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BABYMONSTER was drowned out by YG, created an old image, invested in posters for the sake of it, cheesy and outdated

Đình Như12:27:09 22/06/2024
After releasing a poster introducing the comeback on July 1 for rookie g.irl group BABYMONSTER, YG Entertainment was criticized by people for its rustic and unfashionable aesthetics.

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Ahyeon (B.aby Monster) tried to imitate her senior Jennie, hitting the high notes like a punch in the ear

Hoàng Phúc13:47:29 21/06/2024
As the hottest member of BABYMONSTER, Ahyeon has all the elements to make her stand out among the rookie group. However, many times, she also received many mixed reactions because of her ability to express and adjust her voice.

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Rosé posted a letter to criticize YG, r.evealing the reason for not renewing the contract?

Bảo Yến13:40:25 21/06/2024
While BLACKPINK members are focusing on solo activities, Rosé's latest share is the hottest thing on social media. Specifically, female idols posted a letter criticizing YG, implicitly r.evealing that the reason for leaving was due to the injustice of their former company, which hindered their development.

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Lisa was accused of plagiarizing a new song poster, was immediately vindicated, and even set a new record

Keng16:30:33 20/06/2024
On June 18, Lisa (Blackpink) announced her comeback along with a poster introducing the song ROCKSTAR, released at 7AM (Vietnam Time) on June 28.

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Jennie (Blackpink) posted her first tiktok clip, immediately r.evealing a shocking secret

Đình Như21:35:18 19/06/2024
After 2 days of creating a TikTok channel, Jennie (BLACKPINK) recently officially released her first clip on this extremely h.ot social media platform. With just one detail, fans have discovered a secret.

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The movie Romantic Night in Hagwon fell downhill despite its impressive cast

Bảo Yến17:37:27 19/06/2024
The love story of Wi Ha Joon and first love Hyun Bin in the movie Romantic Night in Hagwon, although highly appreciated for its script and acting, is difficult to overcome in terms of reputation.

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B.aby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink

Keng16:11:28 19/06/2024
After successfully making B.aby Monster become the top 5th generation Kpop group, YG Entertainment recently continued to r.eveal a project with huge investment for their pet.

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Daesung (BIGBANG) gasped because his name in Vietnam was as loud as his hometown

Mỹ Hoa13:45:25 19/06/2024
Not long from now, Daesung - BIGBANG's first solo fan day event will officially take place in Ho Chi Minh City. Before the fancon tour, male idols suddenly revealed a special detail that made them return to Vietnam forever. After hearing this, fans could only whisper.

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Momo (TWICE) was rudely teased by her ex-lover on television, fans frowned at her lack of charm

Hoàng Anh13:44:45 19/06/2024
A senior of Heechul - Momo's (Twice) ex-boyfriend - is not afraid to joke about his junior's love relationship on television. This person wants to be like Heechul, date g.irl group members, hang out with them until 3-4 am and kiss them.

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B.aby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didn't get their wish?

Thảo Mai16:39:26 18/06/2024
Recently, Blackpink's junior group B.aby Monster successfully held a fan meeting event. Images of this event quickly received great attention from the Kpop fan community.

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Song Joong Ki revealed his son's appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail

Minh Lợi15:58:51 17/06/2024
Song Joong Ki had a short marriage of nearly 2 years with Song Hye Kyo. 4 years after breaking up with his ex-wife, he has found new happiness and affirms that his current partner gives him a feeling of safety, peace and warmth.

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TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing

JLO14:33:22 17/06/2024
Recently, the concert T-OUR TEMPEST: Voyage of the 4th generation male group TEMPEST officially took place at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City. The opening show for the debut world tour in TEMPEST's career.

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James Su and a group of Thai handsome men destroyed the hit B.aby Monster, fans criticized the disaster

Minh Lợi14:34:34 16/06/2024
Despite receiving some mixed opinions, SHEESH is still considered a successful music product of the rookie g.irl group BABYMONSTER. The song not only made its mark domestically but also spread in many countries.

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B.aby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeon's fault?

Hoàng Phúc21:11:21 15/06/2024
Recently, YG confirmed that B.aby Monster will return with a 7-member lineup. After Ahyeon rejoined, it was thought that this was a turning point that would help the group make great progress in the 4th generation g.irl group race, but some netizens began to argue.

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Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her

Đình Như16:25:07 15/06/2024
Recently, the episode featuring NewJeans in the show 2 Days & 1 Night broadcast on June 9 became a controversial topic because... famous actor Na In Woo.

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Jaehyun (NCT): great family background, almost "faded" because he went to a bar with Jungkook during the pandemic

Bút Mực10:05:47 15/06/2024
Jaehyun has a successful career not only thanks to his appearance but also his tireless efforts over a long period of time. With his passion for art and progressive attitude, the male singer will definitely become more and more successful in the future.

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Lee Jun Young: Multi-talented idol with a series of impressive roles, transforming like a chameleon

Minh Lợi17:08:46 14/06/2024
Lee Jun Young is an actor and idol, a member of the group U-KISS. Since his debut until now, he has repeatedly shown his limitless abilities in both singing, dancing, and acting.

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ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut

Keng15:39:50 14/06/2024
In the midst of the lawsuit scandal with Min Hee Jin, NewJeans was caught up in a lot of noise, 6 members of the group were considered pet chickens - BTS even joined the army, HYBE suddenly launched a new group called KATSEYE.

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Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO)

Bút Mực15:18:43 14/06/2024
Giving up a comfortable life in China, Zhong Chenle chose to get out of his comfort zone to walk on his own feet. The male singer is gradually proving his talent and bravery in music.

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Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing

Lan Chi14:09:32 14/06/2024
After receiving a warm welcome from home fans, Hanbin and the members of Kpop group TEMPEST had a close meeting with the media. At the exchange, the Vietnamese male idol suddenly revealed his health situation.

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Lee Won Jung: Almost became BTS's younger brother, rejected HYBE 8 times, now acts in "trash movies"

JLO14:59:45 13/06/2024
Lee Won Jung is currently a name that is getting a lot of attention thanks to his role in the hit movie Hierarchy. Although this movie is not highly rated, it is still famous in many countries and the name Lee Won Jung is currently receiving more attention from audiences...

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B.aby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared

Hoàng Phúc07:20:11 13/06/2024
Recently, SM Entertainment just revealed the new g.irl group SMNGG. Accordingly, the company's training center shared a photo of 12 female trainees, candidates for the upcoming g.irl group in 2024.

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Jennie was criticized for her catwalk, a senior came out to defend her, r.evealing the reason why everyone loved her

Hoàng Phúc21:42:12 12/06/2024
After appearing as a vedette at a fashion event, Jennie continued to become the focus of criticism from the online community. The BLACKPINK member's catwalk performance was considered ugly and lifeless, a minus point of the show.

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Jennie made her catwalk for the first time, her expression stiffened like a controversial mannequin

Kim Oanh15:48:10 11/06/2024
Jennie Kim officially debuted as a model in Jacquemus' 15th anniversary show. However, Jennie's catwalk as vedette did not reach the peak of her charisma as expected, her steps met with many mixed opinions

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