Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again

Bút MựcJun 10, 2024 at 09:14

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Recently, in the news at 19 o'clock on VTV1, Mr. Le Anh Tu (Thich Minh Tue) had experiences about continuing his walk.

VTV news said that Mr. Thich Minh Tue's expectation when going to all localities across the country will stop in a certain area, if it is convenient, he will only walk once in a few years, not always.
Only when there is no longer a crowded situation, ensuring security and order, Mr. Thich Minh Tue will continue to walk, otherwise he will settle down in a certain place and beg in a nearby area.

Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again - Photo 1

Sharing on VTV, Mr. Thich Minh Tue said: "I will hide in a mountain, some cave, then go down near that village to beg and practice for myself. If there is a safe residence, we need it to study, the monks also have a peaceful time, when necessary, they will walk, but the walk must be quiet like 6 years ago, no one will follow."

Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again - Photo 2

A day ago, Mr. Thich Minh Tue also appeared for an interview in a familiar outfit in the midst of spreading a lot of false information by anti-sabotage forces distorting the reason why he stopped walking to retreat. There have even been many false reports that Mr. Thich Minh Tue was arrested and f.orced to stop practicing.

He said: "My spirit and health are still good, still guaranteed to learn according to the Buddha's teachings. Without such a large number of people or the impact on social traffic order and safety, I still study outside, nothing has changed.

Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again - Photo 3

Now that my desire to study is blocked, I can't go, so I should stop. I also hope that when I go out on the street, people don't concentrate like that to affect my task and not learn anymore. When they're filming or something, it's not appropriate."

Previously, according to information from the Government Committee for Religious Affairs, Mr. Le Anh Tu (Thich Minh Tue) was born in 1981, in Ky Van commune, Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province, where he registered his permanent residence in village 6, Ia To commune, Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province, currently does not have a permanent residence address, have not yet made a citizen ID.

The Buddhist Church of Vietnam affirms that Mr. Le Anh Tu is not a Buddhist monk; Mr. Le Anh Tu himself does not consider himself a Buddhist monk, just a citizen who studies according to the teachings of the Buddha.

Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again - Photo 4

From 2017 to 2023, he voluntarily practiced alms and walked 3 times from South to North and vice versa, during that process, Mr. Le Anh Tu's travel and practice of alms went smoothly, without difficulties, obstacles and did not affect security and order. However, during this walk, there was a large gathering of people following Mr. Le Anh Tu, affecting security and order and the environmental landscape.

In particular, on May 30, a man in the group of followers named Luong Thanh Son (residing in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) suffered from heat stroke, multiple organ failure, and gastrointestinal b.leeding leading to non-survival. Then, on June 2, there were 2 women who followed Mr. Tu and the group of people who suffered from heat s.hock, exhaustion, and collapsed on the road. The authorities promptly took him to the hospital for treatment.

Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again - Photo 5

Prior to the above unfortunate incident, the authorities met and discussed with Mr. Le Anh Tu about the State's consistent policy of respecting people's freedom of belief and religion; local authorities have always paid attention to and created conditions for Mr. Le Anh Tu to walk and practice as he wishes, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of life and health for people and social stability. Mr. Le Anh Tu was well aware of the rights and obligations of citizens, voluntarily stopped walking for alms.

Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again - Photo 6

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