Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North

Kim LâmJun 03, 2024 at 17:24

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Because of his early asceticism, Thich Minh Tue would pick up fabrics thrown on the side of the road to sew and make clothes and when he crossed rivers and streams, he would stop to bathe. He only eats 1 meal a day, and in the evening rests on the side of the road or cemeteries.

Mr. Thich Minh Tue's real name is Le Anh Tu, born in 1981 in Ky Van commune, in Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh. He was born as the second c.hild in a family of 4 children. In 1994, he moved to La To commune, La Grai district, Gia Lai province.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 1

Mr. Le Xuan, the father of "Thich Minh Tue" shared, from a young age, Tu was a gentle, filial son with good academic ability, so he was liked by everyone. After finishing high school, following his father's career, Mr. Tu walked in the army for about 3 years, then attended Central Highlands Forestry Intermediate School (Gia Lai).

After graduation, Mr. Tu worked as a surveyor for a private company in Dak Lak. At this time, Mr. Tu read books about Buddha, so he became a vegetarian and practiced at home. His family at that time was also quite worried because he did not see that he had a girlfriend, nor did he want to get married.

"Nearly 10 years ago, I read books about the Dharma, so I vowed to become a monk. At that time, I said that it was very difficult to go to the monastery, but I decided to practice completely, not to break the precepts, to have hard feet, soft rocks, not to be greedy. When I went to Tu, I left a watch, phone, refrigerator, 8 meters of yellow fabric," Mr. Xuan said.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 2

Wiping away tears, Mr. Xuan expressed his sympathy for his son. However, through social media, he saw that his son was supported by everyone, so he felt very warm.

"My wife dropped Tu on the street, because she was working in the field, so she couldn't get home in time. Since childhood, Tu has had compassion for people, never wanting to upset anyone. Everyone is considered a parent, to learn. I haven't been back for a decade, but this time people have paid a lot of attention," Mr. Xuan said.

Mr. Xuan saw that the thin and black c.hild was also very sorry, but his son's karma was like that, the family always supported and expected him to have hard and soft feet, not to be passionate about material, m.oney and to cultivate the righteous fruit.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 3

It is known that in 2015, Thich Minh Tue decided to ordain. After that, he left the temple and went to the mountain to retreat alone in a hollow, where he used to go to alms every day. Since then, Thich Minh Tue has walked three times in the form of practicing the practice method of "hanh dau da" but did not attract the attention or attention of many people.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 4

By this fourth time, Mr. Minh Tue's journey has attracted a lot of attention from a large number of people. He quickly became a cyber phenomenon. He said he was not a Buddhist monk, did not practice and was not an employee of any temples or monastic facilities of the Vietnam Buddhist Church. Currently, the Vietnam Buddhist Church also says that Thich Minh Tue is not a monk of this church.

This time, he himself said that he did not actively attract the attention of the people. When someone asked to accompany him to Ha Giang, he replied: "If you feel peaceful and happy, go ahead, I neither invite nor drive anyone away."

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 5

In the delegation, there are Buddhist followers, there are curious people and groups of tiktokers, youtubers recording clips, livestreams posted on social networking sites, creating the "Thich Minh Tue phenomenon", attracting the attention of the public and having many comments in different directions.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 6

Through some clips, it is easy to see many Buddhists following and revering from old to young, including young men and women. There are even clips showing tattooed people folding their hands and reciting "Amitabha Buddha".

However, some Buddhists show reverence, make excessive offerings, jostle, push, compete to stand near the teacher to take pictures, film, create objection. That is not to mention many people follow too crowded, encroaching on the roadway, obstructing unnecessary traffic.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 7

Especially, on 30/5, a man in the accompanying group named Luong Thanh Son (residing in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) suffered from heat stroke, multiple organ failure, gastrointestinal b.leeding leading to d.eath. Then, on June 2, two women who followed Mr. Tu and the group suffered heat stroke, drowned, and collapsed on the road. The authorities were promptly taken to the hospital for treatment.

In response to the unfortunate incident, the authorities met and discussed with Mr. Le Anh Tu about the State's consistent policy of respecting freedom of belief and religion of everyone; Local authorities have always paid attention to and created conditions for Mr. Le Anh Tu to walk and practice according to his wishes, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of people's lives, health and social stability. Mr. Le Anh Tu was well aware of the rights and obligations of citizens, voluntarily stopped walking alms.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 8

In order to ensure social stability, life, health and freedom of belief and religion, all people, if they have beliefs and needs for religious activities, need to learn and practice the doctrines and canons of religions, in accordance with the fine customs and cultural traditions of the nation and the laws of the State. To exercise the rights and perform the obligations of citizens, not to participate in activities that affect security, social order and safety; maintain a stable and healthy environment for religious activities; contribute to building a disciplined society, for the peace and happiness of the community.

Thich Minh Tue: 34 years old asked his parents to be ordained, many times walking from South to North - Photo 9

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