Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey

Khánh TựJul 07, 2023 at 16:19

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The top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has just had the opportunity to review with fans the memorable milestones in the 1-year incumbent journey. At the fan meeting, the three queens couldn't hold back tears of happiness.

It has been more than a year so far - since the Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 was named at the prestigious positions of the national beauty arena. Recently, Miss Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau, 1st runner-up Le Thao Nhi and 2nd runner-up Huynh Pham Thuy Tien had the opportunity to put on the final evening gown - once again standing on the stage in cheers. from a large number of fans.

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey - Photo 1

Before the sincere love and enthusiastic support of the fans, the Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 could not hold back the tears. The past journey has created many experiences, forming unforgettable memories in the youth of the Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam.

On stage, Miss Ngoc Chau recreated the catwalk with a sensational lotus-shaped hand (Lotus Walk) at Miss Universe 2022. 1st runner-up Le Thao Nhi appeared impressive when evoking emotions. fluttering, the audience's excitement when appearing full of beauty in a splendid "mermaid" dress. Finally, 2nd runner-up Thuy Tien finished the performance with a soft and seductive hand dance.

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey - Photo 2

Looking back on the journey that the Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has gone through, Ngoc Chau confided: "Getting a Ngoc Chau today has had to go through a process of effort and struggle. In that journey, Chau I am grateful that besides my mother and relatives, I also have fans - a great motivation to help Chau grow up."

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey - Photo 3

Sharing her feelings, runner-up Thao Nhi had tears in her eyes: "For Thao Nhi, a year ago, I returned to Vietnam without my family and strongly participated in the contest. when I was weak, and burst into tears, but thanks to you - Nhi's second home, help Nhi stay strong and continue her inspirational journey."

Runner-up Thuy Tien also confided: "I cherish every moment of the past year, I have been able to travel, experience, do many meaningful works and help me grow. It's great because I always have a family. Family and friends are by his side to encourage, and moreover, a FC, always ready to listen and support all of Tien's decisions."

Closing the emotional opening with sincere sharing, the Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 continues to "tell" interesting behind-the-scenes stories. Ngoc Chau and Thuy Tien spoke out about their h.ot temper, 1st runner-up Le Thao Nhi confidently acted "small" - "peeling" herself, making everyone laugh.

Sharing about their future plans, the three queens said that they all have their own personal projects. With Ngoc Chau, she affirmed that she would return to her studies, spending a lot of time cultivating more knowledge and skills to become a professional "Producer".

Overseas Vietnamese beauty Thao Nhi Le wishes to inspire young people with her work and projects and is determined to try her hand at the film industry. Runner-up Thuy Tien revealed that she will continue to try new and more interesting roles.

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey - Photo 4

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey - Photo 5

Joining the fun with the Top 3 also had the appearance of Unimedia CEO Tran Viet Bao Hoang, designer Do Long, talented beauty Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Bui Thi Thanh Thuy, Vu My Ngan, Nguyen Thu Hien (Top 41 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022), with the beauties of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 - Team Thuy Tien, the family and friends of the flowers and runner-ups.

Closing the fan meeting program, the Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 sent a special "gift" to the audience when singing the song "Miracle Friendship". Not only did they enthusiastically "dance" with the fans, but the three also left emotional hugs and encouraged each other on the upcoming journey.

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey - Photo 6

After the press conference, the organizers of Miss Universe Vietnam also confirmed that Miss Ngoc Chau had not graduated from university. However, they also confirmed that their study g.irl did not cheat on her education.

"Ngoc Chau did not lie in providing previous information. At the time of Miss Universe Vietnam contest, Ngoc Chau was honest in providing profile information such as 12/12 academic status - in accordance with contest rules, is studying Biotechnology, Ton Duc Thang University "- said the organizers.

In the near future, within the framework of the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 contest, all three will also r.eveal that they will participate in the contest with many special roles - before handing over the noble title.

Top 3 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 shed tears, talking about the challenging incumbent journey - Photo 7

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