Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market

Phúc SenJun 19, 2024 at 10:07

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The contestants of Miss Cosmo 2024, when they visited Vietnam and attended the recent contest press conference before officially entering, had the opportunity to experience culture and explore Ho Chi Minh City with the host contestants. Xuan Hanh's house and BTC.

During this visit to Vietnam, not only did they attend the press conference, the representatives of Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and South Africa received a warm and attentive welcome from the Miss Cosmo organization; At the same time, there is also the opportunity to experience and participate in cultural exchange activities with the "host representative" reigning Miss Universe Vietnam - Miss Cosmo Vietnam - Bui Xuan Hanh.

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 1

The contestants of Miss Cosmo 2024 were excited to wear traditional Vietnamese costumes for the first time and visit Ben Thanh Market - an iconic tourist destination of Ho Chi Minh City. The contestants s.how o.ff their beauty with Xuan Hanh showing off her graceful and beautiful beauty in ao dai from designer Trung Dinh.

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 2

These designs have unique motifs, inspired by famous Vietnamese landmarks and are applied to the ao dai using sophisticated hand-dyeing and painting techniques on Vietnamese silk. The beauties of Miss Cosmo 2024 laughed happily, walking side by side to explore the cultural beauty of the most vibrant and developed city in Vietnam.

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 3

With the friendliness and hospitality of Xuan Hanh and the Miss Cosmo organization, beautiful people from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and South Africa have had good impressions of the beautiful country of Vietnam. Currently, the contestants and national directors have returned home to prepare their luggage before returning to Vietnam to officially participate in Miss Cosmo 2024.

Miss Cosmo is the first International Beauty Olympics to be held in Vietnam in 2024. Miss Cosmo Organization is operated and developed with the goal of becoming the leading organization for pioneering women in the world.

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 4

Miss Cosmo 2024 is professionally organized according to international standards with attractive and exciting activities taking place in Ho Chi Minh City and major tourist cities of Vietnam. With the participation of many countries and territories around the world, the contest is one of the most explosive cultural and artistic events, attracting the attention and companionship of the fan community and domestic media. and international. Not only does it contribute to promoting the image, country, people and tourism of Vietnam, Miss Cosmo also provides the opportunity to promote and honor the pride of national identity of each country in the world.

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 5

Mr. Tran Viet Bao Hoang - Head of Miss Cosmo Organizing Committee said that the special feature of the contest is that only 1 Miss and 1 Runner-up will be selected. This means that more than 70 contestants participating in the "race" of Miss Cosmo 2024 will have to compete fiercely to reach the final Top 2.

Explaining the difference of Miss Cosmo 2024, Head of Organizing Committee Miss Cosmo said: "In an environment where there are more and more titles and each contest awards more and more titles, we want to create value for the title. We focus on accompanying the girls during their tenure to ensure that whether they are Miss or Runner-up, they have a place and realize their ambitions."

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 6

According to the organizers of Miss Cosmo, the beauty crowned Miss Cosmo 2024 will receive more than 2.5 billion VND in the same year to use an apartment, a car... In addition to the title of Miss and Runner-up, the contest organizers will a.ward 6 additional awards such as: Influential Beauty; The spirit of female leadership; Beauty icon; Tourism promotion ambassador; Best Ethnic Costume Design and Best Evening Wear Design.

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 7

Representing Vietnam this year is Bui Thi Xuan Hanh - Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. Taking on a new role as National Director of Miss Cosmo Vietnam, Miss Ngoc Chau will accompany Miss Xuan Hanh on her journey. conquer the crown of Miss Cosmo 2024. "With the experience we have, Xuan Hanh and I will have the best preparation for her to come to Miss Cosmo 2024", Miss Ngoc Chau shared.

Miss Cosmo: The contestants arrived wearing ao dai and conical hats, stirring up Ben Thanh market - Photo 8

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