Horrified by the testimony, the suspect attacked the whole family and made an oath 20 years ago

Thanh PhúcJun 24, 2024 at 13:34

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The incident that happened in Quang Ngai, where the man, his wife and their two children were mercilessly attacked just because of a land conflict, is a story that is shocking netizens. Even more terrifying was the suspect's testimony before the authorities.

On June 23, Quang Ngai Police continued to investigate the case of a family of 4 people in Nghia Dong commune (Quang Ngai city). The incident left the couple LHT and PHP (42 years old) unable to survive, and their two daughters (7 years old and 4 years old) were seriously injured. The suspect of the crime is Le Dinh Th.

According to testimony, Le Dinh Th's father and victim T's father are siblings. More than 40 years ago, Le Dinh Th's father was adopted by a relative. Mr. Th's brothers call these people their adoptive grandparents.

Horrified by the testimony, the suspect attacked the whole family and made an oath 20 years ago - Photo 1

After 1975, the Th brothers were abandoned by their parents. The adoptive grandparents felt pity so they took Th and his brother from Quang Ngai to Ba Ria - Vung Tau to live. Before leaving home, Le Dinh Th's adoptive grandparents sent a garden for Mr. T to look after.

Some time later, because life in Ba Ria - Vung Tau was difficult, Le Dinh Th's adoptive grandmother wanted to get the land back. However, Mr. T did not agree to return it. After that, Mr. T transferred the land to his son, Mr. LHT, to take over. While living with his adoptive grandmother, Th often heard her talk about having her garden in the countryside taken over, making life difficult. At that time Th said he would take revenge for her.

Horrified by the testimony, the suspect attacked the whole family and made an oath 20 years ago - Photo 2

As time went on, Le Dinh Th's life became more and more difficult. Le Dinh Th left Ba Ria - Vung Tau to work as a security guard in Ho Chi Minh City. His adoptive grandparents passed away and his brother also passed away. Le Dinh Th experienced a lonely and poor life, so the intention of revenge arose.

"More than 20 years ago, I swore to my grandmother that I would take revenge for her in the future. Now I am so lonely and miserable that I don't want to live anymore. So I came here to commit a crime," suspect Le Dinh Th confessed to the investigation agency.

The suspect added that the land story had only been heard through his grandmother's story, and there had not been any complaints related to this. On the other hand, Le Dinh Th said he only wanted to take revenge on Mr. T, but Mr. Tinh died so he did everything. Due to a difficult life, the story of his uncle taking over land haunted Le Dinh Th. Evil arose, Le Dinh Th acted without thinking.

Horrified by the testimony, the suspect attacked the whole family and made an oath 20 years ago - Photo 3

On the evening of June 18, Th cycled from the center of Quang Ngai city to Mr. T.'s house in village 4, Nghia Dong commune. Th left the bicycle on the side of the road and then climbed over the fence into the garden behind the victim's house. At this time, Mr. T.'s family had locked the door to go to sleep, so Th hid and waited for the opportunity to strike.

At around 6:00 a.m. on June 19, Mr. T.'s wife woke up and opened the door. Le Dinh Th rushed to commit a crime and this woman did not survive. Hearing his wife screaming, Mr. T. ran over and was attacked by Th. Mr. T. tried to run to the front of the house to call for help. Th followed and continued to attack, causing Mr. T to follow his wife.

Horrified by the testimony, the suspect attacked the whole family and made an oath 20 years ago - Photo 4

At this time, neighbors heard Mr. T. calling for help and ran to assist. Seeing this, Th went back into the house, attacked his two daughters, then went to the back garden to hide. Local people broke down the gate to Mr. T.'s house and took the two children to the emergency room. The incident was also reported to the police.

Checking the scene, the police discovered suspect Th hiding in the dense garden behind Mr. T's house. After about 30 minutes, the police controlled suspect Th. The incident left Mr. T and his wife dead, and their two daughters were seriously injured and are being cared for at Quang Ngai General Hospital.

Horrified by the testimony, the suspect attacked the whole family and made an oath 20 years ago - Photo 5

The story is still an obsession for people in the area, as everything happened too quickly and caused great loss. At the same time, they condemn Th's behavior and hope that the law will take strict action.

Horrified by the testimony, the suspect attacked the whole family and made an oath 20 years ago - Photo 6

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