"Trang Nemo's little sister" was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now she's making a "cheating" clip.

KengNov 09, 2023 at 15:45

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In recent days, the online community has been constantly buzzing with a clip recording the scene of h.ot g.irl Trang Xinh - compared to " Trang Nemo's younger sister" - having actions considered impolite at the airport.

Specifically, while traveling with an electric suitcase, Trang Xinh accidentally bumped into a man. However, instead of apologizing, Trang Xinh turned and glared at a c.hild, implying that she was blocking the way, causing her to bump into people around her.

Trang Nemos little sister was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now shes making a cheating clip. - Photo 1

Faced with a series of criticisms from the online community, Trang Xinh suddenly apologized on her personal account.

Specifically, Trang Xinh wrote:

"The letter of apology.

Negligence and errors belong to me....

A few days before that, I flew from Saigon to Hanoi around 1am because I was very tired. (I'm sure everyone knows that I just had a major surgery including a full-body surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction and skin tightening, so I was tired so I used an electric suitcase for convenience) and it was also late and I rushed out to catch the car in time to get home to my kids. Then accidentally the b.aby's father pulled over and I almost fell. And if I didn't stop in time, I would have bumped into the l.ittle g.irl like in the clip - in my mind at that time, I was a little frustrated and scared because I almost collided, so I looked back and forth to see if there was inertia (the update was my eyes). I just got my eyes cut very big, so when I look up and look around, it looks very fierce, which is very normal).

Not thinking about the consequences will cause people to misunderstand and attack. Because I am also a mother, proactive eye contact to teach children is allowed. Here, I would also like to send a sincere apology to the families of the two children in the clip.

Hit those who run away, not those who run back. We happily acknowledge everyone's sincere comments (but for the reason that many virtual Facebook accounts have been created to attack and i.nsult me, I would like to block comments).

Since this afternoon, I have also read a lot of your comments and feedback. Promise yourself that you will correct your mistakes and contribute to cultivating your mind and nurturing your nature. Dear".

Trang Nemos little sister was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now shes making a cheating clip. - Photo 2

Even though she apologized, just a few hours later, she had a defiant attitude, making a "cheaty" clip that made people even more angry.

Specifically, in a recent clip, Trang Xinh recreated the brand glare at the airport with an overbearing, mother-of-the-world attitude.

Not long after, TikTok's nick name, Trang Xinh, "faded". Meanwhile, the Facebook page also quickly blocked comments due to fierce attacks from the online community. In addition to criticism of Trang Xinh's "mother of the world" attitude, a part of netizens compared it with Trang Nemo's behavior in the conflict with Tran My.

Trang Nemos little sister was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now shes making a cheating clip. - Photo 3

Recently, many images related to flying have become the focus on social networks due to ugly behavior. Among them, there are many acts performed by young people for the purpose of "virtual living" on social networks, typically installing phones on airplane windows to record clips of the sky, or dancing on the apron. flying... These are all potentially dangerous acts and violations of aviation regulations, and were later warned of violations.

Last July, a controversial young man sat on the baggage carousel with a very calm attitude.

Trang Nemos little sister was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now shes making a cheating clip. - Photo 4

As is known, this conveyor belt is responsible for taking guests' checked luggage out, so that everyone can easily find and retrieve their luggage. While many people were waiting in the back, this g.irl sat on the conveyor belt. This offensive action made many netizens feel extremely angry.

Trang Nemos little sister was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now shes making a cheating clip. - Photo 5

Duy Khanh (30 years old) commented on the g.irl's behavior in the clip: "I find this image really offensive, especially when there are many guests waiting behind like that. Where to transport Luggage is best left as luggage only."

Also a young person who often flies, Hong Anh (27 years old) was upset: "I've been on a plane many times but have never seen this scene. She really makes the image of young people worse. Too bad." It's uncivilized and difficult to accept."

Trang Nemos little sister was lectured by fans for leering at a c.hild at the airport, just apologized and now shes making a cheating clip. - Photo 6

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