chae) was also announced as Louis Vuitton ambassadors.

But through the court's ruling, it can be seen that LE SSERAFIM has the title of ambassador because the group is an "attachment" in the ambassador contract between Hyein (NewJeans) and Louis Vuitton.

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 3

The Korean public reacted harshly to HYBE's deception of ADOR and the luxury brand to get an ambassador contract for LE SSERAFIM.

Currently, LE SSERAFIM's image is seriously damaged due to a series of controversies that have occurred recently.

The group was turned away by the domestic audience because of their weak performance at the Coachella 2024 music festival. After that, LE SSERAFIM was constantly suspected of plagiarism, as well as noisy about the members' statements.

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 4

On the side of NewJeans, the group is also suffering a lot of fame because of their mother and HYBE.

In particular, the group's first album sales (album sales in the first week after release, hereinafter calculated according to the Hanteo Chart) have decreased by half compared to the previous album.

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 5

There were some predictions that this time, the album would succeed in reaching "million sellers" based on initial sales alone, but as a result, sales dropped significantly.

According to what Edaily confirmed to Hanteo Chart on June 4, the initial sales of the single "How Sweet" released by New Jeans on May 24 were 884,717 copies. This is a decrease of about 46.3% compared to the initial sales of 1,650,181 copies of the previous mini album 'Get Up' released in July last year.

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 6

'How Sweet' is a single that includes the new songs 'How Sweet' and 'Bubble Gum', as well as instrumental versions of the two songs. Since the single was released amid a management dispute between New Jeans CEO Adore Min Hee-jin and HYBE, interest in its performance was even higher both inside and outside the industry.

'How Sweet' sold over 810,000 copies on its first day of release. However, daily sales plummeted since Monday, selling only about 70,000 more copies during the remaining initial counting period. Cumulative sales as of the 3rd day were 891,179 copies.

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 7

The fact that the initial sales of NewJeans' new album were only 880,000 copies, so some experts are concerned that the collapse of fandom due to a prolonged management dispute may contribute to a decline in album sales.

A music industry official said, "HYBE's internal dispute has become a muddy struggle that may have weakened the unity of the fandom, but as the music market is going through a transition period, it is difficult to determine the cause of the decline in sales."

He added: "We need to monitor cumulative sales trends more closely."

NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment? - Photo 8

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