Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau

Mi LanMay 13, 2024 at 13:37

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With radiant beauty like an angel, Irha Mel Alfeche was officially crowned at the beauty contest in the Philippines. Her victory is not only the pride of the country but also a testament to her inspirational journey full of efforts.

Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau - Photo 1

On the afternoon of May 12, the beauty-loving community was excited to witness the emotional coronation moment of Irha Mel Alfeche at the final of Miss Earth Philippines 2024. This convincing victory marks a journey full of effort and brilliance. The light of the "muse" of the Philippines, promising to bring meaningful environmental projects in the future.

Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau - Photo 2

Right from the first days of competing, Irha Mel Alfeche attracted attention because of her radiant beauty, but also because of her radiant smile and beauty similar to Miss Ngoc Chau, attracting the attention of a large audience. .

Many people commented that Irha Mel Alfeche has an appearance quite similar to Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Ngoc Chau. From the impressive height of 1m76, delicate face with harmonious lines, to radiant smile and sparkling eyes, both beauties exude confident, attractive beauty.

In particular, in the emotional coronation moment, Irha Mel Alfeche smiled brightly, showing off her wide, vibrant mouth, a special highlight similar to Miss Ngoc Chau. This comparison is not simply about appearance, but is also a recognition of the similarities in temperament and style of the two Misses. Both Irha Mel Alfeche and Ngoc Chau possess natural, radiant beauty, along with confidence, intelligence and enthusiasm. They always strive to improve themselves, pursue their passions and contribute to the community.

Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau - Photo 3

Throughout her journey to compete in Miss Earth Philippines 2024, Irha Mel Alfeche constantly strives to improve herself, hone her knowledge and practice her skills. She always shows initiative and confidence in each competition, from impressive performances on stage to practical environmental protection projects.

In particular, in the final night, Irha Mel Alfeche shined brightly in a seductive black thigh-high slit dress. Her elegant, confident catwalk steps and smart, convincing behavior completely conquered the judges and audience, bringing her to the well-deserved title of Miss Earth 2024.

Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau - Photo 4

Irha Mel Alfeche's victory is not only the pride of the Philippines but also new hope for the mission of protecting the environment and protecting the earth. With her high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, Irha Mel Alfeche pledges to use the title of Miss Earth to spread the message of environmental protection to the community, contributing to building a green living environment - clean - beautiful for future generations.

Immediately after her coronation, Irha Mel Alfeche shared about the "Green Heart" project, a project to raise public awareness about the importance of environmental protection, especially protecting water sources. The project will focus on educational propaganda activities, organizing environmental cleanup activities and planting trees.

Besides, Irha Mel Alfeche is also actively preparing for the journey to conquer Miss Earth 2024. With her beauty, intelligence and enthusiasm, Irha Mel Alfeche is expected to shine in the national beauty arena. this year and bring glory to the Philippines.

Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau - Photo 5

Irha Mel Alfeche - the "muse" of the Philippines - was brilliantly crowned Miss Earth 2024, marking a journey full of effort and brilliance. With its noble mission, Irha Mel Alfeche promises to bring meaningful environmental projects, contributing to building a green - clean - beautiful future for the earth.

The Philippines is a very strong country on the Miss Earth front line. They have won four times in 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017. In 2023, beauty Yllana Marie Aduana also excellently finished as 1st runner-up. With existing strengths, beauty fans in Vietnam His hometown is hoping that Irha Mel Alfeche will bring home the 5th crown for the Philippines.

Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau - Photo 6

Born and raised in Marikina, Philippines, Irha Mel Alfeche demonstrated knowledge and a positive attitude towards learning from an early age. In 2017, she passed the entrance exam to De La Salle University - Manila, one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines, and majored in Psychology. While studying here, Irha Mel Alfeche not only improved her specialized knowledge but also participated in many extracurricular activities, practiced soft skills and developed herself.

After graduating from college, Irha Mel Alfeche began pursuing a career in modeling and acting. With radiant beauty, impressive height and confident, attractive demeanor, she quickly achieved much success in this field.

Miss Earth Philippines 2024 revealed: She is a psychology expert, exactly like Ngoc Chau - Photo 7

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