Thich Minh Tue's family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views

Mỹ HoaJun 13, 2024 at 14:27

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Having a very famous relative, the daily life of Master Thich Minh Tue's family is never peaceful. Because every gesture was taken advantage of by some individuals for personal gain, they were so frustrated that they had to send a request to the police to intervene.

Thich Minh Tues family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views - Photo 1

Realizing that his walking and begging for alms entailed many consequences, indirectly affecting social order, Mr. Thich Minh Tue decided to pause and retreat in a simple hut. Because of this, some "content-hungry" individuals are limited in their working environment. Immediately, Mr. Thich Minh Tue's family members became the subject of discussion.

Therefore, on June 12, Mr. Le Anh Tuan (born 1978, residing in village 6, Ia To commune, Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province, the brother of Mr. Le Anh Tu - that is, Mr. Thich Minh Tue confirmed, His family has submitted a request to the Ia Grai District Police to ask for help and to handle the case of some individuals taking advantage of Mr. Le Anh Tu's image to post on social platforms, causing serious impact. respect Mr. Tu himself as well as his family members.

Thich Minh Tues family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views - Photo 2

According to the application, Mr. Le Anh Tuan said that his younger brother is Le Anh Tu (Thich Minh Tue; born 1981; residing in village 6, Ia To commune, Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province). In 2017, his younger brother walked to beg for alms, practicing according to Buddha's teachings. There were no problems during the trip.

However, from the beginning of 2024 until now, while his younger brother was walking from Cao Bang province back to Khanh Hoa province, when going to the areas of Ha Tinh, Quang Tri and Thua Thien Hue provinces, some subjects had took advantage of his younger brother's image to livestream on social platforms, affecting his younger brother as well as the traffic safety situation. Therefore, his younger brother voluntarily stopped walking to beg for alms to ensure social stability, life, health and freedom of belief and religion.

Thich Minh Tues family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views - Photo 3

However, since returning home to seclude himself and continue practicing, his younger brother has often been harassed by these subjects. Because of these things, as a relative, "Monk Thich Minh Tue" has to receive many guests. Therefore, the ancestors of "Monk Thich Minh Tue" can only receive guests when they are healthy. If they are tired, they must close the door to rest. Some people even went to their homes and took advantage of it to mobilize and call on those who love "Monk Thich Minh Tue" to send m.oney to support him.

In particular, some people even climbed the fence to get into the house and then slept in the garden. In the morning, when he saw that "Monk Thich Minh Tue" was not at home, he left" - the brother of "Monk Thich Minh Tue" said.

Thich Minh Tues family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views - Photo 4

Currently, Mr. Thich Minh Tue is practicing in seclusion in a simple wooden hut, next to the mountainside, only a few square meters wide, enough to cover the rain and sun. The space inside is empty, except for bottles of water piled on the ground offered by admirers. Many people, after seeing this image, concluded that this is the poorest temple in Vietnam.

Besides, although the path leading to the hut is very difficult, there are still a few individuals who take the trouble to come to the place to regularly update the situation. But the above activities gradually became more orderly, because the area around the foot of the mountain had many police officers on duty day and night, ensuring order, as well as protecting Mr. Thich Minh Tue from disaster. YouTuber name.

Thich Minh Tues family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views - Photo 5

Thich Minh Tues family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views - Photo 6

On the social media platform, Mr. Thich Minh Tue's fans created a group with tens of thousands of followers to conveniently follow the retreat process.

It is known that Mr. Le Anh Tu personally practiced alms begging and walked three times from South to North and vice versa. During that process, Mr. Le Anh Tu's travel and practice of his vows took place smoothly, without difficulties, obstacles, and without affecting security and order.

Thich Minh Tues family filed a complaint against YouTuber taking advantage of him to gain views - Photo 7

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