Yuzhou meets H'Hen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire

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While H'Hen Niê's crown is only about 2.7 billion, the crown value of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 revealed by Ngoc Chau has surprised beauty fans.

Specifically, at the press conference announcing the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 contest ( Miss Cosmo Vietnam), Miss H'Hen Nie shared that the crown owns about VND 2.7 billion, it was Miss Ngoc Chau's turn to follow the senior but overwhelmed, when r.evealing the crown value of up to VND 22 billion.

Yuzhou meets HHen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire - Photo 1

As for runner-up Thao Nhi, she said her crown could not be bought, while runner-up Thuy Tien said the crown was an invaluable asset. Soon after, Miss Ngoc Chau laughed with delight and said that what she was wearing was just a version, just a g.irl swinging the "flex" trend.

Yuzhou meets HHen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire - Photo 2

However, the value of the Miss Ngoc Chau crown has quickly become a topic of heated discussion. According to the announcement, the queen's tiara named "Vinawoman" is crafted entirely from high-quality white gold. With 3 sapphires in central position, 279 sapphires and 2,137 diamonds completely cover the crown frame. Previously, according to jewelry experts, this crown was about 1 million US dollars (about 23 billion VND).

After 1 year of being crowned, Miss Ngoc Chau, 1st runner-up Thao Nhi and 2nd runner-up Thuy Tien have achieved certain successes, affirming their position as well as attracting themselves to the public. Now is the time for 3 beautiful girls to contribute their efforts to the success of Miss Universe Vietnam 2023.

Yuzhou meets HHen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire - Photo 3

Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 is a season marking the 15-year journey of development of the long-standing beauty pageant in Vietnam. Back after the Miss Universe copyright dispute, the pageant had many innovations. With the English name of Miss Cosmo Vietnam, only 1 Miss and 1 runner-up won with many new regulations, promising to be the fiercest, most competitive and anticipated beauty contest at the end of this year.

Yuzhou meets HHen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire - Photo 4

"For a quality pageant, Miss or Runner-up must have its own place for people to know. That's why we created the top 2 to have a focus for you. When making this decision, we also discussed a lot. We agree with the need for bold changes, need to separate ourselves from the common stream to find our own development direction", said the representative of the organizing committee - Mr. Tran Viet Bao Hoang.

Here, the organizers also announced two ambassadors and judges of this year's contest, Miss H'Hen Nie and Miss Nguyen Tran Khanh Van. Sharing at the event, Khanh Van said that good catwalk skills are an advantage to help contestants become more confident, and the queen emphasized: "A Miss Universe Vietnam is not only a good performer but also an inspirational g.irl, bringing many charity projects, spreading good stories to society."

Yuzhou meets HHen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire - Photo 5

In terms of judging regulations, Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 has an innovation when the audience is also an official jury member; Voting gates will be open throughout the finale. The scores of the audience are converted with the scores of a judge, from which the right g.irl is selected to win.

Mr. Bao Hoang added that there will be 3 sub-contests taking place in parallel with the main contest including online photos, projects to promote national culture and design universal mascots with the theme "Inspiration for the future".

At the end of the preliminary round, the top 60 contestants will participate in the recording of the reality TV show "I am Miss Universe Vietnam" for one month. Thereby, looking for candidates to win the titles: Ao Dai Beauty, Sea Beauty, Brave Beauty, Photo Beauty, Sports Beauty, Talented Beauty (registered contestant), Fashion Beauty.

Yuzhou meets HHen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire - Photo 6

In addition, the international name and brand identity of the contest also changed. From February 2023, the Miss Universe Vietnam organization loses its copyright, so it no longer uses the English name Miss Universe, officially changing the name "Miss Cosmo Vietnam" ("Cosmo" as explained by the organizers is an open universe system). Regarding the information of organizing an international contest, a representative of Unimedia - Unicorp responded: "In fact, when using Miss Cosmo Vietnam, we thought about developing globally".

Yuzhou meets HHen Niê, reveals the value of the crown for the first time, making fans admire - Photo 7

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