Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded

Phượng VũApr 04, 2024 at 17:39

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After being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Ngoc Chau continuously became a topic of discussion because of her unusual appearance. Recently when being criticized for bringing bad luck, she was very hurt.

On April 3, Miss Ngoc Chau attracted attention when she participated in Minh Tu's podcast. The postpartum g.irl in 1994 revealed herself amid the scrutiny of her strange face. Here, she was remarked to be a fresh figure, her current face was quite voluminous.

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 1

Appearing in this episode, the beauty of Tay Ninh origin spoke out about negative comments about herself during the past time. She revealed she was extremely hurt, suspicious and questioned herself for making comments saying "Jade Chau is heavy".

"I'm a human being, I have happy days, sad days. When I read that comment on a happy day, I didn't see anything, I felt normal. People are full of energy to be able to push that negative energy out.

For the days when I'm negative on the outside, it feels like the whole world is against me. When I go home to read those comments, it hurts," Ngoc Chau said.

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 2

The beauty of Tay Ninh origin also added that she had been thinking and hurting about the comments talking about herself in recent years. However, she took her family as motivation to try and overcome it all.

"The recent comment that made me doubt myself the most, above the beauty group said, 'Astral Jade Chau is too heavy. When Chau returned to the Miss Universe Vietnam organization, the organization lost its copyright.

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 3

When Chau went to Miss Universe World, she also lost her copyright. Or events related to the characters I've interviewed. I was extremely hurt inside, questioning myself.

It took me a long time, I couldn't find a way out, I was terribly stuck. When I tell it now, I still feel warm in it. Then I came back and my family had to worry about, which was the only point where I anchored my feelings. If you are too deep in it, you can't get out," Yuzhou said choked up.

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 4

Earlier on March 24, the image of Ngoc Chau appearing at the event with a stranger face than usual was shared, causing a lot of discussion on social media. Many people believe that Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has many plastic surgery interventions, making her face completely different from the present.

However, the post-9X actress has confirmed that she does not have plastic surgery: "I do not edit facial features. After Tet, I gained a little weight, so my face was more bulky. People rumored I had a b.aby cheek injection but I didn't."

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 5

Explaining the strange face, the beauty from Tay Ninh said that the past time was busy focusing on studying, so she was lazy to exercise. In the near future, she works hard to get back into shape.

Looking back, Yuzhou was said to be "heavy" due to a series of unexpected events that occurred. In 2022, the beauty was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam and represented her homeland in the Miss Universe World pageant held in the United States. After a few months of her w.inning the title, Miss Universe was suddenly put up for sale for $ 20 million.

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 6

Next, after Ngoc Chau returned from the international competition, her management agency also canceled the cooperation contract with this organization. At the same time, it is not allowed to send a representative to compete at Miss Universe.

In addition, many people also blamed the fact that Miss Y Nhi was criticized after the interview with Ngoc Chau that because she has a heavy "astral", it makes juniors unlucky.

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 7

Even so, these are all things that the beauty of Tay Ninh could not anticipate and did not want to happen. So instead of criticizing her, look at the problem more objectively.

Ngoc Chau, full name Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau, was born in 1994 in Tay Ninh. Before w.inning the top position of Miss Universe 20222, she won many awards such as: Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018, Champion of Vietnam's Next Top Model 2016.

Yuzhou opened up in the midst of a strange face, admitting to being hurt when he was scolded - Photo 8

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