Old love Zhao Luxiu "played big", spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person!

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On the occasion of Tet to Spring, Tran Triet Vien did not hesitate to pocket m.oney to give fans nearly 500 million VND. This act of his generosity surprised many people.

In addition to Vietnam, some other countries also have a tradition of celebrating Lunar New Year and China is no exception. Artists in the country have organized many events, shows, and product releases to pay tribute to the audience. In particular, Tran Trieu Vien caused a fever when he withdrew a huge amount of m.oney to give m.oney to fans.

Old love Zhao Luxiu played big, spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person! - Photo 1

Many people after receiving m.oney from the "Can't Hide" actor via an app on their phones bragged on social media about this. Worth mentioning, out of the amount of 500 million VND, some fans received up to 170 million VND and also in some cases got cash.

This action of Tran Trieu Vien has made fans extremely excited and enthusiastically responded. Not only that, there were many netizens who were not fans who also joined in the fun, causing his Weibo account after New Year's Eve to increase nearly 300,000 followers.

Old love Zhao Luxiu played big, spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person! - Photo 2

Many netizens left "winged" compliments for "ex-love" Zhao Luotu and commented that he is both "economical, sophisticated and kind", which is exactly the ideal type of man for many young women.

It is known that every year, Tran Trieu Vien maintains the habit of sluggishness and interaction with fans. In 2023, the actor is also called by the f.raud prevention center on New Year's Eve for spending too much m.oney to give fans, about 72,000 yuan (more than 249 million VND). But this Tet holiday, he still decided to raise the value of the envelope to nearly 500 million.

Old love Zhao Luxiu played big, spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person! - Photo 3

Chinese netizens constantly expressed their admiration and envy for Chen Zheyuan's fans for being spoiled by idols to the fullest. Many people also commented, perhaps from now on it is better to register as a fan of the actor so that next year's Tet will also participate in the draw.

Chen Zheyuan is a famous actor of the Chinese-language screen. Recently, after the pairing with Zhao Luoyuan in "The Unconcealable Steal", Chen Zheyuan's resources and reputation increased significantly.

Old love Zhao Luxiu played big, spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person! - Photo 4

Remembering the time when the film crew confirmed that Tran Trieu Vien would take on the role of Doan Gia Hui, netizens and especially fans of the original film had vehemently objected, saying that he was not suitable for the character setup. However, on the day of the film's release, everything changed completely, people went from a state of "turning away" to praising him incessantly.

Before succeeding in the field of acting, few people knew that the beauty surnamed Chen started his artistic path as a singer. It was only later when the film projects achieved many achievements that the b.oy really focused on acting.

Old love Zhao Luxiu played big, spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person! - Photo 5

Besides his impressive acting fortune, fans still love the image of him standing on the music stage. Because the actor not only possesses a bright appearance, but also has a sweet voice and charismatic performance style. In the new year, fans hope Tran Triet Vien will be more active in music besides film and television projects.

Not only Tran Trieu Vien, Hua Khai is also a male star who spends huge m.oney to give m.oney to his crew members. Currently, he is filming for the project "Tu Da Quy", so he has paid each employee in the troupe 1,000 yuan (more than 3.4 million VND). The total amount of m.oney "ex-love" Bach Loc spent is about 800 million VND.

Old love Zhao Luxiu played big, spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person! - Photo 6

Nearby sources said that "Death Night Demon" had just started filming not long ago. To ensure progress, the crew did not take a Tet break but filmed around the clock. Perhaps because he wanted to encourage employees who could not go home and reunite with their families, Hua Khai was quite generous.

Old love Zhao Luxiu played big, spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person! - Photo 7

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