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Miss Binh Phuong was in dire straits after Duc Tien's husband passed away and had to accept donations


12:08:49 25/05/2024
Duc Tien's beauty queen wife has just been revealed by singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh about her difficult situation in America after her husband's sudden d.eath. Funeral costs here are not low, making it difficult for the family to manage. Bang Kieu's ex-wife spoke up to donate.

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Phuong Oanh, who just gave birth, exposed Shark Binh for the first time after 2 years of love

Beautiful stars

09:05:33 25/05/2024
Actress Phuong Oanh has just shared notable information about her marriage with businessman Shark Binh. After successfully giving birth to two b.aby dragons, Phuong Oanh recently continued to r.eveal more special things about her husband.

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Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older son's life

Beautiful stars

11:39:52 24/05/2024
Female singer Le Quyen has just shared emotional and sympathetic shares with the heartbreaking story of an 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, causing a stir on social networks recently. She also rarely mentioned her own son, and his current life was revealed.

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"Rating queen" Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an "addict", the director nodded

Korean stars

06:52:16 24/05/2024
Korean ratings queen Shin Hye Sun admitted that she only wanted to act in movies and couldn't do anything else, she was addicted to taking on roles. These are the actress's latest shares after playing the main role in Following.

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Quynh Bei revealed a photo of her face being scratched, her boyfriend was panicked and even more shocked when he learned the truth

H.ot KOLs

16:53:27 23/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei just shocked the internet when she suddenly revealed a series of photos of scratches and injuries on her face, specifically the eye area. Netizens panicked and worried about the female idol. Notably, the r.eveal of her boyfriend revealed the truth.

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The new Miss Universe Philippines caused controversy and was crowned in a unique way like no other

Showbiz 24h

10:12:19 23/05/2024
The beauty of the crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024 is a topic of great interest to beauty fans, and is widely discussed across beauty queen groups. Even more laughable and crying was her tragic crown-wearing performance.

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Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize "market hammer"

Vietnamese showbiz

09:02:41 22/05/2024
Female dancesport champion Khanh Thi just posted a post that shocked people when she suddenly accused a female singer of having owed 80 million in debt for 13 years without being paid. People were bewildered, accusing her of being too harsh, the government immediately responded harshly.

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Thuy Tien has "juniors" who follow her, accept that she is no longer complete, and score big points


17:14:56 21/05/2024
Miss Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy has just made a move to score big points in the public eye, registering to donate organs at the age of 22, this is a noble act that everyone must admire. Previously, senior Thuy Tien was the one who registered for this program.

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Hai Idol was arrested and the tiktoker situation became chaotic, the more famous he became, the harder it was to escape

H.ot news

16:10:58 21/05/2024
Another case of the Hai Idol network phenomenon being prosecuted by Hai Duong police for disturbing public order, Vietnamese netizens have to look back at the remarkable situation of famous people who like to cause chaos. needs to be handled seriously.

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Binh Phuong: Duc Tien's beauty queen wife, 9 years before having a c.hild, suffered when her husband passed away

Star's profile

15:59:04 20/05/2024
The online community is still in s.hock over the unexpected passing of actor Duc Tien, and Vietnamese showbiz is filled with a mournful atmosphere upon hearing the news. The wife of the late actress - Miss Binh Phuong, is the one who is the most miserable.

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Angelina Jolie's youngest daughter was crushed when her parents divorced, why?

European and American stars

13:28:01 16/05/2024
In the midst of her parents' scandal, the youngest daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has been criticized by netizens. Shiol continuously makes moves that upset the public and cause confusion.

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H'Hen Niê was "beaten up" by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness


11:31:00 15/05/2024
Miss H Hen Niê just made people excited when she had a new age celebration on the occasion of her 32nd birthday. She was surprised by the crew, hitting her right in the middle of work, the bewildered look on the queen's face was quick. was quickly shared widely.

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