Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without 'craving' to appeal, Trang Nemo was 'coffee' by netizens

Yang MiOct 09, 2023 at 11:09

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Instead of appealing, Nguyen Phuong Hang and her lawyer recently accepted a 3-year prison sentence from the court. At the same time, with Ms. Hang's decision not to appeal, it led to Page Nemo's continuity.

After more than 1 year of being detained for trial in the case of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang and her accomplices on charges of abusing democratic freedoms, infringing upon the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals', according to article 331 of the penal code, the trial was put on trial on September 21.

Accordingly, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City tried at first instance and sentenced defendant Nguyen Phuong Hang to 3 years in prison; defendant Dang Anh Quan 2 years and 6 months in prison; 3 accomplices Nguyen Thi Mai Nhi, Le Thi Thu Ha and Huynh Cong Tan and 1 year and 6 months in prison.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without craving to appeal, Trang Nemo was coffee by netizens - Photo 1

After the trial is over, according to the law, the defendants have the right to appeal the sentence within 15 days from the date of sentencing by the jury. However, on October 8, at the end of 15 days of appeal, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City did not receive the appeal of defendant Nguyen Phuong Hang.

Previously, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City received an appeal to reduce the punishment of defendant Dang Anh Quan (45 years old, doctor of law, lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law). HCMC) and 3 defendants: Le Thi Thu Ha (31 years old, employee of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company), Nguyen Thi Mai Nhi (40 years old, assistant of defendant Nguyen Phuong Hang) and Huynh Cong Tan (29 years old, Head of Communications Department of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company).

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without craving to appeal, Trang Nemo was coffee by netizens - Photo 2

Accordingly, defendants Quan, Ha, Nhi and Tan believed that the absolute sentence of the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City was too harsh, so they appealed to the high-level TAND in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM hears an appeal to seek relief from the punishment.

Also before Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's decision not to appeal but accept the sentence given by the Trial Council of Binh Duong has received great attention from the online community, especially her fans.

Some netizens expressed their admiration for Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang: "10 points no but. Playable is tolerable. You lost the law but in my heart you are always a heroine", "You don't want to play beautiful", "You play too beautiful! Not as dirty as the others, even if she loses on the battlefield, her people's hearts will still win! Flex you", "Losing is general, but never apologizing. Admire you",...

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without craving to appeal, Trang Nemo was coffee by netizens - Photo 3

With Nguyen Phuong Hang's decision not to appeal against the mitigation sentence, she also inadvertently dragged the name Trang Nemo into the f.ight. Because, in Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, it is intense, dare to dare to admit and Trang Nemo's side is the opposite. Therefore, Nemo Page has been badly mocked by netizens.

Specifically, in 2022 when Trang Nemo and his accomplices "physically impacted" the white-shirted sister that injured Liqing. Therefore, the h.ot g.irl born in 1992 was sued by Ms. Le Khanh. However, in the process of facing the lawsuit, Page Nemo never knew how to repent, but instead, the h.ot g.irl born in 1992 still made moves to covertly challenge the victim.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without craving to appeal, Trang Nemo was coffee by netizens - Photo 4

Although the jury considered the mitigating circumstances for the defendants, the defendant's public conduct of "physical impact" set a bad precedent, encouraging a tendency toward v.iolence in public. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly handle and deter society.

As a result, in the June 2023 trial, the People's Court of District 1 sentenced defendant Trang Nemo and 2 defendants Pham Quyen Quy and Nguyen Ngoc Khuong to 9 months in prison; defendant Phan Hoang Nam 1 year in prison. However, with this sentence, Page Nemo considered it too heavy for him and decided to appeal.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without craving to appeal, Trang Nemo was coffee by netizens - Photo 5

On the morning of September 8, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City heard the appeal against the defendant Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang (31 years old, also known as Trang Nemo) and 3 accomplices, Pham Quyen Quy, Nguyen Ngoc Khuong, Phan Hoang Nam, together for "disrupting public order".

At interrogation, after the presiding judge announced the sentence of first instance, defendant Trang presented an appeal seeking a suspended sentence because the 9-month prison sentence was too heavy.

"The defendant has young children and has created jobs for many people; the defendant's uncle was a soldier who died in the resistance, his maternal grandmother was a heroic Vietnamese mother... Standing here has been a lesson for the defendant," the defendant said.

In particular, defendant Page Nemo was scathing: " Do you find that too harsh? If it's your c.hild, if it's your c.hild, you kick it out. Now what does sending me to jail solve?"

"People who commit crimes many times also receive leniency from the law, and I first snatched my mask when under the influence and went to prison for 9 months. If I go to jail, if all my employees can't find work, steal, steal, snatch things, will it have huge consequences for society?"

However, after hearing Nemo's self-defense and the jury considered but considered the defendants' behavior to be disregard for the law, openly hitting people in public, so it should be dealt with seriously. The sentence handed down by the trial court was proportionate, so the appellate court did not accept the defendants' appeal.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang accepted 3 years in prison without craving to appeal, Trang Nemo was coffee by netizens - Photo 6

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