Miss Ngoc Chau "shows off" the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this!

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More than half a year, since representing Vietnam at Miss Universe 2022, Miss Ngoc Chau officially returned to the lecture hall to continue her unfinished education.

Recently, Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau suddenly shared about her upcoming return to university. Specifically, in the latest episode of Dream of Vietnam, the main character is a l.ittle g.irl because of her poor health due to a raging illness, but she has to miss many important classes, causing her academic results to be less than expected. Although she had a good academic record in the past.

Miss Ngoc Chau shows off the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this! - Photo 1

Perhaps stemming from sympathy because she herself had not completed her studies, Ngoc Chau gave her advice: "It is never too late to study, even if you are two years late, you will still be able to study. You can go back to school, you can still work hard for success, and return to be filial to your parents and take care of your family."

Here, the queen also revealed that the reason why she decided to return to school at the age of 28 was to give her mother peace of mind. "The Dream Of Vietnam series helps Chau to face a problem that Chau herself feels painful, that is a promise with her mother that has not been fulfilled. At this time when deciding to go back to school, after having stabilized. At work, Chau will do well, so that her mother can be at ease," said Miss Ngoc Chau.

Miss Ngoc Chau shows off the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this! - Photo 2

Miss Ngoc Chau has passed the English test and received a 50% scholarship for the entire course from the University of Economics and Finance in Ho Chi Minh City and will become a new student of Public Relations in the near future. Ngoc Chau said that she hopes to achieve the learning results as the original goal. Besides, the Tay Ninh queen also wants to contribute a part of her strength to inspiring activities for young people as the reigning Miss Universe Vietnam 2022.

Before the news that Ngoc Chau would return to her education, many beauty fans expressed their joy and gave many wishes to the queen to give her more motivation to help her achieve the desired results soon.

Miss Ngoc Chau shows off the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this! - Photo 3

It is known that before being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Ngoc Chau used to be a student of Biotechnology at Ton Duc Thang University, but for some reason, she could not receive a diploma such as: expectation.

At the end of January this year, on many beauty forums, photos of a student who had not graduated and was overdue for training at Ton Duc Thang University were circulated on many beauty forums. In which, the student code, full name is the same as Miss Ngoc Chau. In particular, in the achievements section of this person, it is also clear that he won Vietnam's Next Top Model 2016 Champion.

Miss Ngoc Chau shows off the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this! - Photo 4

At this time, Ngoc Chau received many criticisms from the public, who thought that she had lied about her qualifications. Since then, some fans have turned their backs on the queen, leading to a significant decrease in her number of followers on Instagram.

However, some comments said that Ngoc Chau never claimed to have graduated from university. In some interviews, the reigning Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 only said that she is studying at a university in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, it cannot be said that Ngoc Chau has cheated his education with the audience.

Miss Ngoc Chau shows off the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this! - Photo 5

Ngoc Chau was also honest with her mother about her inability to complete her studies: "In the past, I told my mother that I had almost finished studying, worked on a thesis and a project to graduate. However, there were 1-2 projects left. I haven't worked, so I can't get my degree. Because my training is overdue, the school won't let me go back to study. Now I can't get a degree anymore."

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau was born in 1993, in Tay Ninh. In 2018, she tried at the Miss Supranational Vietnam contest and was crowned, then represented our country at Miss Supranational 2019, entered the Top 10 finalists and won the title of Miss Supranational Asia.

Miss Ngoc Chau shows off the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this! - Photo 6

In May 2022, Ngoc Chau was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam, w.inning the right to compete at Miss Universe 2022 in the US. Although she tried her best to bring victory to the country, Ngoc Chau was very regretful when she was absent from the Top 16 final.

Miss Ngoc Chau shows off the new school she is about to attend, people fall back because of this! - Photo 7

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