Mr. Thich Minh Tue denied being a monk, r.evealing his reason for walking North and South for 7 years

Bút MựcMay 18, 2024 at 15:13

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While stopping to rest at an empty lot in Cam Thinh commune, Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh province, "monk Thich Minh Tue" (real name Le Anh Tu, 43 years old), answered everyone first. The Executive Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha affirmed that he was not a Buddhist monk and was not related to the above document.

Mr. Thich Minh Tue denied being a monk, r.evealing his reason for walking North and South for 7 years - Photo 1

Mr. Tu said that he is not a Buddhist monk, does not practice and is not an employee of any temple or monastery of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. Over the past years, he only listened to the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and learned to practice the Dao Dao practice. "For a long time, he has never recognized himself as a monk and he also "felt unworthy of being a monk because his morality has not reached that level," he said.

Mr. Thich Minh Tue denied being a monk, r.evealing his reason for walking North and South for 7 years - Photo 2

To follow the Buddhist practice, Mr. Tu started walking to many provinces and cities since 2017. At first, he sometimes traveled by bus. In 2020 until now, Mr. Tu has always walked absolutely, only occasionally traveling by water and having to use a boat or ferry across the river. Up to now, he has set foot in almost every region of the country, only three provinces of Tay Ninh, Tra Vinh, and Ben Tre have not been to because these localities are not on the main road.

Mr. Thich Minh Tue denied being a monk, r.evealing his reason for walking North and South for 7 years - Photo 3

Mr. Tu shared that he used to doubt the Buddha's teachings, but now that he is more mature, he wants to study and follow those teachings to see if he can be happy and peaceful. When he decided to leave home and job to walk, he thought very carefully, then asked his parents for permission to leave. Because he was determined to follow asceticism, Mr. Tu always picked up cloth thrown on the side of the road or in the trash while walking and sewed it to make clothes. If someone intentionally threw it to him, he would not accept it.

During the walk, there were many people wearing monk-like robes following. Mr. Tu said they were not his disciples, but if anyone wanted to go with them, he would not stop them. Occasionally resting and chatting, he always advised them to remember to ask their family's permission. If they ever felt like they didn't want to continue their journey, they could return home.

"And if someone distributes leaflets or accepts m.oney and then says that the c.hild shares it with them, it is not right. The c.hild brings his own belongings, there is no need for people to protect him or receive m.oney on his behalf. If they receive it, they are responsible for it, who does it? accept the consequences and be punished," Mr. Tu said.

Regarding the fact that in recent days, when walking through the provinces and cities, many people surrounded him to take photos and videos, Mr. Tu said that if people followed him to practice walking, exercise, and walk in a straight line, keep quite. It is not advisable to focus on jostling each other to record, stream live, or shout chaotically, because creating noise will cause discomfort to those around you.

Mr. Thich Minh Tue denied being a monk, r.evealing his reason for walking North and South for 7 years - Photo 4

He only eats one meal a day. When traveling on the road, if he meets someone with a heart and a predestined relationship who sends him vegetarian rice or water, he uses just enough. Passing through rivers and streams, he stopped to bathe. In the evening, he often rests on the side of the road, and when he wants to go to the bathroom, he stops at gas stations.

Previously, Venerable Thich Duc Thien, Vice President and General Secretary of the Executive Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, sent an official dispatch to the Executive Boards of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in the provinces and cities mentioned above. Many images appeared on social networks of a man calling himself Thich Minh Tue. Dressed as a Buddhist monk, this person walks from South to North and vice versa.

"In some places this man went, many people followed, affecting security, order and traffic. Many people took advantage of the livestream of this man's journey to get interaction, creating the Thich Minh phenomenon. Tue", the official dispatch stated.

Mr. Thich Minh Tue denied being a monk, r.evealing his reason for walking North and South for 7 years - Photo 5

Venerable Thich Duc Thien affirmed that the person called "Monk Thich Minh Tue" on social networks is not a Buddhist monk, does not practice and is not an employee of any temple or monastery of the Church. Vietnamese Buddhism.

The man above is Le Anh Tu, 43 years old, living in Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province. After giving up his cadastral surveying job in Phu Yen province, Mr. Tu walked a few times from Khanh Hoa to the northern provinces and vice versa.

"However, this time some people used Mr. Le Anh Tu's walking image to create curiosity, creating a clickbait effect and many comments distorting the religious life of monks, nuns, and Buddhists. Vietnam Buddhist Association", the official dispatch stated. The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha warns people and Buddhists not to misunderstand Mr. Tu as a monk.

Mr. Thich Minh Tue denied being a monk, r.evealing his reason for walking North and South for 7 years - Photo 6

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