Warning about tricks using AI technology to lure "sensitive chat" and then extort m.oney

Quỳnh QuỳnhJun 15, 2024 at 16:21

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Currently, users need to be wary of tricks using Deepfake technology to deceive. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City police have also just issued a warning about the trick of seducing "sensitive chat" to confiscate property on social networks.

Last May, Mr. T, living in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, reported the incident of being defrauded and appropriated more than 450 million VND. The subject's trick was to use the image of a famous online model who proactively got to know him through the social network Facebook.

Mr. T. and the subject talked many times via video call, so they gained Mr. T's trust. After a period of getting to know each other, taking advantage of Mr. T.'s drunkenness, the subject led the victim into a "sensitive chat". ". After that, the subject used that clip and image to continuously threaten and control the victim to transfer m.oney many times, otherwise the clip would be sent to relatives and Mr. T's social network.

Due to being controlled and fearing that it would affect his reputation and honor, Mr. T. had to transfer more than 450 million VND to the subject. After receiving the m.oney, the subject continued to control him and demand more, so Mr. T. reported it to the Police.

Warning about tricks using AI technology to lure sensitive chat and then extort m.oney - Photo 1

According to the People's Public Security newspaper, the subjects used the friend-making and online dating features... of social networking platforms and applications such as Facebook, Tinder, Zalo, Viber... to find ways to get acquainted through network with the victim.

To build trust with victims, subjects can use real images and real information taken from actors or models shared on social networks, using AI deepfake technology (a method of creating creating fake technology products in the form of sounds, images, and videos by artificial intelligence) to create real-time video calls to interact with the victim.

Currently, there are many tools that implement deepfake technology with the ability to swap faces with high authenticity. Using advanced algorithms, the technologies ensure each swap maintains a natural appearance, with no obvious signs of digital manipulation that are therefore difficult to detect with the n.aked eye.

Warning about tricks using AI technology to lure sensitive chat and then extort m.oney - Photo 2

Once they have built trust and made friends with the victim, the subjects will find ways to exploit personal information, relationships, social network accounts... to collect information. of the victim to find ways to control it later. More dangerously, they can lure victims into installing game, entertainment or investment applications (Apps) to install malicious code on the victim's phone to exploit information in contacts. , image gallery, email, bank account...

Warning about tricks using AI technology to lure sensitive chat and then extort m.oney - Photo 3

After that, the subjects will take advantage of when the victim is sad, lonely or drunk... to lure the victim into "Chat XXX". When making video calls, they use AI to insert faces into clips to make victims think they are talking to real people.

Warning about tricks using AI technology to lure sensitive chat and then extort m.oney - Photo 4

According to Nguoi Lao Dong, after obtaining these images and videos, the subjects will ask the victim to transfer m.oney and threaten to distribute this content to the victim's friends, relatives, colleagues or colleagues. spread on social networks.

If the victim transfers m.oney according to the instructions of the subjects, they continue to ask the victim to transfer more m.oney with increasing amounts until the victim no longer has financial ability. Because of fear of affecting their reputation and honor, most victims are afraid to report to the Police.

Warning about tricks using AI technology to lure sensitive chat and then extort m.oney - Photo 5

Therefore, Hanoi City Police recommend that people be wary when receiving invitations or friend messages from strangers on social networks. Especially accounts that lure "sensitive chat". In case of being threatened with a request to transfer m.oney via the above method, people are requested to immediately go to the nearest Police Department for guidance and resolution according to the provisions of law.

In particular, according to the police, victims of blackmail are diverse, not only men and women, but also LGBT people can be scammed and blackmailed using the above tricks.

Warning about tricks using AI technology to lure sensitive chat and then extort m.oney - Photo 6

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