Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City

Bình MinhFeb 16, 2024 at 17:03

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Residents in Vinh City spotted a man lying motionless on the sidewalk, so they notified the authorities. Junior medical personnel immediately responded to first aid, but the man had died earlier.

Today (16/2), leaders of Hung Phuc ward (Vinh city, Nghe An) confirmed the incident of the man who died of unknown causes, on Nguyen Van Cu street in the early morning.

Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City - Photo 1

Initially, at around 5:30 a.m., residents spotted a man wearing a T-shirt and short pants sitting against a tree on the sidewalk and falling to the ground. When he went to check on him, he was unconscious and was determined to have no signs of life.

People in the area quickly took pictures and posted them on social networks to search for the relatives of the victim's family. Later, this person was identified as C.H.T.A. (born in 1984, residing in Lang Son province), who was working with the delegation in Nghe An province.

Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City - Photo 2

Mr. A. is currently the Vice Principal of an ethnic boarding school in Lang Son province. Many people suspect that the victim may have suffered a stroke during exercise in the morning.

It is expected that around 3pm on the same day, the Vice Rector's family will come to Vinh City to carry out procedures and bring the victim's b.ody to his hometown for burial. The incident is being investigated and clarified by the authorities in Nghe An.

Not long ago, there was also a man who had a stroke on the road but was a little luckier than Mr. A. because he was spotted in time.

Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City - Photo 3

On the evening of February 11 (the 2nd day of Lunar New Year Giap Thin 2024), talking to PV VietNamNet, a representative of the Department of Public Security (Ministry of Public Security) said that the Control Patrol Team of Phu Tho Provincial Public Security Department promptly brought the man who suffered a stroke on the way to the emergency hospital.

Specifically, in the morning of the same day, the working group of Phu Tho Provincial Public Security Traffic Department led by Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Hong Hai - Deputy Team Leader and 5 members performing tasks on National Highway 2 (Phu Loc commune, Phu Ninh district) discovered Mr. D.M.L. (born in 1987, residing in Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho) accompanied by his father D.D.N. (born 1963) who needed help.

Through the conversation, Mr. L. said that his father had a stroke on the road and was in a critical condition that needed to be taken to the emergency room. The task force used specialized car 19A-008. XX used the horn and priority lights with Mr. L. to take Mr. N. to the emergency room at Phu Tho General Hospital.

Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City - Photo 4

Thanks to being taken to the hospital in time, still in the golden time for emergency, Mr. N. was able to overcome his critical condition. Mr. L. then thanked the Traffic Team of Phu Tho Provincial Police Traffic Department on behalf of his family.

According to a representative of the Department of Public Security (Ministry of Public Security), with the spirit of efforts "through the night, through Tet" to ensure traffic safety for people to celebrate Tet peacefully, the nationwide traffic force is responding 100% of the troops through Tet, ready to divert traffic to reduce congestion and help people when needed.

Not only the police force in Phu Tho but also in Hanoi, the soldiers are also devoted to the people. The evidence is that they helped Mr. G. and his wife and 2 lost children to have a place to stay and bring the small family back to their hometown.

Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City - Photo 5

Accordingly, on February 7, a representative of the Hanoi Public Security Department said that the working group of the 15th Road Traffic Team while on duty on National Highway 2 discovered the couple carrying 2 small children, carrying luggage walking in the direction from Hanoi to Vinh Phuc.

The CSGT quickly grasped the information and learned that the man was P.V.G. (41 years old), his wife was H.T.O. (46 years old), and the children were P.V.B. and P.Q.C. from Nam Dinh. Mr. G.'s family flew from inside the South to the North and then landed at Noi Bai Airport. However, the process of finding the way to the bus station to return to Nam Dinh lost nearly 10km.

Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City - Photo 6

The team then used a specialized vehicle to take Mr. G.'s family to the Highway 2 checkpoint for assistance and care. Here, Mr. G. said that he and his wife do business in Dak Nong, because this year there are more children, so the family arranged to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet with their grandparents. Because he was not familiar with the road, his family walked from the airport to the highway.

Found Vice Principal in Lang Son, died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Vinh City - Photo 7

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