The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue "down the shirt" to eat beef noodle soup?

Bảo NamJun 03, 2024 at 16:54

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Recently, on the official page of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs, Mr. Le Anh Tu (Thich Minh Tue) was well aware of the rights and obligations of citizens, voluntarily stopped walking alms.

After this information was posted, the online community continued to be buzzed when social media spread a series of images of a man with big hands, a rather fierce face named Guardian Kim Cang took off his clothes similar to Mr. Thich Minh Tue.

The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue down the shirt to eat beef noodle soup? - Photo 1

After "getting off the shirt", Guardian Kim Cang and many people who followed Tue put on a blue T-shirt with a collar that was a far cry from the image of the previous days following Tue.

Many people saw the image of Guardian Kim Cang moving on the road with civilian clothes talking very quietly. Then, there is the image of this man and the group of people who followed Mr. Tue into the roadside pho shop.

The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue down the shirt to eat beef noodle soup? - Photo 2

The clip shared by netizens shows Guardian Kim Cang as the frontrunner with a blue T-shirt and trousers. This man entered the Hanoi pho shop on the roadside believed to be in Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province with urgency, repeatedly turning his head to wave to urge those following to hurry into the shop.

Then there is the image of Guardian Kim Cang and 3 other men who are said to have followed Mr. Thich Minh Tue to eat pho. However, what these people eat pho, how has not been revealed by the online community.

The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue down the shirt to eat beef noodle soup? - Photo 3

The appearance of Guardian Kim Cang at the pho shop has left many funny comments on social media forums. Many people assert that the fact that Kim Cang and some others dressed similarly followed Tue with a crowd mentality rather than following to practice.

At a Facebook account named N.B, after witnessing a group of people who used to wear similar clothes, Mr. Tue "got off his shirt" to enter the pho shop, he bluntly criticized the Guardian Kim Cang for following but not being able to practice, so turning his head was just right...

Previously, 1 social media account wrote about the L.V man in Ho Chi Minh City getting into the car to "turn around", ending the "journey" home.

The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue down the shirt to eat beef noodle soup? - Photo 4

After three days of walking with Mr. Thich Minh Tue, in a tired and depressed mood, thanks to the help of the authorities, he got on the car to go home to his family.

Many days of exhaustion followed Tue, Mr. L.V realized that he was only momentarily "trending" on social networks and needed to stop before it was too late. Because when "eyes see, ears hear", the truth is too harsh unlike online. Because there is too much repulsion around Mr. Tue.

Previously, Industry and Trade Newspaper had an article "Kim Cang Protector" following Mr. Thich Minh Tue? The man, who claimed to be the nephew of Vajra Cang, pointed out that the man's actions had afflicted his wife, children and family.

The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue down the shirt to eat beef noodle soup? - Photo 5

Accordingly, Kim Cang's real name is Đ.V.P (B.N. 1982, originally from Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province).

"He's a businessman, he's still renting a house in Ho Chi Minh City. My wife and children are still working hard at home to raise their 2 young children," Mr. K. said, adding that Mr. P.'s family is tired of this.

"He's going to leave his wife and children at home so it's not a monk. Many people go for fame, he goes for nothing but to pressure his family, also to bring a bad reputation to leave his wife and children at home, to drive away others. As for going to protect Mr. Tue, in fact, no one does anything to Mr. Tue that needs to be protected," Mr. K. said.

The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue down the shirt to eat beef noodle soup? - Photo 6

Thich Minh Tue once said, they are not disciples and his belongings are not his own, he does not need people to accompany him, but if anyone wants to accompany him, he does not hinder.

When he stopped to rest, he talked to them and still said that if he wanted to go, he wanted to go back, but remember to ask permission from his family, if he felt he did not want to continue the journey, he could return home.

The image of Guardian Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue down the shirt to eat beef noodle soup? - Photo 7

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