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Ngan 98 was accused of "exploding" by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded

Đình Như15:09:46 04/05/2024
Over the past time, Ngan 98 has become a name that has received a lot of attention from the public when she was constantly called by the close sisters Que Van - Nam Em on social networks, denounced about the huge amount of assets that she showed off on social networks.

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Nemo shows her bruised face, crying about her husband's a.dultery before his wife goes to jail?

Uyển Đình13:32:52 02/05/2024
After a row with his former assistant over the past few days, Nemo Page has again attracted attention with a video accusing her husband of having an affair. According to the footage shared, she appeared with a bruised face, accusing her husband: "Wife is going to jail, husband at home having an affair first."

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Trang Nemo's ex-assistant came forward and accused her husband of having an affair, causing her to go to jail and feel anxious

Phúc Sen06:47:55 29/04/2024
H.ot g.irl selling clothes Trang Nemo, who caused a stir on social networks throughout 2023 when she got into a noisy f.ight with white-shirted sister Mai Khanh, had to go to jail 1 month ago. While serving the sentence, her former assistant suddenly came forward and accused her husband of having an affair.

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Nemo's page is still serving a livestream selling clothes, what's the truth?

JLO16:06:50 12/03/2024
On March 8, Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang (also known as Trang Nemo) went to serve a 9-month prison sentence for disturbing public order. However, after that, this person still livestreamed online sales on Facebook.

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Nemo, who ran out of escape, voluntarily served his prison sentence on March 8

Nguyễn Kim07:09:48 09/03/2024
According to information in Tuoi Tre newspaper, on the morning of March 8, after 10 days of receiving the e.xecution decision, Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang (also known as Trang Nemo) voluntarily executed the sentence at a district police detention house in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

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Nemo page is "disgusted" by the prison sentence, r.evealing a "accusation" of lying about pregnancy

Uyển Đình15:49:24 28/02/2024
The news that Trang Nemo had her application for postponement rejected by the court and had to serve 9 months in prison has received a lot of attention. During this time, her actions on social networks were also quickly noticed by netizens.

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Trang Nemo received a notice of e.xecution of the prison sentence, which was delayed for the reason of pregnancy

An Nhi15:32:45 27/02/2024
After delaying the 9-month prison sentence, on February 26, Trang Nemo received notice of the e.xecution of the prison sentence decision from the court. Previously, the reason Trang Nemo gave to request a postponement of her prison sentence was due to pregnancy.

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"Sister in White" Liqing reacts when she hears that Trang Nemo asked for a postponement of e.xecution because she is pregnant: Dream is exempt

Thảo Mai14:34:46 07/12/2023
In the latest livestream, the white shirt in the scandal Trang Nemo and Tran My spoke out when they learned that the other was pregnant after being sentenced to 9 months in prison. Victim Pham Le Khanh said there was no exemption from punishment.

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Page Nemo asks for a postponement of e.xecution because of pregnancy, husband says 1 ice-cold sentence, advises wife to obey the law

Bảo Nam09:47:17 07/12/2023
According to information in Tuoi Tre newspaper, Page Nemo has a petition for a temporary suspension of e.xecution. The People's Court of District 10 is verifying whether the case is subject to a deferred e.xecution and whether there is a good reason for the deferred e.xecution.

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"Trang Nemo's little sister" was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now she's making a "cheating" clip.

Keng15:45:40 09/11/2023
In recent days, the online community has been constantly buzzing with a clip recording the scene of h.ot g.irl Trang Xinh - compared to Trang Nemo's younger sister - acting considered impolite at the airport.

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Nemo page protects Ngoc Trinh, teaches netizens moral principles, and filters the friends list of those who are sarcastic

Đức Trí16:43:15 20/10/2023
H.ot g.irl Trang Nemo just made a move that caused a stir in public opinion, speaking out in defense of Ngoc Trinh amidst the noise of the female model being arrested for disturbing public order. The harsh statement will filter Facebook friends if anyone makes fun of Ngoc Trinh.

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Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind 'cutlery', just like Page Nemo

Juni Nguyễn10:22:06 10/10/2023
In response to questions about Lam Khanh Chi's true beauty after rebuilding as well as suggestions that she used excessive editing software to be what she is now, Lam Khanh Chi responded.

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Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without 'craving' to appeal, Trang Nemo was 'coffee' by netizens

Yang Mi11:09:05 09/10/2023
Instead of appealing, Nguyen Phuong Hang and her lawyer recently accepted a 3-year prison sentence from the court. At the same time, with Ms. Hang's decision not to appeal, it led to Page Nemo's continuity.

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Trang Nemo couldn't sleep, cried and wet her pillow with regret. She was strongly praised and took the opportunity to do this for her son

Thảo Mai11:38:43 26/09/2023
Every move of Trang Nemo is currently receiving a lot of attention from the online community. On her personal page, besides the livestreams selling clothes, the hotgirl posted many statuses about her current mood when she is about to leave her son.

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Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail

Juni Nguyễn10:25:33 23/09/2023
After saying that if she went to prison, there would be no one to help those in need, leading to more and more robberies, Trang Nemo recently made many people angry when she said that no one would entertain everyone. if she gets caught.

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Ms. Khanh "unmasked" Trang Nemo, accused the former hotgirl of playing tricks in court, gave 4 lawyers absent to delay

Thảo Mai15:55:07 11/09/2023
After the trial on September 8, Ms. Le Khanh – who was physically affected at Trang Nemo shop livestreamed to r.eveal the reason why 4 defense lawyers of Trang Nemo's side were absent.

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Nemo's page posted a forum exposing Liqing's mood before his prison day, and he was cornered

Thanh Phúc15:38:54 11/09/2023
Before going to prison on the charge of disrupting public order, h.ot g.irl livestream Page Nemo suddenly posted a direct denunciation of the white-shirted sister Le Khanh, accusing herself of being cornered.

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Page Nemo's son embraces and kisses his mother goodbye before his prison day, lamenting 1 innocent sentence

Hoàng Phúc12:11:02 09/09/2023
Page Nemo was embraced by her son after an appeal failed, was denied a suspended sentence and still received a 9-month prison sentence. The b.oy said an innocent sentence that made everyone feel merciful.

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Page Nemo's appeal failed, sobbing in defence: "I go to jail, employees are unemployed, what about theft?"

Keng14:29:48 08/09/2023
On the morning of September 8, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City HCMC opened an appeal hearing for the defendant in the public disorder case led by Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang (also known as Trang Nemo, born in 1992) and his accomplices.

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Page Nemo continues to stand trial: "Sister Khanh" is determined not to let go, declaring that she "will appeal to the end"?

An Tư15:30:40 25/08/2023
Recently, TAND HCMC. HCMC has just announced that the appeal hearing of Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang (Trang Nemo, SN 1992), Pham Quyen Quy, Nguyen Ngoc Khuong and Phan Hoang Nam is scheduled to be held on September 8 on charges of disrupting public order.

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The Nemo page appealed, asked for a suspended sentence, showed a strange attitude to the pregnancy rumors, fans wondered 1 thing!

Hoàng Phúc10:37:54 29/06/2023
Recently, Trang Nemo and 3 accomplices Pham Quyen Quy, Nguyen Ngoc Khuong (both 23 years old), and Phan Hoang Nam (24 years old) in the case of public disorder have submitted an appeal to the People's Court of District 1. HCMC.

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"Sister in white" Le Khanh has a strange attitude when she hears that Trang Nemo is pregnant, and firmly declares 1 thing

Minh Lợi14:07:27 26/06/2023
In the latest livestream, the white-robed sister in the noisy Trang Nemo and Tran My case spoke out about rumors that the other was pregnant after being sentenced to 9 months in prison. Victim Pham Le Khanh said there was no penalty exemption.

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Page Nemo declared "shocked" at the 9-month prison sentence, the victim Khanh urgently proposed to prosecute more crimes?

Pipi10:58:03 24/06/2023
After being sentenced to 9 months in prison by the District 1 People's Court for disturbing public order, Trang Nemo caused a stir among people when she implicitly confirmed her pregnancy, even recently announced that she would give birth to 8 more children. .

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The Nemo page implicitly confirms that she is pregnant, will the 9-month sentence change to a "suspended sentence"?

Kiko08:08:26 23/06/2023
The Nemo page recently made an implicit move to confirm that she was pregnant for the second time. It is still unclear what the truth is, but the public can't help but wonder if the 9-month sentence will change to a suspended sentence.

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