Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude

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The image of Mr. Thich Minh Tue sitting with his brother and some family members appeared on social networks received great attention. It is known that the meeting lasted more than 3 hours.

Accordingly, on the same day, Mr. Tue visited his family in hamlet 6 (Ia To commune, Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province). Because they did not know that their son was visiting home, the family did not have time to welcome him: "This morning, while I was preparing breakfast for my husband, he (his parents called Le Anh Tu as his teacher since the day he asked his parents for permission to go to the monastery) stood outside the gate. Because we didn't know that he was coming back, we didn't come out to welcome him in, so he went to the neighbor's house to give alms. After that, the neighbors reported that he had returned. Afraid that after almsgiving, the teacher left, and did not visit the house anymore, so my wife and I ran over. Seeing us, he told his parents to go home, let him finish eating a piece of rice and then go back to visit his parents," said Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai, Mr. Le Anh Tu's mother.

Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude - Photo 1

Ms. Mai said that the reason why her son did not enter the house was because he had to keep his precepts. Mr. Minh Tue came to the house, saw that the gate was open, but he did not have the permission of the owner, so he did not dare to enter, he had to keep the precepts with everyone, even his birth parents.

And Mr. Le Xuan (85 years old, father of Mr. Le Anh Tu) said that he has only been visiting home for 6 years, he is much thinner and darker but still healthy. Although his feet have overcome many journeys, they are still rosy, soft, and not callous or blistered.

"A few days ago, when he came back to make a citizen ID card in the province, everyone said to take me to meet him, but I didn't go, so as not to affect his religious path. I encourage the grandmother to rest assured, he has already come here, he will go home sooner or later, he does not have to worry about anything," Mr. Xuan confided.

Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude - Photo 2

The conversation between Mr. Thich Minh Tue and his relatives lasted only 3 hours, after which he continued his spiritual path.

In the afternoon of the same day, while meditating in a small hut, answering the reporter's interview, Mr. Thich Minh Tue also shared about life these days and plans in the future.

According to Mr. Thich Minh Tue, in about 1 week of returning to Gia Lai to retreat, he had relatives bring rice every day. "A few days ago, there was a brother who brought rice to me every day. But living like that is not true to the first happiness. Today I went out to give alms. I went out to people's houses by myself, what people gave me, I brought them to the abandoned house and found a quiet place to sit and practice."

Talking more about his plans to practice in the near future, Mr. Thich Minh Tue said, "The plan is that I will continue to practice normally, give alms, live here and there according to the life and precepts taught by the Buddha. Whatever the Buddha taught, we will do it. In the morning, you go to beggar, wherever you walk, you can walk, when you are urgent, you can find tree stumps, caves, forests... to sit and meditate. If you meet someone who is predestined, share it with them, continue to study and practice."

Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude - Photo 3

Mr. Le Anh Tu took a photo with his brother Le Anh Tuan

Talking about the fact that many people have been curious to follow, causing traffic safety, affecting security and order, Mr. Le Anh Tu said: "That has an impact but does not affect it. The effect is that they make me have to come back here, I can't walk anymore, I have to stop the path that I am studying, I am cultivating. It doesn't even affect that they go like that so that I can let go.

No matter what kind of crowd it is, I can still practice letting go, that is a condition for me to study without greed, without being greedy, I can overcome anything."

"I want people to create conditions for me to study according to the Buddha's teachings. This is lifelong learning, not a day or two and then stopping. It is not to say that you are a hermit or not a hermit, your life is a good one, living three robes, going here today, going there tomorrow, living freely and comfortably, living a monastic life throughout until his d.eath," Mr. Tu said.

Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude - Photo 4

Mr. Le Anh Tu also wishes the world to be happy, all people can learn according to the Buddha's teachings. No matter what they follow or do, they must respect the laws of the state as well as the precepts set by the Buddha.

Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude - Photo 5

When asked, after many years of seeing his family again, how did he feel, Mr. Le Anh Tu shared that as a cultivator, when he met his family again, he knew that his merit became their nurturing, so he tried to study well according to the Buddha's teachings...

Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude - Photo 6

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