Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy

Bút MựcMay 24, 2024 at 14:55

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Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau was born in 1994 in the countryside of Tay Ninh. When Ngoc Chau was 5 years old, her father passed away from illness. For that reason, her memories of her father are not many. Ngoc Chau only remembers one time when her father took his daughter to the doctor and came home late, her mother stood on the porch sobbing with worry.

Family life during those years, according to Ngoc Chau, was not full and complete. When Ngoc Chau studied at university in Ho Chi Minh City, there were months when she had to make ends meet with 1 million VND in hand. However, Ngoc Chau confided that she never thought her situation was too difficult.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 1

"My mother is a resilient person, always trying to have a better life. My contemporaries all said my mother was good. When my father passed away, the family was growing sugarcane. Luckily, that year sugarcane was harvested. During the season, my income was very high. My mother was afraid she wouldn't be able to move on, so she brought all the m.oney she won to build a house shall.

At the age of 22, when Ngoc Chau decided to compete in Vietnam's Next Top Model, she initially hid it from her mother. Only when she was selected did she announce the results. Ngoc Chau said that at first her parents did not support her, but she was able to convince her.

That's why, every time she feels confused about the path she has chosen, Ngoc Chau thinks of her mother to move forward. "There was a time when I thought that if I didn't take the modeling exam, life would be very different. I could freely play with friends and graduate from school. But I thought again, when I took the exam, my mother was people didn't let me. And I had to prove and convince my mother. I understood that this path was my choice, so I had to try to the end," she said.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 2

Twice wearing the crown, three times being called the winner, many people say Ngoc Chau spent her entire youth competing. And of course, she did not deny it.

Coming out of Vietnam's Next Top Model 2016 with the championship position, Ngoc Chau officially started her modeling career. She was given good opportunities and many shows. But after that, Ngoc Chau did not make strong progress. Her mark on the stage is relatively faint. The model born in 1994 was considered safe, so it was difficult for her to make a breakthrough.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 3

In 2018, Ngoc Chau changed her direction to the beauty pageant. She participated in the Miss Supranational Vietnam contest (copyrighted by a domestic unit but organized in Korea).

This contest took place quite quietly on a small scale, with about 15 contestants performing in the final. Therefore, despite being crowned, the titles of Ngoc Chau and the other two runner-ups are almost not recognized for entertainment activities. The audience at that time still referred to her by the title "model" rather than "beauty".

A year later, Ngoc Chau wore Vietnamese sashes on the Miss Supranational stage, which took place in Poland. She achieved top 10 results and won the Miss Supranational Asia regional prize.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 4

Returning home, Ngoc Chau's activities returned to a quiet state, with no signs of improvement. At the end of 2021, Ngoc Chau surprised everyone when she announced her participation in Miss Universe Vietnam. Considering her age (28), this is the last season she is eligible to compete. In terms of image and name, I have to admit that she is a very old face. Even the audience is no longer excited about the Next Top Model champions rushing to compete in beauty contests.

The beauty expressed: "For me, everything in life is always in constant motion. I believe that I must constantly renew myself and strive to become a better version every day. Miss Universe Vietnam Nam is an opportunity that I really appreciate. Of course, I also face some pressure. But I will turn it into motivation to achieve my goal."

One thing worth noting for Ngoc Chau is her careful preparation and thoroughness of all skills when deciding to "conquer" Miss Universe Vietnam. With the harmonious resonance of beauty and calm behavior in the final, Ngoc Chau overcame other strong opponents to be crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022. She also became the first model champion. wearing the Miss Universe Vietnam crown.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 5

However, when entering the international arena, despite having extensive experience and necessary skills, Ngoc Chau still could not bring an impressive achievement to Vietnam. She regretted not being able to reach the final Top 20. From here, Ngoc Chau was continuously called out in a series of noises.

At the end of January 2023, Ngoc Chau was caught up in a controversy about education and was suspected of intentionally "falsely declaring" his academic achievements. Specifically, the person is said to have appeared on the list of undergraduate students and overdue training of Ton Duc Thang University. The audience believed that Ngoc Chau was dishonest because she had not graduated from school but had given information that she was "bachelor" when entering the beauty contest.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 6

However, the queen's management unit has issued a correction. Accordingly, CEO Bao Hoang said Ngoc Chau did not cheat. When competing in Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, she clearly stated her educational profile was 12/12. The male CEO also shared that the queen has completed most of her subjects and is choosing the right time to graduate.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 7

When the noise about her academic achievements had not yet subsided, Ngoc Chau continued to be called out for suspicion of cosmetic surgery. Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 is suspected by netizens of cosmetic intervention to have the number 11 abs to compete in Miss Universe. And when wearing a design that showed off her midsection at an event, she suddenly revealed excess fat even though her abs were still clearly visible.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 8

At another event, Ngoc Chau appeared with a different face, more tense than usual. Many people believe that she had many cosmetic surgeries that caused her face to swell. Immediately afterwards, Ngoc Chau spoke up to correct herself of not having plastic surgery: "I did not edit my facial features. After Tet, I gained a little weight so my face became plumper. People said I had b.aby cheek injections but I didn't. Right".

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 9

Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 said that lately she has been focusing on studying so she is lazy to exercise. In the near future, she will practice hard to return to her old figure. "In addition, when attending events, makeup, hair style, s.hooting angles and facial expressions are not perfect, causing people to misunderstand," Ngoc Chau said. share more.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 10

Despite being caught up in a lot of noise, Ngoc Chau is still a prominent queen at the present time. She is trusted by many designers for many important acting positions, constantly appearing at entertainment events. Besides, she is active in volunteer work, helping many difficult situations and spreading positive energy to the community.

Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy - Photo 11

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