The young man proudly married a U70 transgender man and lived a fulfilling life

Châu AnhJun 22, 2024 at 08:27

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Knowing clearly that his wife is transgender, the man still accepts her and loves her very much, nurturing the family. He even proudly mentioned his wife. The story of both made many audiences admire.

Many years ago, public opinion stirred up the passionate love affair of a "mismatched" couple in the West - Ms. Kalin (64 years old) and Mr. Hoang Anh (41 years old). Ms. Kalin is inherently passionate about charity work. One time, she was invited by a group of friends to go to the hospital in Ca Mau to take care of her illness. She happened to meet Mr. Hoang Anh who was sick and offered to take care of him. After that, the two fell in love and became husband and wife.

Everyone admires their love and behavior even though life is full of difficulties. At the same time, there are people who hope that sponsors will join hands to help them so they can have a place to live and not have to suffer.

After a period of "fame", the "aunt and niece" couple continued to attract attention when there was information that their lives had changed and were no longer as miserable as before. Some people think that it's just a trick to "get likes" and "get views" for videos on YouTube. In reality, they are still wandering, not having enough food to eat...

The young man proudly married a U70 transgender man and lived a fulfilling life - Photo 1

Recently, Mr. MT - a famous YouTuber in the country suddenly shared videos revolving around the lives of Ms. Kalin and Mr. Hoang Anh. Through this, it can be seen that they have turned a new page with many surprising changes. That means the above information is completely correct, there is no fabrication or "like-baiting" as some people suspect.

Ms. Kalin confided: "Since the day my husband and I appeared on social networking platforms, many people in all parts of the country have known and sent their blessings and encouragement. In particular, many sponsors have sent m.oney for me in the hope of being able to treat Mr. Hoang Anh's illness and improve his life.
After that, my husband and I left the tattered hut and returned to Can Tho to make a living. I have chosen a job that is suitable for me, so I can earn m.oney to cover both of our lives."

The young man proudly married a U70 transgender man and lived a fulfilling life - Photo 2

As soon as she finished speaking, the woman did not hesitate to say that after many years she was able to live true to herself and her youthful passion. That is to transform into a beautiful g.irl, dress up, put on lots of makeup and then stride on stage singing wonderful songs.

"In the past, my husband and I worked as buskers at pubs to earn m.oney to support ourselves, but now things have changed. I have become a woman, can sing, o.ff my dance moves... under dim lights without fear. anyone who is discriminatory or sarcastic. I often sing at cafes, weddings.... If anyone hires a song or wants something, I will do it, but will not criticize or refuse me "I have m.oney and can sing... why wouldn't I do it?" Ms. Kalin said honestly.

The young man proudly married a U70 transgender man and lived a fulfilling life - Photo 3

The reason Ms. Kalin "desires" to m.ake m.oney like that is because she wants m.oney to treat Mr. Hoang Anh's illness and wants to move to a more spacious place. She said, when she first returned to Can Tho, the two temporarily rented a house in the middle of a field - no electricity, no clean water. At that time, Hoang Anh fell ill again, making her extremely discouraged. She threw herself into work and took advantage of taking care of her husband.

The young man proudly married a U70 transgender man and lived a fulfilling life - Photo 4

After many efforts, the 64-year-old woman was able to rent a decent room for her husband to receive treatment. Thanks to that, Mr. Hoang Anh gradually got better, staying at home to take care of his wife's food while he was singing to make a living.

The 64-year-old woman's background is also extremely "unique". She said she was born with the b.ody of a b.oy but the soul of a g.irl. She had to "work hard" to hide her true identity, until she reached adulthood before she dared to r.eveal it publicly.

The young man proudly married a U70 transgender man and lived a fulfilling life - Photo 5

Of course, Hoang Anh knows that Ms. Kalin is transgender and accepts everything. I just need someone who loves me completely, regardless of whether they are male or female. "My wife looks like that, but she's very pretty! She does her own makeup beautifully, applies lipstick and eyelashes. Few people realize that she's transgender," the man proudly said.

The young man proudly married a U70 transgender man and lived a fulfilling life - Photo 6

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