Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown

Bút MàuMay 29, 2024 at 15:56

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Recently, responding to the press, the representative of the People's Committee of Binh Minh Ward, Lao Cai City confirmed that a man had just been discovered dead in a dry state in the adjacent house on May 19 Street.

Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown - Photo 1

According to this leader, at around 5:00 p.m. on the same day, people discovered a male b.ody on the third floor of a building on May 19 Street, Binh Minh Ward. The victim passed away on a mattress. The incident was then reported to the People's Committee and Binh Minh Ward Police. "At the scene, the b.ody was determined to be male. However, the b.ody was in the process of d.ecomposition so it was difficult to identify," the ward official informed.

Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown - Photo 2

Also according to the representative of Binh Minh Ward People's Committee, at the scene, the victim's phone recorded the most recent call around Lunar New Year 2024. Immediately after receiving the news, the authorities were quickly present at the scene to investigate. Carry out examination and investigation of the cause of the incident. Currently, Lao Cai City Police have also issued a notice to find the whereabouts of the above unidentified man. The case is still being clarified by the police.

Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown - Photo 3

Not long ago, in Hanoi, people also discovered a g.irl who died in a dry state in an apartment in Nam Tu Liem district. In that incident, the leader of the People's Committee of Tay Mo ward said that the reason for discovering the above incident was because a man reported to the building management board about an apartment on the 32nd floor that had been locked for a long time and wanted to rent. This person asked the building management board to open the apartment to see it, then will find the owner to ask to rent it.

The building's management board agreed to come to the apartment with the man who wanted to rent to find out more. When they arrived, they noticed suspicious signs so they opened the apartment door and discovered the woman's b.ody lying on the sofa in a dry state. Immediately afterwards, the building management board informed the police.

Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown - Photo 4

According to the Building Management Board, Management Board members are not allowed to arbitrarily open the door to an occupied apartment. In case the Building Management Board wants to enter the apartment, there must be a request from the Investigation Agency or functional forces or if there are any unusual signs, then use the extra key to open the door to the apartment.

The g.irl was immediately handed over by the authorities to her family to take care of the funeral. Also on this day, when searching the apartment, the authorities found the phone but the sim card had been removed, and many furniture and clothes had been cleaned.

Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown - Photo 5

It is known that before the discovery, the building management tried to contact the g.irl but could not contact her. In addition, the authorities also searched for the g.irl's car in the parking lot but could not find it. Some residents living in the building said that in 2022 this house had two people living in it, a man and a young woman. The man looked very much like a foreigner and the two sides often exchanged words.

Peaking around September 2022, people around heard an argument between the two people accompanied by a noise like dishes breaking. After that, no sound was heard anymore. The identity of this mysterious man is still being clarified by the authorities.

In early May, Hoan Kiem district police were also informed about the discovery of a missing person at the foot of Long Bien bridge, under pillar T6, box 15. Hoan Kiem district authorities then coordinated with the Police Department. criminal case, the Hanoi Police Forensic Technology Department organized a scene examination and took the deceased to the beach in the middle of the Red River for examination.

Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown - Photo 6

Initial results determined that the victim was a man who had been dead for more than a month, his b.ody had dried up, was no longer intact and his identity was currently unknown.

Lao Cai: Found a man dry on the mattress, identity still unknown - Photo 7

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