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Ngoc Chau was forced to drop out of school and is now trying to judge the student beauty pageant, fans argue, organizers speak out

Thanh Phúc10:45:10 21/12/2023
Miss Ngoc Chau is causing fierce debate among netizens when she appeared in the judging panel of the beauty pageant for students. Many people thought it was inappropriate, as she had previously gotten into trouble and was forced to drop out of school.

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Ngoc Chau diligently studied again before the end of her term, fans immediately remembered her senior Hoang Thuy

Khánh Huyền17:31:35 12/12/2023
Ngoc Chau's term as Miss Universe Vietnam is almost coming to an end. On the night of December 31, the Tay Ninh beauty will have her Final Walk stage and officially hand over the crown to her successor.

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Runner-up Huong Ly still has to endure the situation of "lining up" after spending her entire youth trying to find a place for herself

Minh Ngọc16:48:59 26/11/2023
Even though she has been to Miss Universe Vietnam 3 times, and even achieved a high title in the 2023 contest, Huong Ly still has to endure the situation of performing as an extra, standing and applauding while watching her colleagues finish the show.

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Bui Quynh Hoa is out of the top MU because she made the same mistake as Ngoc Chau, adding to the eternal weakness of post-Vietnamese girls

Kim Lâm06:40:11 21/11/2023
Closing the final night of Miss Universe 2023, the Vietnamese representative was not in the top 20, to the regret of fans. Despite her previous great profile, Bui Quynh Hoa revealed many weaknesses that prevented her from achieving the desired results.

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Miss Ngoc Chau talked about the noise of Southern Forest Land, saying that mixed opinions are a welcome factor

Đức Trí07:01:20 21/10/2023
Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Ngoc Chau just had some notable shares surrounding the noise of the movie Southern Forest Land. She commented that having mixed opinions is also a good factor for the film.

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Miss Universe 2022 overwhelmed Ngoc Chau on the reunion day, Huong Ly was kicked out of the Miss Universe Vietnam rankings

Nguyễn Tuyết17:07:12 11/09/2023
As previously reported, among about 350 guests attending designer Do Manh Cuong's show in the US, Miss Ngoc Chau will reunite with her old friend Miss Universe 2022 R Bonney Gabriel.

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Yuzhou meets H'Hen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire

Hướng Dương14:21:49 09/08/2023
While H Hen Niê's crown is only about 2.7 billion, the crown value of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 revealed by Ngoc Chau surprised beauty fans.

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Miss Ngoc Chau "shows off" the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this!

Snow10:55:59 29/07/2023
More than half a year, since representing Vietnam at Miss Universe 2022, Miss Ngoc Chau officially returned to the lecture hall to continue her unfinished education.

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Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey

Khánh Tự16:19:56 07/07/2023
The top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has just had the opportunity to review with fans the memorable milestones in the 1-year incumbent journey. At the fan meeting, the three queens couldn't hold back tears of happiness.

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Supermodel Xuan Lan's beloved student Ngoc Chau debuts with a new role at the show DRFW 2023

Ning Jing23:29:12 10/06/2023
Not only sweeping the fashion floor, Xuan Lan's favorite student - Ngoc Chau recently surprised many people when she debuted as a singer at a professionally organized event.

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Ngoc Chau was forced to drop out of school, choked "confessed" to her biological mother and promised one thing?

Chi Chu13:31:01 13/05/2023
After noisy academic cheating, Miss Ngoc Chau "confessed" to her biological mother for the first time about not being able to graduate from university as promised. She said she was overdue for training and was forced to drop out of school according to the school's regulations...

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Diep Bao Ngoc takes the spotlight on the red carpet Flip Face 6 with a dress made from 2,000 l.ottery tickets

Thư Kỳ01:47:39 26/04/2023
Actor Diep Bao Ngoc took the spotlight with a dress made of 2,000 l.ottery tickets printed on fabric at the premiere of Flip Face 6 on the evening of April 25 in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, appearing at the premiere of Flip Face 6 gathered many famous stars of Vbiz. The actress...

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Nam Em, Ngoc Chau were called by a designer, "unmasked" how to work: No wonder they are always poor

Đức Trí10:06:09 23/03/2023
The two queens Ngoc Chau and Nam Em recently caused a stir in the online community by a designer's comment, saying that if you keep this attitude, you will still be poor. Miss Nam Em and Miss Ngoc Chau are two beauties who have a huge fan base, receive a lot of attention and...

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Ngoc Chau "crying" talking about pumping "abdomen", officially "rioting" after a series of scandals?

Phương Nam10:54:51 21/03/2023
In the face of many discussions about "fake" abs suspected of touching cutlery, Miss Ngoc Chau recently officially spoke up. However, the queen did not deny the cutlery and said that because the audience loved it, she was told. The fact that Ngoc Chau was entangled in the...

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Ngoc Chau made a hidden statement that Thao Nhi Le had lost her place in the Miss Universe contest, netizens were disappointed

Đức Trí07:18:57 18/03/2023
In the past few days, the audience, especially the beauty fan community in Vietnam, are constantly anxious, anxious and looking forward to the official announcement about who will become the representative of Vietnam to compete in Miss Universe 2023. (Miss Universe) in El...

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Ngoc Chau revealed a picture of wrinkled abs, suspected of having a cutlery sequelae, criticized for being inferior to Thuy Tien for 1 thing!

Hoàng Phúc10:30:40 12/03/2023
Being a public figure means that you must always preserve your image and voice on social networks. This is even more strict with a Miss - who always defaults to being elegant, understanding, and moderate. Many times, the Misses are stoned by the public just because their photos...

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Ngoc Chau "lost the battle" to 1st runner-up Miss Charm, Luong Thuy Linh "came to life" as Deputy Head of MWVN BGK

Hoàng Phúc14:06:15 03/03/2023
The two beauties standing side by side with bright smiles received many compliments from the audience. Miss Hau from the Philippines is gentle in Vietnamese traditional ao dai but still exudes elegance when standing next to Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 . Miss Universe Vietnam 2022...

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Thuy Tien made a serious mistake in the breed Ngoc Chau, Thanh Thanh Huyen, beauty fans are hard to ignore!

Hoàng Phúc11:37:12 18/02/2023
As the post-winner of the international contest, Thuy Tien is always highly appreciated by the public for her beauty. However, the beauties born in 1998 were repeatedly photographed too much to have a shimmering appearance. On her personal page, Thuy Tien has just updated the...

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Ngoc Chau reaches the international level, Thanh Thanh Huyen is sure to be the runner-up, 1 Miss Charm contestant is accused of plagiarism?

Hoàng Phúc09:07:03 16/02/2023
Criticized by domestic audiences as cheesy, Ngoc Chau's catwalk style at Miss Universe 2022 caused an international media storm. Beauty site Thaisashes recently discovered an international beauty queen who recreated the image of Lotus Walk of the Vietnamese representative...

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BTC MUVN confirmed that Ngoc Chau has not graduated from University, Thanh Thanh Huyen's crown is accused of plagiarism

Minh Lợi07:48:11 03/02/2023
In recent days, the noise about the education of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 (MUVN) - Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau has received great attention from fans. After a period of silence, recently Unimedia's representative - CEO Bao Hoang has officially spoken about this issue. Accordingly...

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Ngoc Chau is accused of being biased in Miss Universe Vietnam, netizens r.eveal the obvious "clearing the way" details?

Hoàng Phúc09:30:51 01/02/2023
Recently, Ngoc Chau has suddenly been caught up in academic scandals. From here, the audience turned their backs and doubted Ngoc Chau's status as a crown. Recently, netizens also discovered an unexpected coincidence in her behavior in the final night of Miss Universe Vietnam...

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Ngoc Chau corrected noisy academic f.raud, fans still booed for learning Kim Duyen's "plans"?

pipi10:34:47 31/01/2023
Before the noise about the suspicion of academic f.raud, beauty fans recently couldn't help but be excited with the news that Ngoc Chau would return to the school to correct her education. However, this "strategy" is considered similar to the mold with Kim Duyen before. Returning...

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Thao Nhi Le revealed the evening gown at Miss Universe 2023, beauty fans immediately split into controversy

Hoàng Phúc07:13:33 31/01/2023
Following in the footsteps of Ngoc Chau, runner-up Le Thao Nhi will be the national representative to attend the biggest beauty arena on the planet Miss Universe. Before leaving for El Salvador to f.ight for the colors of the Vietnamese flag, all information about the queen was...

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Ngoc Chau - Mai Phuong shocked with the drama at the beginning of the year, the most hated in the current post-war village?

Nắng13:31:18 30/01/2023
Just in the first few days of the new year, a series of scandals surrounded the queens, making many people bored. Notably, the beauties who have encountered criticism all come from the Big 6 beauty contests. Mai Phuong Opening for a scandalous new year is Miss Mai Phuong, who...

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